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This is for sure a destination like none other.

The extraordinary city of Dubai is a blend of various cultures and traditions, of both old and new; visitors get a fascinating peek at an intriguing and exotic world filled with panache.

A city known for its style and profound glow, Dubai is one among the 7 Emirates to constitute the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). It is a frequently visited tourist destination and a developing hub for Service Industries such as IT and Finance. You have obviously heard of the famous Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai comprises of some of the Tallest Buildings and Largest Infrastructural Projects renowned the world over. Dubai’s development has been rapid and has grown over a decade; now there is a huge demand for quality living spaces. The economic boom has also generated a huge demand to own property in Dubai.

In recent years Dubai has become synonymous while associated with the biggest sporting events in the world, handing out big prizes, attracting huge names from sporting genres like – Golf, Horse Riding, Tennis and Power Boat Racing; these sporting events are extremely popular here and comes provided with cutting edge infrastructure & facilities.

Dubai is one of fastest growing cities in the world and has advanced rapidly in the 21st century with the 23% population growth over the last four years. The present real estate boom exemplifies this exactly, particularly in the Jebel Ali-Dubai corridor.

Dubai is slowly becoming the financial hub of the Middle East advancing rapidly, be it – trading, business or incorporating various commercial establishments. The Dubai Government and the leading royal families are perusing development passionately; investing huge amounts of money into the infrastructure development in the Emirates.
All projects have been established on the lines of great commercial thinking, with their own unique business plans and quick investment returns that helps fund flow for the next big project. This has been the cornerstone of Dubai’s success. Out here technology has received a new face with impetus, thanks to the Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

Through all its modernity and growth, Dubai is also expanding to meet the growing needs of a rising population. For example, $4.2 Billion is being spent on a daily basis to develop the Dubai International Airport and well networked roads. One of the largest and tallest shopping malls in the world is from the Emirates. The Burj Dubai is to be factually the tallest building in the world.

In the history of the world from time to time great cities emerge, often they are the epicenter of trade. This seems to be Dubai’s destiny, already leaving its mark in history.
Dubai’s timing has been inch perfect!


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