Simple Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Kitchens tend to be one of the most neglected parts of a home when it comes to planning and design. Not many people understand that a functional kitchen does not necessarily have to be big. The key is to plan it well and in such a manner that it is highly functional in whatever space is dedicated to it. Irrespective of whether you are a home-maker or a working woman, one tends to spend a substantial amount of time in the kitchen and it is important for it to not only be functional but also aesthetically appealing. Apart from this, a lot of people are choosing to combine kitchen and dining areas or have a desire for open kitchens which makes it all the more important to concentrate on the decor of the kitchen. Here are some simple kitchen decoration ideas that will help you transform your kitchen into a more beautiful space.

  • The most basic and essential aspect of any design is the colour theme that you choose for space. It sets the tone to the place and dictates the other factors that you will consider for your kitchen decoration ideas. Red, white, yellow and orange are some of the most commonly used colours. These colours are bright, appetizing and appealing to the viewer. Colours like olive green, maroon, etc. are also gaining popularity as they create a warm ambiance. You can also use wood in its varied shades- this is a trend that never gets old and can help you achieve an old school look for your kitchen.

  • Instead of opting for closed cabinets for the entire kitchen, you can create more diversity in textures and finishes by opting for some wooden cabinet doors, some with frosted or clear glass doors and some open shelving to create diversity in your kitchen.

  • Wall tiles can be a great way to add design to your kitchen. The market is full of tiles that come in varied styles, sizes, and colours. From metallic to 3D tiles, from vintage floral to minimalistic ones, you can pick the tiles of your liking to compliment the colour theme that you have in mind. One should ensure that they do not go overboard with the design as too much pattern and texture can make space look tacky and unappealing.

  • If your kitchen is large and you have enough wall space, you can create a focal point by some form of art. It could be something as economic as a wall decal, or something as exotic as a custom made mural. This will make your kitchen look unique and it will stand out as compared to the usual kitchen designs. If you have a dining area attached to your kitchen, then a design inclusion like this will take your entire dining experience to a more extravagant level.

  • You can add knick-knacks from your travel or unique items that you possess in the entrance of the kitchen by installing open shelves. It could be an odd set of ceramic plates or a mix of different mugs or even magnets, you can pick whatever appeals to your taste best and display it to make your kitchen look more personalized. If you are opting to add open shelves, make sure that they are away from the cooking area as dust tends to stick and become grimy due to the heat from the cooking area.

  • You can make your kitchen area look more elegant by adding a dainty cutlery unit that shows off your finest and most prized tableware. Not only is it a great accessory to add to your kitchen, but it is also extremely useful.

  • If you have a dining area attached to your kitchen, you can use one of the walls for family photos, personal memorabilia, etc. Nothing makes a space look as good as personalization. It is also a space that you use with your family thus making it an ideal space to display photos or items that are special to you and your loved ones.

  • Throw in a chalkboard where you can write down meal plans and add notes for your family members. Another fun addition to your kitchen that can come in real handy.

  • Add a unique lighting fixture or a statement pendant light to make your kitchen look elegant and classy. This is one of the best ways to make your kitchen look smart and elegant without spending too much.

  • Display quirky pots and pans either on open shelves or hang them. This is a great way to add some character to your kitchen. You can get creative by using earthen pots or something that you picked from a thrift store.

  • Lastly, the one inclusion that is cheap and never goes out of style is foliage. Add some sturdy plants to your kitchen and you can feel a lot of difference in your mood and in the appearance of your kitchen by this simple addition.


These tips should help you create a kitchen that is beautiful to look at and is extremely user-friendly too. Keep in mind that simplicity is always an added benefit and in a space like a kitchen where a lot of work gets done, the design should be understated by appealing to make it a delight to the user and the visitor too. What are your kitchen decoration ideas? Please share in the comment section.


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