Corporate Social Responsibility

To use the power of business to bring a positive change in the society and to solve social problems features high on the agenda at Confident Group. The group lends a helping hand to those in need and supports various causes relating to health, education, women empowerment and extend support services to the differently-abled. The group believes in creating positive impact through proactive measures to help develop communities in partnership with various NGOs, civic bodies and governments. At Confident Group, we encourage all our employees to dedicate time and effort to ensure that help reaches those in need, and they aim to reach out with support programmes to bring positive change to the lives of our fellow citizens.


House Construction For Flood Victims

During the recent floods, our state has gone through great loss of lives and property. As a part of our CSR activity, Confident Group Managment has decided to do our bit, to support the weaker section in the society. We have decided to either demolish and construct or repair around 100 homes in Karumaloor Panchayat, Kottuvally Panchayat, neighbouring Panchayats and Thrissur and Alleppey Districts. The inauguration of the ceremony to commence the house construction for flood victims was held on Saturday, 01 December 2018 at 4pm at Karumaloor Grama Panchayat, 4th ward, Adukkalachira Colony.

This ceremony was attended by Shri. A. C. Moideen, Honourable Minister for Local Self Goverment Department, Our Directors, Mr. V. K. Ibrahim Kunju, MLA, Mr. V. D. Satheeshan, MLA, our District Collector Shri. K Mohammed Y Safirulla IAS, and the Panchayat President, Kottuvally Panchayat, Ms. K. K. Shanta.

Providence Home

Providence home is a home for the abandoned, destitute and mentally challenged founded by Sr. Dr. Mary Litty of the Little Servants of Divine Providence in 1978. It is located at Kizhakkambalam, in Ernakulam. Providence home was first started in a rented space at Thrikkakara in 1972 with 7 inmates and 5 sisters. Today, they have 16 branches across India including Africa. Providence home houses 105 mentally challenged inmates with the help of 10 staffs. The inmates are above 18 years and are mentally challenged. They are provided with necessary medical help and are also given training for self help. Some of the inmates help with the day to day activities of the home. The funding is mainly through donations.

Holy Cross Hospice

The Hospital run by the society of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, completes 66 years of its glorious existence in the field of health care. It has earned a niche for itself as a paragon of health care for its noble and selfless service. In the year 1998, Holy Cross Hospital was started as a small Hospital with 20 beds.
Holy Cross Hospice mainly takes care of cancer patients, especially patients in their final stages. They not only provide medical help but also help the terminally ill patients to find peace with their condition and prepare them to face their condition with counselling sessions & spiritual healing. They provide shelter, food, medicines and other necessities absolutely free of cost. A dedicated team of nuns’ co-ordinate the functions of this Hospice. Patients ranging from children to elderly is taken care irrespective of caste, creed, gender, etc. Holy cross hospice is one among the palliative care in Kerala, providing relief to those suffering and to improve quality of life for people facing complex and life-threatening illness.

Sayujya Swayam Sahaya Sangam

Sayujya Swayam Sahaya Sangam is situated at Kumbalanghy, Kochi. It was established in 2011 aiming at offering charity and services to the needy in the society. The Organiszation presently includes 20 members and are engaged in services that include

  • Health and Family Welfare
  • Vocational Training
  • Women’s Development and Empowerment
  • Youth Affairs
  • Co-ordinating Cleaning of Public places
  • Extending help to Buds Special school, Kumbalanghi
  • Serving people with medical requirement

Raksha Society

Raksha Society is a community based, individual-centered non -government organization founded in 1985 dedicated to serving children and young adults with intellectual and physical disability, from infancy to adulthood. Raksha has its own building in Mattanchery. Currently 200 children and young adults are cared for by 40 staff members. In a year, Raksha provides services to about 500 children including home based training groups.
Raksha encompasses many units namely The Child Development Centre, Raksha institute of special eduction (RISE), Raksha special school, the vocational Rehabilitation Unit, the Junior and Senior Care Group and the Day Home. The support services are physiotherapy, language and communication, music, yoga, counselling and behaviour management, vocational skills and self-help skills.
Raksha also works towards creating awareness about disabilities in the community by conducting workshops and seminars. Raksha gets a small grant from the Government of India which takes care of only about 25% of their needs. Since they do not charge for the services they provide, they rely on the donations to fund the rest of their needs.

Kidney Federation of India

Kidney Federation of India was founded in the year 2009, by the great visionary Fr. Davis Chiramel, who donated his kidney to a complete stranger and hence the federation is the one and only one of this kind to have been initiated by a living donor. Fr. Davis Chiramel himself serves as the Chairman of Kidney Federation of India. Kidney federation has only 1 paid staff at office & others are voluntary staff. Confident Group has extended help to the Kidney Federation by providing Dialysis machines along with Rs. 25000 every month for free dialysis of poor and deserving people.
Services of the Federation include

  • Awareness of kidney diseases & organ donation propagating across Kerala
  • Dialysis center – free dialysis to patients
  • Surakshakeralam (Screening labs, 4 mobility labs at Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kasargode, Ernakaulam)
  • Communication Channels FM Station -> Hello Radio established at Thrissur since last 1 year
  • Cross Kidney donation -> 35 operations completed so far
  • They currently own 10 dialysis machines. 15 machines were distributed among patients

Lisie hospital Charitable trust

Lisie hospital, founded in 1956, as a charitable institution, is the living expression of the apostolic concern and social responsibility of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam, Angamaly.
Confident Group has extended help to Lisie hospital by providing dialysis machines to extend dialysis support at discounted rates to patients from financially poor background. Along with that the company also support to help maintain the dialysis machines on monthly basis.

House Challenge Charitable trust

Sr. Lizzy Chakkalakal started the “House Challenge” to achieve something concrete for the families of students who live in miserable conditions. She founded House Challenge in 2012 and to provide houses for those who need them, mostly in the coastal areas of Kochi. As of now, they have completed 81 houses as part of Nallapadam House challenge. The House Challenge was Sr. Lizzy Chakkalakal’s response to the miserable condition of the homeless families and their children. In 2012, they started House Challenge based on the principles of early Christian communities who had a strong sense of care and concern for each other, and they provided mutual spiritual and material support and shared between the haves and have-nots. Through House Challenge, the houses are built for the homeless and also for those who have property and do not have means to construct a house or do not have a safe and secure home. Priority for rehabilitation is given to the physically challenged and differently abled.

Butterfly Cancer care Foundation

Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation was established in 2013 by its Founder Dr. Manzoor Koyakutty. Mr. C. P. Nair (President), Dr. Manitha B. Nair (Secretary), Mr. Suresh Nair – Vice President, Dr. Girish CM – Treasurer, Dr. Vijay Harish, Dr. Anusha Ashokan, Dr. Sudhakar Muthyala BERF are the co-ordinators and Joint Secretaries.
Butterfly is a non-profit charitable organization (Reg No: EKM/TC/800/2013, Address: 121, Mayuram, Mather Nagar, Cochin-682033, Kerala, India), primarily formed by a group of young professionals, doctors, cancer researchers, social workers and students who are working together to help cancer affected children with major focus on providing clinical, logistic and financial support for early diagnosis and treatment and educational fellowship based support for kids studying from cancer-affected families. So far Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation has supported 121 kids for the treatment and 60 kids are being provided with Butterfly educational fellowships. Total support provided is around 60 lakhs till date. Major Programs of Butterfly organisations are:

  • Butterfly Cancer Care Programme :
    The primary aim of cancer care programme is to facilitate advanced diagnosis and treatment for paediatric cancer patients from poor families
  • Butterfly Educational and Research Fellowship (BERF) :
    Through this program, financial (Scholarships/Fellowships) and technical career guidance is provided for the education of bright students hailing from financially backward families affected with cancer
  • Butterfly Children’s Free Clinic :
    In 2018, Butterfly started a major initiative viz. Butterfly Children’s Free Clinic (BCFC) in three major cities, Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut, wherein Children from poor families will be provided with free medical check-ups. Further, advanced diagnosis and treatment support is provided to these kids in collaboration with major super speciality hospitals in each city through the financial support of Butterfly
  • Butterfly Health News :
    Butterfly Health News is released in order to provide the most accurate news about the latest developments in the area of cancer. It provides latest scientific updates about the cancer diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, some of the myths versus facts circulating in social media about the cancer is addressed. It is a biyearly magazine.

Confident Group has extended one-year help which will be used for providing free diagnosis and treatment for cancer affected children, which is recruited from Butterfly Children’s Free Clinic program.

Kusumagiri Mental Health Care

Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre, located at Kusumagiri, Kakkanad, is one of the pioneering institutions for mental health care in the non governmental voluntary sector in Kerala , providing world class mental health services and personalized treatment and care including clinical consultation and assessment, mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention, resource development and education & training. At present the hospital provides inpatient facility for 125 adults, 15 children and adolescents. A committed and enthusiastic team of doctors, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, special educators etc. make this institution a unique experience for the patients and their relatives.

Ms. Sreelakshmi B. Anand

Ms Sreelakshmi B Anand being handed over a laptop by Confident Group to support her education. Ms.Sreelakshmi is the 1st Rank holder of Bsc. Fisheries and Aqua culture studies in MG University 2017. She has currently joined Msc Marine Biology at Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean studies, KUFOS.
She is the daughter of Sri Babu Vijayanand & Smt. Sathy. She is a resident of the tourism village in Kumbalanghy which is located at Kochi.

Nirmala Centre For Exceptional Children

Nirmala Centre for Exceptional Children founded in 2008 is an extension of Navajyothi Centre for Child Behavioural Sciences Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children (Autistic Children) focuses on age groups up to 18 years.
Nirmala school focuses on training children with developmental disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. The centre identifies the strengths and potentials of differently abled children and trains them appropriately. It also provides counselling to the families and empower them to develop necessary skills through special educators through training programs. The various therapies offered are early multi sensory stimulation, individual educational program, speech and language therapy, sensory integration therapy, parental counselling and training, medical assessment and treatment and behaviour therapy.
The centre maintains a staff to student ratio of 1: 4 at all times and the therapists use an individualized approach in their work with the children.

Divine Children’s Home

Divine Children’s Home, located at Trivandrum, is a caring centre for the destitute and neglected children. Divine Children’s Home was registered as a non-profit charitable trust established in 2002 by Ms. Alice Thomas.
They are providing services like shelter, food, education, etc. to the children from poor and broken families & also provide basic needs to the old aged nearby the institution. The Moto of Divine Children’s Home is to help poor and orphan children irrespective to their sex, religion, creed or community and to provide them with food, accommodation, medicine, cloth, education facilities and vocational training. Their organization has 7 staffs that cater to the needs of 35 children. Confident Group has been supporting the initiatives of Divine Children’s Home since the last 2 years by providing financial assistance.

Society of the St Vincent De Paul

Society of the St. Vincent de Paul, is an international voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833 dedicated to the service of the poor. Through this society, people from financially backward communities are served irrespective of religion or cast.
Confident Group has been extending help to the society for the past 6 years specifically extending help to people from poor background in Kumbalangi Village in West Kochi. Through this arrangement, people who cannot afford medical treatment can avail free consultation and medical help from doctors who are engaged by the society. The doctors are available for consultation every day and an average of 30-40 patients avail the services on a daily basis.



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