Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high-rise building

High rise buildings are a common sight in most metro cities of India. Mumbai already has high-rises standing over 40 floors. Chennai and Bangalore have towers with 30+ floors, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the cities and towns catch up. The traffic and pollution in metro cities are only on the rise, and high rise towers offer their residents respite from the noise and dust. So if you are considering investing in a high rise tower, but are confused about which floor would be ideal for you, we have a few tips to help you arrive at a decision.

  • Occupation safety

One of the first foremost concerns you may have living in the homes on the higher floors could be safety. You can rest assured of all of your safety concerns as long as the builder has an occupation certificate. The occupation certificate is issued to projects only after government agencies like the fire safety department have thoroughly inspected the building for any safety concerns.

  • Security and privacy

It is a general understanding that the lower floors of high rise buildings are less safer than their taller counterparts as they are more easily accessible. However, this doesn’t have to be a concern if the security of your floor is assured. 

  • Number of lifts servicing the floor

Every tower of a high rise building should have at least two lifts. If one lift fails, the other one should be ready to use. This is especially important for families with young kids and the elderly. In case of an emergency, you should be able to quickly evacuate the floor. 

  • Views outside

One of the main reasons for people choosing higher floors in a building is for the views. The vantage from the windows and balconies of the homes on the upper floors often determine their price. Beach views, hill views, pool views etc. are some of the luxuries occupants of high rise apartments can enjoy. If the view matters to you, then ask the developer the right questions before you book your home. 

  • Weather conditions

Homes on lower floors are preferred in warmer cities where summers can get too hot in the higher floors. Whereas, the opposite is true for colder regions. So before choosing the floor, take into consideration the weather in the place you live and decide your preferences based on that.

  • Power consumption

Apartments on lower floors are cooler during summers but may need heating in winters. Air conditioners and room heaters are power consuming gadgets, and you need to keep in mind that before deciding on the right floor for you. 

  • Natural light

Natural light and ventilation increase with the height of the tower. A home on the higher floors means better light and breeze, and lower electricity expenses. 

  • Network connectivity

If you are someone who likes to stay connected always from your high rise home, then you may want to double-check with the builder about network connectivity. Work from home is here to stay and connectivity is now more important than ever. So make sure you aren’t caught in your high rise island.

  • Renting 

Cities like Chennai and Bangalore have lesser tenants who prefer high rise apartments. So if your purpose of buying a home in a high rise tower is for renting, then think twice if that would be right considering your city. Trends may change, so it is important to have a word with the builder as to what would be the right decision for you.

  • Added costs

The cost climbs with the height of your home in high rise apartments. In under-construction buildings, the floor rise cost increases the higher you go. This makes living on higher floors marginally costlier and is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing the floor you will be occupying.

  • Deviation from the original plan

It is common for builders to deviate from the original plan on the higher floors after approval. So before booking a home higher up, make sure that no changes have been made to the approved plan. Changes could compromise your family’s safety, and that is something best avoided.

    Whether your home is a high rise or not, there are some things you need to watch out for consistently when booking a home. They are:  
  • Reputation of the builder

No matter how fancy the marketing gimmicks, or how grand the plans they layout for you, investing with a reputed builder is always the best flavour you can do for yourself. When it comes to high rise buildings and big-ticket projects, it is always safe to go with a reputed and experienced builder.

  • Location

Is the project located conveniently close to schools, hospitals, and other social infrastructure? Can you reach your workplace without too much hassle from home? Are there emergency services available nearby your new home? No matter how attractive the project may seem to you, the answers to these questions should be affirmative for peaceful living.

  • Floor plans

A high rise home doesn’t mean you compromise on the basics. However high up you go, a beautiful home has a good floor plan; make no compromises on that.

At the end of the day, your home should meet all your basic expectations and its height should only be an additional feature you enjoy.


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