Confident Group marks it’s presence in the Airline Industry with Confident Airlines. The ideal choice of the high flying Business Traveler and High Net worth Individuals (HNIs), while flying within India.

Confident Airlines makes a difference to air travel by being flexible! The air charter service from Confident Airlines is a giant leap towards meeting the growing need of air travel in India, which can be termed as customized air travel.

The Corporate Office of Confident Airlines (India) Private Limited is located in Bangalore and has been incorporated under the Company’s Act duly approved by The Director General of Civil Aviation with a Non-Scheduled Operators’ Permit (NSOP). The company specializes in providing charter services to private, commercial and corporate sectors in the country.

Confident Group’s “Zero Deviation Policy” ensures that every flight will take off and land at the scheduled time. There will be “Zero Deviation” from our commitment to quality and required safety norms of our service!

Benefits of Chartered


Pollution and traffic congestion requires an alternate route to make up for the time gap in travel. Helipads and private runways slowly pave the way to contain traffic jams, a commonly growing problem across the globe. Air travel is the fastest and most efficient means of transportation known to man. However, flying on an airline has its own perils – layovers and delays can turn business or family travel into an arduous journey.

Confident Airlines allows you to consider the convenience of chartering your own aircraft! Depart on time as scheduled by you, through airports that are not served by commercial airlines; arrive close to your destination and arrive at your meeting or event rested and refreshed, without the hassle of venturing through crowded roads or having to wait in long queues at the airport!

Our Strength


Our Management Team: Our superior quality services are designed & conceived by experts; customer-convenience plays a pivotal role. Our specialized professionals are distinctive to their department. Our workforce is professionally & specially trained, well-versed with there operations and show dynamism while serving customers with the best service. Confident Airlines’ comprises of a team of well experienced employees, who possess from 10 to 40 years of exposure in the aviation industry in various nuances of domestic charter travel.

Your Safety: The performance and condition of our aircrafts are impeccable, we assure our patrons with reliability, minus bad experiences while relying on a vintage aircrafts and inconsistent ground & in-flight services.

We have a well-connected network of facilities that handle from minor to the most extensive aviation and travel operations, which are met by following national and international standards. We are equipped to serve you with the best resources with efficiency to ensure your complete satisfaction and safety. Furthermore, we are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated gadgetry.

Confident Airlines is imbibed with outstanding ground service, timely arrivals & departures, minimum transit time spent at airports, world class in-flight services, strict aircraft maintenance schedules, high air-safety standards and disciplined cockpit crew.

Security and Privacy: Travel aboard Confident Airlines private aircrafts to experience a world of enhanced Security and Privacy where any interaction with unknown people is avoidable. This is added security both personally and professionally, eliminating eavesdropping, protects passengers’ privacy and safeguards sensitive information.

Aircraft Fleet: Confident Airlines will carefully hand pick its fleet of aircrafts and choppers from reputed aircraft manufacturing companies, typically these instruments of flying will be 4 to 11 seater luxury aircrafts. Apart from which we’ll be introducing our first ever Air Ambulance service to our fleet in due course!

Fractional Ownership


Confident Group takes pride in being a unique organization in the varied areas of specialization and operations – Confident Airlines is soon to be another feather in our cap, which will be a forerunner in India following the concept of Fractional Ownership.

Importance of Fractional Ownership: India is surging ahead as an economic superpower. These days, more companies and individuals are realizing the benefits of saving cost and time while utilizing services of private jets or helicopters.

Owning a private aircraft ensures saving considerable time while traveling luxuriously, with never-seen-before privacy and high security. Private jets have connectivity with more airports in India; helicopters lands the advantage and ability to land almost anywhere, in turn, you experience unmatched connectivity to every corner of the country as compared to regular commercial airlines.

Many studies have proven that most business leaders will save as much as a month per year while relying on their very own chartered private jet or helicopter. Now a week-long trip can now be condensed short into 72 hours. You can choose your own convenient timings and arrive or depart at any time – day or night. Have you ever imagined being able to attend business meetings in 3 different cities in one day and still returning home to your family the same day!

What Confident Airlines has to offer: Confident Airlines offer individuals / companies the complete benefit of a privately owned jet or helicopter, at fraction of the cost of normal air travel and without any ownership responsibilities or liabilities!

Our select group of esteemed clientele would be paying a one-time fee for usage and they actually own a part of our aircrafts fractionally. They can then use this fractionally-owned aircraft or a similar or identical aircraft for certain number of hours per year. In simple terms, a fractional buyer normally buys a part of the interest in an aircraft and can have up to 10 hours of usage per year as a part of the purchase. The cost of the share would depend on the aircraft and the estimated flying hours per year.


What we offer now?:

Invest just Rs.19.99 Lakhs and own a share of our P68C aircraft for the next 5 years.

Avail 10 hrs of flying and get up to 5 takeoffs and landings per year absolutely free of cost for you and your family, coming to you with pilots and other facilities.

Get 51 hours of free chartered flying over the next 5 years.

Fractional Interest Buyers will receive a “turnkey” operation of aircraft, crews, scheduling and maintenance on demand for a period of 10 years.

Imagine enjoying the facilities of your own chartered air service that helps you cut through various formalities – waiting in long queues for boarding and stringent boarding hours before departure, which is otherwise normal with scheduled airlines.

For further enquiries on Fractional Ownership please contact us at goodliving@confident-group.com



Our Bouquet of Services


Confident Airlines also provides charter flight services to holiday, religious destinations and other commercial purposes. Confident Airlines caters to a world of convenience and the passenger delight be it a single passenger who has booked individually or a small group with a different flying agenda.

We cater to all of these categories:

Religious Tourism:
Pilgrims both young and old, can now travel comfortably and luxuriously to the religious destination of their choice as per their schedule.

Medical and Health Tourism:
India is a leading player in the global Medical Tourism industry. It is rapidly emerging as the destination of choice for a wide range of medical facilities and specialized procedures. Patients visiting India for any kind of medical treatment can utilize our chartered air service to reach their choice of hospitals or health centres with a lot of ease, speed and comfort. They could also combine these medical treatments and rejuvenating therapies with their vacation plans!

High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and Business travellers:
For the intrepid business traveler in India, there is a growing realization that punctuality is the essence of success and a faster mode of risk free travel could actually contribute to improving the bottom line. They can successfully combine trips, compressing a three to four day flying schedule into one day through our productive private flying system. Thanks to Confident Airlines, any high flying businessman can easily carry on business meetings in multiple cities, all in one day and still be home in time for dinner with his loved ones or attend his child’s first recital, first ball game, or birthday party!

Leisure tourism:
Since private flyers are in control of their schedules, it is possible to plan a quick scheduled holiday with Confident Airlines. Your schedule is no longer planned by Commercial airlines; we allow you to plan a luxury vacation with your loved ones in spite of your busy schedule. Holiday makers can now combine the thrill of a chartered flight with their trip to any exotic destination at their leisure and convenience. Even Golfers and Race Bookies can avail the advantage of our chartered air service to reach their destination in the shortest possible time!!

For other commercial and private purpose:
Our Chartered service can be availed for other commercial requirements like Election Campaigns, Dropping Flowers and Leaflets, Disaster Management Operations, Aerial Advertising, Weddings, Film Shooting, Aerial View of Projects, etc.

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