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Safe Investment Plans for NRI’s in Kerala Real Estate

4 DEC 2023

Kerala Real Estate is booming at a great pace in India, especially in Kerala. It’s not just the lush green landscapes that are attracting people from all over the world but the returns it offers to potential homebuyers and investors. Every non-residential Indian dreams of buying a home in their homeland as they’re always attached to their roots, and when comes to real estate, Kerala has witnessed huge growth. The state’s robust infrastructure, progressive policies, and cultural richness make it an attractive destination for real estate investment. This progressive outlook of the state has provoked NRIs to buy homes in Kerala.

Advantages of Investing in Kerala Real Estate

Kerala Real Estate
Investing in Kerala real estate has its perks. With the rapid economic growth and the emergence of urbanization, the real estate market in Kerala is reaching new heights.

Back to the Roots

No matter where you live and work, there’s no place like home. People who live abroad, especially in the Gulf countries yearn to come down to their roots at the end of their work life, and buying a home in Kerala is their dream. Many NRIs find a deep connection and a sense of security by investing in property in their hometown or home state. This emotional bond is particularly strong for Gulf NRIs who have spent a long time living and working abroad. Moreover, for Gulf NRIs with plans to return to India, property investment offers a sense of stability and assurance. Whether living in the property themselves, with family or renting it out, it becomes a tangible link to their heritage and a source of potential income.

Good Exchange Rates

The fluctuation in the exchange rate between Gulf nations and India significantly influences property investments. During favourable exchange rates, Gulf NRIs can get more Indian rupees for each unit of their currency, resulting in increased affordability for investments such as apartments in Kochi or flats for sale in Thrissur. This currency advantage catalyzes property investments in Kerala, especially among Gulf NRIs, who can capitalize on the opportunity to invest with lower foreign currency expenses.

High Rental Yield

Kerala real estate boasts a flourishing rental sector boasts a flourishing rental sector, particularly in towns like Trivandrum, Kochi, and Calicut. Given the rising demand for rental properties in these areas, Gulf NRIs have the potential to generate substantial rental yields from their investments. The actual rental yield can fluctuate based on factors such as the property’s location, type, quality, and prevailing rental rates in the region.

Affordable Rates

A favourable exchange rate is a key factor that makes property investment in Kerala cost-effective for Gulf NRIs. The Indian rupee’s value against Gulf currencies often allows Gulf NRIs to get more value for their money when investing in Indian real estate. The Indian government’s focus on affordable housing projects has prompted developers to build more budget-friendly homes in Kerala and across the country. This has led to an increase in the availability of affordable houses in Kerala, making it easier for Gulf NRIs to find residences within their budget.

Emerging Real Estate Market

India’s growing real estate markets are attracting investments from Gulf NRIs, and Kerala, in particular, has seen a recent surge in both real estate demand and property prices. This makes it an attractive choice for Gulf NRIs looking to invest in Indian real estate. The increasing demand for housing in Kerala is driven by factors such as the state’s expanding population, urbanization, and infrastructural development. The establishment of new IT parks, commercial hubs, and industrial zones in towns like Trivandrum, Kochi, and Calicut has created job opportunities and attracted more residents, further boosting the demand for housing in these areas.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate Properties in Kerala

Before diving into the real estate market, NRIs should be diligent about certain crucial factors:

Release and Encumbrance Certificate:

Ensure that the property you’re going to buy comes with a clean slate. The Release and Encumbrance Certificate is a vital document that verifies the property’s legal standing. It confirms whether there are any outstanding dues or legal disputes associated with the property. By obtaining this certificate, you safeguard yourself from potential legal entanglements in the future.


A thorough check on the property’s legal standing includes verifying if it has acquired all the necessary licenses and approvals from local authorities. These licenses not only attest to the property’s compliance with regulatory norms but also assure you that your investment aligns with legal requirements. Confirming this crucial aspect ensures a smoother and risk-free investment journey.

Title Deed:

The Title Deed is the most important part of property ownership. It officially recognizes the property’s owner and their right to possess and use the property. Before finalizing any transaction, it’s important to scrutinize the deed for its authenticity and accuracy. This step is crucial in preventing any potential legal complications and ensuring a seamless transfer of ownership.

Get Updated Construction Status Report:

To gain a clear picture of the work of the property, it’s usually advisable to request an updated Construction Status Report. This report provides valuable insights into the current state of the project, highlighting completion milestones and potential delays if any. This helps you make an informed investment decision.

Best Places to Invest in Kerala


Popularly known as the queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is home to the world’s best natural harbours. Its roots run deep with a rich cultural heritage, showcasing captivating influences from the Dutch, Portuguese, and British eras. Homebuyers in Kochi are increasingly seeking not just a place to live but an elegant and luxurious lifestyle. The city embraces progress every step of which has drawn the attention of a wave of aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and expatriates who have made their way to its shores, seeking new opportunities and a higher quality of life.


Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is witnessing rapid urbanization and economic growth. The place has developed into a modern metropolis with thriving retail, wholesale, and service sectors in addition to its once-proud manufacturing sector. Rising employment opportunities and the city’s reputation as a peaceful haven have resulted in a surge in buying houses in Trivandrum. The place is not just known to be a major tourist spot, but also known for its well-connected transportation system, and infrastructure with a thriving job market which makes the place apt to buy a home. The city takes pride in being home to the prestigious Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. The city is well-known for being an IT hub, having notable institutions including the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Technopark, and the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management.


Thrissur, also referred to as the “Cultural Capital of Kerala,” is a bustling city brimming with tradition and culture. The real estate market is very active in this area since it has a lot of promising projects fulfilling many dreams. With a rich cultural heritage, the city has consistently thrived, and its real estate market is highly dynamic, featuring numerous promising projects that make dreams come true. Thrissur has transformed into a thriving commercial centre. Striding high on textile, lumber, and coir manufacturing, which is bolstered by a strong presence in the banking, finance, and retail sectors, Thrissur as a city has a lot to offer. The booming economy and thriving real estate make it the most popular choice for residential homes and real estate investment.


Nestled amid picturesque landscapes, Kottayam is emerging as a preferred destination for real estate investment. The city’s tranquil ambience, coupled with developing infrastructure, makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a peaceful yet evolving urban lifestyle. Kottayam’s proximity to major cities and its serene surroundings contribute to its growing popularity among investors.


The real estate market is flourishing with new possibilities and Kerala will continue to emerge, offering modern homes and amenities to potential home buyers, especially non-residential Indians who dream of buying a house in their homeland. We at Confident Group translate this dream into reality with our premium flats and apartments. Our projects promise a mix of both worlds where people get to enjoy the feel of their homeland and culture with an urban touch.


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