15 clever and modern hacks to make a small kitchen look bigger

Gone are the days when large equalled luxury. Less is more and small is just right. With families increasingly going nuclear, smaller kitchens have become the norm and mark a culture change. However, small doesn’t mean any less stylish. Some of the most buzzing cities in the world like New York, London, and Paris are well known for their small yet efficient and beautiful kitchens.  If you have a small kitchen that you want to make appear bigger, just follow a few of our design hacks, tips, and tricks.

  • Take the minimalism route

The advantages of minimalism are palpable and many, including an increased feeling of contentment and happiness. Minimalist kitchens are efficient, smart, and easy to use. To achieve a minimalist kitchen, you will firstly get rid of the clutter. Get rid of everything unnecessary; between us, we will know there is a lot of that! Dedicate a space to everything in the kitchen with little flexibility. Don’t buy new things for your kitchen unless absolutely necessary. Make it a rule to always keep the counters and open surfaces of the kitchen clear and open.

  • Use geometry to your advantage

Bold and straight geometric lines are a clever way to make your kitchen appear bigger. A straight horizontal line along the wall can make your kitchen look broader and vertical lines make your kitchen appear taller. Geometric lines or grids can take centre stage and draw the eye towards one point, leaving the rest of your kitchen out of focus. Design elements like subway tiles can help create a bold end product that makes a lasting statement by taking up the least space.

  • Friends with colours

Allow colours in the kitchen that make your space appear bigger. Choose pale, pastel, and white-based colours that open up space and reflect light. Pick tiles, cabinets, paint, and even gadgets in colours and shades that make space within your kitchen appear bigger. However, if you like colours, then use the pop element. For instance, one bright yellow or teal cabinet amid an all-white kitchen can work out beautifully design-wise without compromising space.

  • Consider open cabinets

Open storage kitchens without cabinets can surprise you with how much more space you can get. However, a beautiful open kitchen is only possible if your cupboards and cabinets aren’t already full and bursting. Traditional kitchens with large open shelves stacked with copper utensils are already trending. That said, if your storage is already cluttered, then an open kitchen might only make your kitchen appear smaller. 

  • Use reflective surfaces

Homeowners use mirrors in bedrooms and living rooms all the time, but why not the kitchen? The kitchen doesn’t have to be a stranger to mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Kitchens with large mirrors in the place of back walls make some of the stunning kitchens ever. Other reflective surfaces like glass tiles, glossy cabinet laminates, glossy tiles and paint, stainless steel appliances can all open up more space in the kitchen. 

  • Use slim cabinets

Slimmer cabinets may not be able to hold all of your bulky pots and pans, but they are great for small kitchens. Reduced depth base storage units and slim cabinets look like regular cabinets, but they are slimmer and do a great job storing your kitchen utensils. Find creative ways to hang larger pots from hooks, and you will have a great small kitchen in no time.

  • Spotlighting and cabinet lighting

Lighting makes any space appear larger. Natural lighting is the best source and the easiest way to make a small kitchen appear larger. Skylights and glass doors are great ways to let in more light into the room. If not, opt for spotlights and cabinet lights. They aren’t just stylish, but they can also make kitchens appear a lot more spacious. At nights, cabinet lights add a luxurious feel to your kitchen.

  • Conceal appliances

Appliances lying around the kitchen can sometimes be unsightly. Smaller gadgets like a blender, electric kettles, toasters can take up a lot of space. Use a dedicated space for all appliances near a power source and away from the countertops. Integrate appliances into the kitchen. Build a microwave oven into the cabinets, or conceal your refrigerator with the same material as the cabinets, so your refrigerator blends with the rest of the kitchen.

  • Lose a wall

If you are taking on a larger renovation project for your home, consider knocking down a wall. Walls can be too obtrusive and losing one can open up more space. If you cannot afford to lose the entire wall, then consider knocking it mid-way and building a breakfast counter. 

  • The single sink kitchen

Let’s be honest, we don’t need two sinks in the kitchen. Double sinks dominate most of the countertop and one sink may well serve the purpose of two. 

  • Let there be light

Light is the key design element that makes any space appear larger. Make sure that your kitchen design allows plenty of natural lighting. Large and simple windows let the sunlight in fully and make for bigger kitchens. Make sure to keep your kitchen windows free from blinds and curtains.

  • Treat the sightline

An unobstructed line of sight can make your kitchen or any room appear much larger. A line of sight can be obstructed in a kitchen by clutter, gadgets that aren’t concealed, unnecessary wall fixtures, and solid surfaces. For instance, bar stools that don’t have back support are great pieces of furniture that don’t mess with the line of sight. The same is true for, say, refrigerators that are bang in the middle of a kitchen, and not along the cabinets. So walk into your kitchen and align all of the things in your kitchen in straight lines, and you will instantly have a larger kitchen.

  • Get a slim fridge

A slim fridge can do wonders for the kitchen space. Refrigerators take up nearly 20% of every kitchen. A slim refrigerator can perform all functions of a regular refrigerator, and help open up more space at the same time.

  • Get rid of the cupboard handles

Cabinets and cupboards with integrated or hidden handles are the design trend now. Smaller kitchens can look more cramped when cabinets have protruding handles. Hidden handles create smooth lines of sight creating an illusion of space.

  • Go easy on the personal touches

A kitchen needs personal touches. But smaller trinkets, fridge magnets, too many of the kids’ paintings, and planters can distract the view creating a cluttered space. Instead, you can dedicate a small pinboard for all the personal items for a neater kitchen.

Kitchens are very personal spaces that are best enjoyed when they look spacious and more welcoming. Good luck with making your kitchen the favourite place at home!


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