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You become a part of a noble initiative when you book a home with Confident Group. The blocking amount (initial amount) for a Confident home is One Lakh rupees. Previously the booking amount was taken in a single cheque, but from March 1st the booking amount is split into two cheques, ₹85,000 and ₹15,000 respectively, out of which the rupees fifteen thousand is received in the name of ‘Prarthana Critical Care Unit of BCCF’ and credited to the PCCM account. This will be used to provide high-quality medicines for the poor and needy at subsidized rates. This initiative is designed to be self-sustaining so that it can be of benefit to many in the coming years

Care Medicines
Dialysis & Kidney
Related Medicines
Liver Transplant &
Other Liver Disease

Every Confident home buyer indirectly contributes ₹15,000 (In case of Smile Homes Customer this amount is ₹10,000) from their booking.

A 'Helping Hands Initiative' by Confident Group

The charity wing of Confident Group ‘helping hands’ joined hands with Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation (BCCF) to launch Prarthana Critical Care Medicines (PCCM), a unique initiative to provide high-quality medicines for the poor and needy at subsidized rates. Every home buyer who purchases a home from Confident Group will become a contributing member for this noble cause. A part of the initial home booking amount will go to the PCCM (Prarthana Critical Care Medicines) account for the functioning of the critical diseases, especially those from poor families.

What is Prarthana Critical Care
Medicines (PCCM)

Around 5 years back Confident Group’s office received a call for help from a hospital with regard to the treatment of a 2-year-old child diagnosed with cancer. To assess the credibility of the case, concerned people as directed by the Managing Director visited the hospital and met the parents and confirmed the genuineness of the case where the patient’s father was a fisherman and mother a housewife who were financially struggling. The treating doctor mentioned the medical cost that was needed to save the child was around Rupees 6.5 lakhs. Since this was a genuine case, Confident Group Management supported them with the total cost and today the child is a cheerful student in a school in Thoppumpady, Kochi. Confident Group has a zealous charity initiative due to which it is flooded with such requests for support. But monetary support in each case is not a practical solution. This urged the management to think of a sustainable model that can be of help to maximum number of people who are battling various critical diseases. The costly nature of these critical care medicines prompted the management to start dreaming of a pharmacy as a solution. The idea was to start a pharmacy that can self-sustain and provide medicines for the poor at discounted rates. The toughest area in the implementation of the idea was to find responsible hands that can manage the day to day running of the pharmacy. The company was looking for a transparent charity organisation and after a few years Mr T. A. Joseph came across a newspaper clipping on Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation (BCCF). After setting up a meeting with the concerned people of the organisation, Confident Group had a deep understanding of the kind of work they do and decided to support them financially and subsequently the dream of Confident Group Management took flight with the support of BCCF.

Butterfly Cancer Care
Foundation (BCCF)

BCCF: A non-profit charitable organization formed by a group of Oncologists, doctors, cancer researchers, social workers and students to help cancer affected children with a major focus on providing clinical, logistic and financial support for early diagnosis and treatment. They facilitate advanced diagnosis and treatment for paediatric cancer patients from poor families. In addition, Butterfly Children's Free Clinic’s are established in three major cities of Kerala (Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut), wherein children from poor families will be provided with free medical check-ups. Further, advanced diagnosis and treatment support will be provided to these kids in collaboration with major super specialty hospitals in each city. Besides that, Butterfly Educational and Research Fellowship provides educational support for students and the Women Empowerment Program provides self-employment support for lone-mothers from cancer affected families.

Joining Hands for a Noble Cause

Confident’s charity wing ‘helping hands’ in association with BCCF has started this initiative. Along with an organisation like BCCF with years of experience in treating patients with cancer, Confident Group tried to understand the quality and pricing and benefit of these medicines and then launched the initiative, the core idea of the pharmacy is to provide high-quality medicines at up to 90 per cent discounted rates, this was made possible by acquiring medicines directly from manufacturers and wholesale dealers and then selling it at highly discounted prices, which is taken to just run the establishment. ‘PCCM has been running for more than a month now and has been a huge help in the lives of many especially poor people battling various critical diseases.

Vision and Mission

  • Delivering at 30 - 90% discounts on all critical care medicines
  • Making medicines available with a phone call or a message
  • Procuring and delivering unavailable medicines within 48 hours.
  • Vision to create a network of such dispensaries across the state.
  • Procured directly from wholesale dealers and manufacturers, ensuring the best quality
Sold at 2% margin

The medicines procured from wholesale dealers are sold at just 2% margin so that the enterprise can be a self-sustaining model and serve many in the coming years.

Association with BCCF

BCCF is an organisation formed by young professionals, doctors, cancer researchers, social workers and students.

Affordable Care For All

Making critical care medicines available for all

Our Promise

We promise to procure and deliver all critical care medicines available in the market with just 2% margin so that the initiative can survive for a longer period and serve a larger number of people.

Prarthana Cancer
Care Medicines


  • Rs 1333/- 90% Discount
  • GEFITINAT 250MG (GEFITINIB) Rs 3069/- 48% Discount
  • AHABIR 250MG (ABIRATERONE Rs 9000/- 70% Discount
  • MABALL 500 MG INJ (RITUXIMAB) Rs 10080/- 68% Discount
  • CAPETERO 500MG (CAPECITABINE) Rs 300/- 78% Discount
  • THALIX 100 MG ( THALIDOMIDE) Rs 258/- 63% Discount
  • RESIHANCE 40 (REGORAFINAB) Rs 25600/- 39% Discount
  • ZECYTE (ABIRATERONE 250MG) Rs 9862/- 49% Discount
  • REDITUX 500MG INJ (RITUXIMAB) Rs 26320/- 37% Discount

Other Hospitals


  • Rs 21111/-
  • AHABIR 250MG (ABIRATERONE Rs 30000/-
  • MABALL 500 MG INJ (RITUXIMAB) Rs 31577/-
  • THALIX 100 MG ( THALIDOMIDE) Rs 700/-
  • ZECYTE (ABIRATERONE 250MG) Rs 19500/-
  • REDITUX 500MG INJ (RITUXIMAB) Rs 41567/-
* Rates May Vary As Per The Changes Made In MRP

Confident Helping hands
Touching Lives

Confident Group’s CSR wing, Confident Helping Hands has been working closely with different service-oriented
initiative in the past year which has impacted thousands of lives.

  • Helping Hands is one of the key donors to orphanages, special schools, home for abandoned, destitute and mentally challenged children and supporting education of underprivileged children.
  • Helping hands supported 100 open heart surgeries in MIMS hospital.
  • Helping hands have helped with 10 dialysis machines at various centres, monthly maintenance fee for each of these machines and subsidized dialysis rates for Kidney patients at various centres
  • Helping hands have associated with the Home for Homeless scheme steered by Our Lady’s Convent School ‘House challenge’ program enabling poor families achieve their own home. Contributing a substantial amount for the construction of each house.
  • Helping Hands had taken an active role in the rebuilding of flood-hit homes at Karumaloor Panchayat.

Our Gallery

Patients from distant locations can book drugs by uploading prescription on 'Prarthana Whatsapp number . Upon confirmation of the stock, medicines could be collected from the store by submitting the original prescription.

Patients from distant locations can book drugs by uploading prescription on 'Prarthana Whatsapp number . Upon confirmation of the stock, medicines could be collected from the store by submitting the original prescription.

Prarthana Critical Care Medicines
Near changampuzha park
Near Metro Pillar - 450,
Edapally, Kochi


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