I have the pride and privilege to present Confident Group to you. We are a 18 years old conglomerate with multiple business activities spread across India, UAE and USA. We also have the pride of designing and delivering multiple well appreciated Real-Estate projects and products across Bangalore, Kerala and Dubai.

As a Company, we have well kept our promises in delivering the better appreciated Real-Estate Projects in these locations. Our founding principles have been well practiced in the form of delivering what we commit. The Real Estate is a dynamic Industry with unpredictable Variables coming up with no notice or signs but as a Group we have made sure that the Customer’s investment is secure and has always grown with our well appreciated products.

We are proud to say that none of our gigantic portfolio of 159 projects have been stalled due to any reasons from the Organization or Property Titles or Governmental Issues. This is mainly because of our detailed planning, execution, our eye for finer aspects, disciplined approach towards property titles scrutiny, approvals, thorough knowledge of real estate market with its requirement and our expert team implementation who work around the clock. Over and above by the grace of God.

At the Confident Group the Chairman, Managing Director and Directors have a full time working goal of creating the best product and value in our price band and we have been consistently creating the same. At Confident Group we have zero projects undelivered within the committed time, which makes us a unique and successful Company.

Our reputation goes with it as our customer’s belief and trust in us achieved. And with our grueling effort, we have had phenomenal success and growth in the last 18 years in the Industry and consistent launch and delivery of projects, we rank top in consistency. We have also achieved CRISIL 7 Star rating for few of our project which makes us more unique. We can confidently state that Confident Group has the “Most recall value brand in Real Estate” and you are investing in a brand that is known all across the World.

The average experience of the team executing and delivering the Real Estate projects is over 10 years and an average of over 6 years within Confident Group. And thereby assuring consistency, knowledge and confidence to deliver on-time.

We follow a stringent policy of discipline at our sites and are compliant with all local rules and regulations and we have zero tolerance to deviation on rules and policy thereby making your Investment not only safe but also better appreciating in the future.

Real Estate products are based on trust and faith and all our projects come with the best of the land titles and vetted by multiple advocates and also pass the stringent legal scrutiny of multiple banks. Indian banks are very detailed in legal scrutiny and Confident Group titles have passed all such bank scrutiny for your safer Investment

I personally thank our customers for being loyal customers and the customers giving us the maximum new referrals, considering the satisfaction with the services we have provided. Thank you for trusting us and being the part of “Confident Group” and Confident family.

Welcome to Confident Group and Confident Family!.

Dr. Roy C.J Founder and Chairman
Confident Group