CONFIDENT GROUP’s – gift of a few days of life!

Chronic Renal failure, as you know, is a disease that can strike down people in their prime for no fault of theirs. From students in their teens , young men and women at the threshold of their lives, upright citizens of society in the evening of their lives ,who are shocked and anguished at this diagnosis . If any situation could be sadder , it is the grief of family members who have to watch their loved ones die because they do not have the means to support them on dialysis . Without dialysis , these patients become nauseous, breathless , their lungs get flooded with fluid , they gasp for breath and die a dreadful death that is agonizing to watch. Dialysis is a wonderful treatment modality that can help them see another day of sunshine ,share a happy moment with their families, hold a grandchild in their arms .

Dr. Sunita Simon MBBS, Registrar , Department of Nephrology, Lisie Hospital , Kochi -18 approached the “Confident Group’s Chairman and Managing Director- Mr. Roy C.J” with an appeal for financial support for patients on hemodialysis at Lisie hospital , Kochi- 18.

Lisie Hospital is a 1100 bedded multispeciality charitable institution at Kochi . The Hemodialysis facility under the Department of Nephrology has 11 dialysis machines conducting an average of 35 dialysis sessions a day.

The Confident Group has donated one of the first dialysis machines in Kerala to one of the Hospitals in the district .The Confident Group’s meaningful contribution with a difference- “the gift of a few days of life” provided 100 patients free dialysis during the Christmas week and one dialysis would give a patient the gift of 3 days of normal life.The patients were mostly from the lower socioeconomic strata and are on a twice weekly schedule. Could any gift be more appropriate in this season of hope and joy?

CONFIDENT GROUPs - gift of a few days of life!CONFIDENT GROUPs - gift of a few days of life!CONFIDENT GROUPs - gift of a few days of life!


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