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Confident Amoon Glamour Resort + SPA

An Exclusive experience of Egypt, just Half an Hour Away From Bangalore and that's "Confident Amoon" for you!

Confident Amoon is set in an ambiance of serene tranquility with beautifully landscaped greenery all around. The sound of rippling waterfall from the Statue of Tutan Khamun adds to the natural sounds of Chirping birds all around. In short Confident Amoon is awesome Egypt right in Bangalore!.

Amoon Amoon Amoon

The Resort also has all the facilities you would expect in a Star Resort. The Resort has 24 swimming pools, the highest in a single Resort in South India. The Resort also has a Nine- hole designer mini golf course which is designed by world famous Golf course designer Mr. Ron Fream from USA and executed by the famed Mr. Bill Kessener. Confident Amoon is a premier destination with worldwide clientele including the Best of the corporate names in Bangalore. You could log into the Confident Group's web site to find the Hundreds of positive and motivating feedback from the Customers of Confident Amoon.


A day out or weekend spent at Confident Amoon is leisure and pleasure with Egypt in the air, all facilities named after Egyptian gods and history. The Amun Villa Chalets at Confident Amoon, each opulent cottage with a private Swimming pool are epitomes of luxury, pampered with privacy and indulgence at its best. With 75 divergent accommodation experiences spread across acres and acres and interweaved with leisure and business facilities in Sekhmet. The Presidential Chalets are called Amun, the Diamond class & the most premium accommodation in Confident Amoon with personal Steam and Sauna rooms in each Villa. The other accommodations are the Horus & Ibis Superior Suites and deluxe rooms. Confident Amoon can easily accommodate in the Villas and Chalets over 200 Guests at any point of time!

Amply endowed, the Floodlit night cricket stadium, THEBES, equipped for day and night matches offers a completely different experience at Confident Amoon. Nile and Hathor. The two class restaurant at Confident Amoon serves world class, delectable cuisine. Hathor has dance floor too! At Ninkasi, Beer Parlour, step in and you are in the woods, yet, in the open. An ideal place to catch up with friends in the evening.

SOBEK, the fully equipped Gymnasium is for those who have fun keeping fit. THOTH, the fully equipped conference hall is ideal for board seminar, business meetings and workshops. Facilities for campfire and playing area for kids are also provided at Amoon.Anubis, the convention centre, can accommodate up to 500 people with banqueting facilities and are an ideal venue for marriages. To sum up Confident Amoon is a place where you can make the most wonderful journey of all, the inward journey, which can make a whole new you. EBONY and AKINS are the Twin floored Conference Halls well done with proper acoustic and modern Conference facilities, which can accommodate 80 People Theatre Style, 40 People Cluster, 30 People "U" Shape arrangement in each.

ISIS the Glamour SPA and Rejuvenation Center provides the finest Premium SPA and rejuvenation therapies from across the Globe.

Merely half an hour away from Bangalore on Old Madras Road (NH4), the Majestic and probably the world's tallest statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh Tutan Khamun welcomes you at the Main entrance. The magnificent statue is all of 66 feet in height and can be easily seen from over a Kilometer away. Ushered in by receptionist in Egyptian apparel, this Glamour Resort + Spa is a center featuring world class architecture and facilities comparable with the best in the World. The Facilities are most modern with a mixture of Ancient architecture and most modern comforts.


Confident Amoon offers contemporary facilities that you would expect from the best resorts worldwide Discotheque, Health Club, Rejuvenation Center Restaurants, Beer Parlour, Pools, a Mini -Golf Course, a Multi -Sport Flood- Lit Cricket Stadium .Confident Amoon offers a very best modern in luxury Deluxe suites with Private Saunas to Chalets with pools and best- in- class rooms. Confident Amoon has one of the best convention facilities in Bangalore making it the perfect location for a weekend off - site.

Apart from the above the Resort has a Dome Shaped Discotheque and for Kingly accommodation - Exclusive Presidential Chalets, Villa Chalets, Superior Suites and Superior Rooms - Totally 75 Nos of Accommodations which can easily accommodate close to 200 Guests on any given day. The Resort also has the Finest Wedding Hall in Bangalore, Cave Discotheque and many more facilities.

  • Tutan - Khamun - Statue
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  • Reception
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  • ANUBIS - Convention Center an Accommodate up to 500+ seating. We also have Banqueting facilities and the entire space is designed to manage. A Large Gathering Efficiently
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  • Ebony - Conference Hall
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  • Atkins - Conference Hall Conference Halls well done with proper acoustic and modern Conference facilities, which can accommodate 80 People Theatre Style, 50 People Cluster, 40 People "U" Shape in each.
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  • THOTH - Conference Hall Hall The Conferencing facility. Ideal for your Board Meeting or for your Off-Site. Has all the equipment you would need for a smooth, efficient days work.
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  • ISIS- Spa & Rejuvenation Center The Total Rejuvenation Centre. Here the best of Ayurveda and other ANCIENT HEALING THERAPIES, work together to wash away all your 21st century Stress and Aches.
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  • Exclusive Presidential Chalets
  • Villa Chalets 21 Chalets with private pools .Each chalet has "The Epitome of Luxury". And of pampered of privacy. Which explains the name - This is indulgence at its best.
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  • SEKHMET - Presidential Chalets Each with its own Steam and Sauna. Looking for a pampered weekend? It couldn't get any better.
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  • IBIS - Guest Block-I IBIS Suites & Rooms, Each of these, offers superior comfort. With all the facilities you would expect from a Glamour Resort.
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  • HORUS - Guest Block-II Each equipped with all the Gizmos. That you would need, to relax in luxury. And yet, stay in touch.
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  • THEBES - Multi Sport- Floodlit Cricket Stadium Fancy a game of cricket or soccer? After a hard day's work? A good way to Relax and Bond? We have THEBES for you.
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  • Nine Hole's Golf course by World Famous Designer
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  • SEKHEM - Cave Discotheque Enter cave somewhere in Ancient Egypt and dance THE NIGHT AWAY A completely unique experience. SEKHEM is also an architectural marvel.
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  • SOBEK - Swimming Pools, Gym Block, Spa
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  • NILE - Multi Cuisine Restaurant The Multi- Cuisine Restaurant. And a Gourmands Delight. Here among the canoes and palms that speaks of an ancient time. Our chefs serve you
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  • HATHOR- Snacks Restaurant with Bar A beautiful laid out dance floor. With the latest electronic additions. Within HATHOR, we also have another Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.
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  • Indoor Stadium with Billiards and Shuttle courts
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  • Amphi Theatre & Camp Fire Area
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  • Children Games Block
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  • Kids Play Area
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  • NINKASI- Open Air - Casual Open Air, Meeting Spot With Surronded Greenery Step in and you are in the woods .Yet, in the open. An ideal place, to catch up with friends in the evening
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Confident Amoon is located on the Main Old Madras Road on the Main National Highway and you will never need a location map since you will never miss seeing "Pharaoh Tutan Khamun" from a Kilometer away.

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