How to Choose a Good Builder in Thrissur?

25 MAY 2022

Once you have decided to buy a new home, there are many other decisions to be made which would be the litmus test for realizing your dream of owning a new home. After deciding on the location of your new home and budget, you would now need a builder to make your dream home into a reality. At this time when we are witnessing a growing number of real estate developers, choosing the right builder in Thrissur can often leave you in a dilemma.

Compromising on the quality of your builder will mean compromising on the quality of your brand new home. Choosing the right builder needs a lot of research and effort on the part of the home buyer. To lessen your burden, we share with you some useful tips on how to make the right choice among a host of real estate builders.


You should properly analyze the craftsmanship of the builder you have chosen by studying architecture and spatial planning they have adopted for their existing and proposed projects. You should also take into account factors like space utilization, proper ventilation and the design language incorporated in the projects offered by the builder. Proper maintenance of the amenities and facilities like swimming pool, gym, etc. demonstrate the quality of the builder.


Seeking the opinion of your friends and relatives who own properties of the real estate developer that you have shortlisted is vital. Asking for feedback from people who own properties of the same builder that you have chosen will help you in making a wise decision.


Looking into the accreditations and the licenses of the builder will prove its authenticity and certification from both local and reputed organizations. Any default on the part of the builder will cost you dearly as an owner if there is no transparency in its operations.

The builder should maintain high standards in terms of structural quality and should undertake regular quality checks including cube tests and steel tests. The builder should provide regular updates about its ongoing projects which can also be attributed to its transparent mode of operations. There are builders who assist home buyers in procuring home loans and other services by holding tie-ups with banks. It is recommended to choose such projects that are approved by nationalized banks like SBI as they are more reliable.


A builder with a great history would definitely reinforce trust in its customers. Collecting information about the holdings and assets of the chosen builder will give you a fair idea about its financial strength. You can assess the success rate of the builder by looking at the number of both ongoing and occupied projects undertaken by them. This directly tells you about their scale of operation, quality, and workmanship.

Experience of the builder matters as only an experienced builder would evolve with the advances happening in the industry. You can also count on testimonials from existing customers as this will give you an overall picture of living in the property.

Post-sale services

Providing post-sale services are equally important as providing a quality home. The builder should be able to provide maintenance services like painting or plumbing to offer a hassle-free lifestyle to the owner. Also, your builder should be able to promise the best deal for you if you are listing your space/property for sale.

Since real estate properties are witnessing an increase in the appreciation values, your builder in Thrissur should be able to promise you excellent returns by investing in their property.


It is advisable that you maintain a good communication channel between you and your builder. You should make use of all the opportunities that come your way to ask questions to the builder. For instance, if you are planning to customize your interiors, you should discuss the same with your builder and communicate your ideas effectively so as to avoid any discrepancy in their services.

Well-coordinated Team

As you all might be aware, teamwork can create wonders. A well-coordinated team is always an asset for any organization or company. Therefore an organized builder will have an efficient team that includes engineers, salesmen and also managers that oversee the smooth functioning of its projects. A builder should have a good team in order to address the specific queries of buyers.

Hope this article on how to choose the right builder has opened up a new path that leads you to your dream home. If you are a prospective buyer and are looking for a builder in Thrissur that confines with all the above-mentioned factors, then Confident Group is at your service. Our portfolio of projects in Thrissur includes luxury villas and apartments at prime locations in the city thus ensuring a home for every aspiration and budget.

Author - Confident Group

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