Tips to give your home a minimalist makeover

Perhaps the most important thing to know about minimalism is that it is not about having less, but is about making room for what is important. It is a lifestyle that allows us to pursue what is more meaningful to us. Minimalism provides freedom from distractions that keep us from focussing on what is more important. It is having a clear understanding of what you value the most, and allow only that to take up your space and time. Minimalism is also personal to every individual. Its ability to suit your life is what makes Minimalism really stick.  Minimalism is touted as the modern key to happiness and contentment, and rightfully so. The movement has gained momentum over the last few years, and now it has spilled over to all parts of our lives, including our homes. It is now wonder that it has become a mainstream way of life and is followed by many successful people around the world. Some of the most successful men in the world including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are well known minimalists. They are well known for stirring the world from a foundation laid in simplicity and minimalism. 

A minimalist home

It is important for anyone considering minimalism as a way of life to know that minimalism is not about restricting yourself. This is especially true for families with growing children where less isn’t more. From clothes to furniture, restrictions cannot be adhered to strictly. However, minimalism is a lifestyle one customize for themselves to suit their changing needs and accommodate any changes in preferences. Wardrobes, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and patios can all be minimalistic spaces within your home. 

Minimalism and happiness

Take any part of your home and ask yourself if you need all of the things kept there. Unfortunately, in most homes, possessions we think we may need only end up collecting dust. Studies have proven that minimalism is an important pillar to happiness and contentment. Let us take a look at how minimalism makes more space for happiness in your everyday life:

  • More time for what you love

A minimalist home means less time spent decluttering, dusting, cleaning, and organizing. In a minimalist home, you have more time to do the things you love.

  • Minimalist homes have a calming effect on your mind

A decluttered and minimalist space helps calm the mind and allow for introspection.

  • Helps appreciate the true value of possessions

Minimalism is a form of discipline that teaches you to live with only the things you need. It helps appreciate the true value of what you have.

  • Helps gain vision

Minimalism helps gain a whole new perspective and a simpler view of the world and life in general.

  • Reduces stress and improves health

Minimalist homes have shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and promote good health. 


Tips to give your home a minimalist makeover

If you are already convinced that your home should be a minimalist paradise, then we have a couple of handy tips that you can put to work. These suggestions would particularly come in handy when you are at the verge of a remodelling or makeover.

  • Choose a light colour palette

The key to a minimalist home lies in the color palette you choose. It is important to restrict the colour palette to a bare minimum. Most minimalist home decors are based in white, understated neutral shades, pastels, and greys. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can enjoy a colourful, yet a minimalist home.

  • Create focal points

Be it your living room, or a traditional open kitchen, minimalism is all about creating open spaces. But it isn’t just about creating bare spaces, but creating a focal point in every room. The focal point could be a stunning centerpiece decor item, a carpet or rug, a picture you hold dear, or even memorabilia you cherish. Minimalist decor is the right balance between large open spaces and bringing your attention to what really matters. 

  • Declutter, declutter, declutter

Decluttering is one of the first steps you will be taking towards having a minimalistic home. Decluttering has many benefits, and minimalism is a healthy follow up to it. In order to achieve a minimalist space in any part of your home, make sure you don’t leave too many things out in the open on shelves, counters etc. A few utility pieces that you want displayed is all you need to create beautiful minimalist spaces in your home.

  • Colour pop your spaces

Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean you have to restrict your love for colours. You can create beautiful minimalist white-based spaces by using colourful accents. A vibrant cushion, or a colourful rug so you don’t overwhelm the room. 

If you would like to display art pieces, then you can hang one or two focal pieces instead of many small ones. 

  • Introduce geometry to your home

Minimalist homes house clean spaces, flat surfaces, bold lines and curves. Open spaces brought forth by clear geometric lines create beautiful spaces. They also create illusions of a large space in smaller rooms and homes.

  • Let textures rule

A restricted colour palette and things in general doesn’t mean you cannot play. Liven up your spaces with different textured materials. A room with just white tones could have multiple textures creating an interesting mix of elements of the same colour, but different textures.

  • Use patterns like accents

If you are a fan of patterns, then use them to your minimalist home’s advantage. One can never go wrong with a patterned carpet or curtain, as they give your home  a much-needed break from monotony, especially in a minimalist home. Alternatively, you can also use a patterned item as a focal piece. 

Though we’ve only laid out the basic rules for minimalist decor, minimalism is all about diving deep into oneself, and living in a space that allows you to pursue a stress-free life should be the goal. 


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