Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Thrissur Real Estate Properties

14 JUN 2022

Every year, thousands of people visit Kerala because of its natural beauty, natural resources and the cultural richness that this state has to offer. However, it is not just the natural beauty of Kerala that draws so many visitors, but also the flourishing IT sector that has drawn attention of youngsters from across the country. There are more and more people who are willing to invest in the real estate market in Kerala, especially in Thrissur. Here are the main reasons why investing in real estate in Thrissur is becoming a popular idea.

  1. Positive cash flow

Property is considered as one of the most reliable forms of investment. Investing in the rapidly developing parts of Thrissur can assure you a safe place to invest and a positive growth of your asset. Thrissur is a flourishing commercial hub, where thousands of people come in search of a job. Due to this, there is a soaring demand for real estate properties that people would rent or take a lease of. If you invest in the real estate in Thrissur, you are certain to reap a good income out of it.

  1. Return of Investment or ROI

The most important factor to consider when you invest in property is the ROI. If a property does not promise good returns, it isn’t an ideal investment. However, in a steadily growing district like Thrissur, one can be assured of good returns. If one wishes to sell their property in a few years of purchase, they are sure to fetch more than they have invested. The key here is good research and selection of a good location.

  1. Better profits

If you were to deposit your savings in a bank, or even make a fixed deposit of it, the return is only marginal. However, if you invest the same in real estate, you can be at ease knowing that your money is growing manifold as the real estate sector in Thrissur is thriving. It is a long-term investment that is sure to bring you better profits as compared to other forms of investment or saving.

  1. Tax Benefits

Another benefit of investing in real estate that one may not be aware of is the tax benefit. Investing in the real estate market will help you save a lot in taxes. You would be able to claim tax deductions in areas like – interest paid on your property loan, fees of your insurance agent, building depreciation prices, etc.

Apart from these, you can also claim tax deductions for the interest amount that you pay as well.

  1. Long term wealth and peace of mind

Owning a home has always been a priority for every individual. It is not just a shelter, but an asset and a symbol of status. One can be at peace knowing that they have a home to live in, without worrying about rents. It is an item that brings great pride to its owner as it is a dream realised, and it is built from the hard-earned money of the individual. Apart from this, it is a great way to invest a saving, and a long-term investment that one can always rely on in times of difficulty.

  1. Place of your own

With every month end comes the time to pay the rent- living in a rented home is no pleasant experience. You have no sense of ownership and no peace of mind. You have to spend a large part of your earning for rent and for the upkeep of a home that isn’t even yours. Having a place of one’s own is a relaxing experience. It is a place where your family can live and grow and make memories. It is your home, your asset, and your pride.  And if it is in a place like Thrissur, one can enjoy the culture, religion and technology-all in one place.

  1. Easy to buy and easy to sell

In a thriving place like Thrissur, one can easily buy or sell a property without too much hassle. The growing real estate market in Thrissur presents one with an array of options that they can choose from, and likewise, it provides a great platform if they wish to sell their property.

  1. Pride of ownership

There are few joys that can be compared to the joy of owning one’s home. It is a reflection of their dreams, aspirations and social status, making a home more than just a shelter.

  1. Your second home

You may already have a home in Kerala or somewhere else, but if you can afford another home, investing in Thrissur can be a great incentive. It adds to your wealth, social status and also helps you gain an additional source of income. If you invest in the suburbs or gated villa projects, you can also make it your holiday home, or use it as your home when you plan to retire and wish to lead a life in a quiet place.

If you are an NRI, buying a home in Thrissur can be great way to invest your savings. You can return and settle in this home, rent it out, or accommodate your family who may be living here.

  1. Easy payment option

In a rapidly growing place like Thrissur, the real estate sector is providing opportunities to varied home buyers to own their dream home. Many builders and banks are providing easy payment options that are making the dream of owning a home a reality.

Seek the help of a reliable real estate agent, who operates within the Thrissur district. This will help you to find the flats in Thrissur. Keeping these benefits in mind, you can now take the first step towards owning your dream home.

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