How Is Connectivity And Affordability Driving Realty Growth In Calicut

19 JUN 2022

Kerala as a State is undergoing a rapid transformation. While it has always been recognized for its natural diversity and beauty and for its rich culture and history, it is now becoming a favorite as a commercial, trade and IT hub. Calicut, having always been known for its crucial position as a trade hub, it is now gaining a lot of popularity owing to the rapid development in infrastructure. While it has always been an important landmark owing to its position along the coast, its identity as a trade hub is slowly being overtaken by the growth in the IT sector. Calicut is considered as the heart of IT and industrial developments in Kerala. New companies are finding home in the Government Cyberpark and UL Cyberpark in Kozhikode thus drawing a great number of people to the city and at the same attracting numbers of builders in Calicut. The two most important factors that are playing a great role in making Calicut a hot favorite are its connectivity and the affordability of properties here. Builders in Kozhikode are offering homes for those aspiring to invest in their dream home. Here are two factors that make Calicut a favorite for investors and home buyers.

  • Connectivity:

Being a coastal City, Calicut has been an important point in trade routes for a long time. It is since then, that Calicut has maintained great connectivity with neighboring cities within Kerala and other parts of South India. Places like Kannur, Wayanad, Malappuram are well connected to Calicut. This makes it convenient for the inhabitants of Calicut to commute and have business transactions with neighboring cities. Apart from this, Calicut is also well connected with cities of the neighboring states. One can easily travel to Bangalore or Mysore from Kozhikode making it an ideal location for both businessmen and professionals.

It is due to this that top builders in Calicut like the Confident Group are offering stunning homes in the most happening parts of the City. Whether it is a home for an IT employee who has just moved to Calicut seeking better job prospects or for those seeking to invest in real estate, there is a home for everyone. Confident Group offers three diverse projects- Confident Exotica, Confident Willow and Confident Phoenix for those who wish to make the most of the rapid development that Calicut is experiencing.

  • Affordability:

Calicut is still in the growing phase which means there is a lot of untapped potentials that one can use to their benefit. The vision for Calicut is grand and includes a changing cityscape that will transform the city completely. The prices of land and property are seeing a steady raise, and it is will continue to escalate. It is the right time to invest in Calicut as there are major chances of appreciation in property value in the future. Builders in Calicut are offering homes in every budget across the city. It is important to study the growth rate of different locations, check the facilities they offer and choose a home that will be most suited for you. This will not only help you lead a hassle-free life, but it will also ensure that your asset’s value will increase over time. Confident Group, being one of the top builders in Calicut is offering homes at the best locations and it would be a smart move to buy a home now, while the prices are still favorable.

With a plan to succeed as an IT and commercial hub, Calicut is already a favored destination for investors. It is time to take a step towards a better tomorrow.

Author - Confident Group

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