Checklist Before Buying a Home or Flat in Calicut

3 JUN 2022

Calicut is located along the south-west coast of the Arabian Sea in Kerala. This region of the state was ruled by the “Zamorins” or the “Samoothiris” in the medieval period before the British took over their kingdom. The city had trade relations with the Arabs and the Europeans that date back to the 7th century. Calicut also is known as the “City of Sculptures” because of various architectural sculptures found across the city. Perhaps it is the main reason for the demand for a home or flat in Calicut city.

The city’s economic status was elevated with the introduction of IT parks that helped it to become the third IT hub in the state of Kerala. The city has an excellent transport infrastructure and is also a melting pot of different cultures as it has people from many communities and regional groups living together. With plenty of tourist attractions and its unique Malabar cuisine, the city never ceases to amaze you.

Therefore people who are looking to buy a home or a flat in Calicut have indeed chosen an excellent location for their future home. However, only through research and awareness of various aspects that usually influence your choice can give you joy and comfort of a real home if you are looking to buy a home or flat in Calicut. The key points are listed below.


The first and foremost factor for people to consider before buying a house would be its location. The civic infrastructure of the place has a direct impact on your home irrespective of the price of your property. The location of your choice should have easy access to schools, colleges, hospitals, malls or any other commercial establishments. This will ensure a better quality of life while opting for a  home or flat in Calicut.

The reputation of the builder

Another aspect that plays a very significant role while choosing a flat would be the reputation of the builder. No buyer should be convinced to shell out lakhs of rupees for a house that is built by a brand without a proven record. The Confident Group comes with an experience of two decades in the field of real estate. We are one of the best real estate brands in South India and you can trust us without a second thought when it comes to owning your dream flat.

Value-added Services

It is commonly found that all the builders promise a host of amenities for their prospective buyers. But ideally, the buyers should look for what value-added services these builders can offer. Your new home should give you a better lifestyle and wholesome experience as promised by the builders.

Price vs Square Footage

Checking the price versus square footage would be highly beneficial before you buy a flat. It is recommended that you properly analyze the price quoted by your builder and ensure whether it includes the common access area of the whole unit or only the actual living space that will be utilized.

Quality of construction

Quality of construction is something that any buyer can’t afford to ignore. Well, if your builder is a reputed and established player like us, high standards would be maintained in quality. However, if you are opting to get your house built by an independent contractor, then ensure a no-compromise approach on the quality of construction. It would be ideal to get third-party inspectors to validate the progress.

So we hope that all the prospective buyers have received some great inputs from the checklist that we had created for you in order to provide you a hassle-free experience of choosing a dream home in Calicut. The Confident Group invites all those who want to buy flats in Calicut to choose from our portfolio of exclusive projects in the city at Kottooli, Methottuthazam and near Farooq College. “Confident Exotica”,” Confident Phoenix” and “Confident Willow” are the uniquely crafted flats launched in the city that is destined to offer a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for the people of Calicut.


Author - Confident Group

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