Things to Know Before Moving to a Flat in Calicut

28 MAY 2022

Located along the coast, Calicut has been on the global map since ancient times. An important port along the trade route since time immemorial, Calicut has drawn people from all over the world. Calicut has undergone extensive transformation and now offers a tantalizing blend of appeasing landscape and a range of modern-day amenities making it an ideal destination to reside at. If you are planning to move into a flat in Calicut, here are some things that you will need to know before embarking on your new journey in this coastal City.


Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is the second largest urban agglomeration in Kerala. It is ideally located in close proximity to important cities in Kerala and in the adjoining states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu making it an ideal location to reside at if you have to frequently commute to these destinations.

Weather and Topography

Located along the Arabian Sea, this Coastal town is home to backwaters and lagoons along with many rivers making it lush with natural bounty and fertility. Calicut enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, offering relatively uniform weather conditions throughout the year accompanied by the monsoon showers that further enhances the beauty of this City.  


Kerala is home to people of different faiths and beliefs and Calicut is no exception. Home to Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, Calicut boasts of a literacy level of 96.53%, thus enunciating the culture, beliefs and the ideologies of the locals. With such high literacy rates, you can be assured of finding quality education for your children if you choose to move to Calicut.

Economy and job opportunities

Originally known as the City of Spices, Calicut has been home to varied trades for a long time. Being a port city has given it an advantage as many businesses thrive here. However, with the recent development and the inclusion of Cyberparks, Calicut is all set to become an important IT hub in Kerala creating thousands of jobs and career opportunities making it a sought after destination for new career prospects and investments.


If you choose to live in an apartment in Calicut, you can enjoy a range of activities with your loved ones like a picnic at the Calicut beach or spend an early morning watching the dolphins at the Dolphin’s point. There are also many festivals and fairs that happen at different times in a year like the Pooram Festival, Kaliatta Mahotasavam, Shivratri, etc. where you can enjoy a time of fun and frolic with your loved ones. Apart from this, you can also visit the Science Planetarium, The Science Center or the Mananchira for an informative and relaxing day with your kids.


Calicut is blessed with many modes of transport for the benefit of its citizens. From government buses that are plenty and punctual to private buses that ply between different cities, you can enjoy cheap and convenient transportation within the city and to places close by to Calicut. Kozhikode railway station has trains to and from major destinations in and around Kerala. Apart from this, residing in an apartment in Calicut also gives you hassle-free access to air commute thanks to the Calicut International Airport that will connect you with important destinations around the world.

There is a lot more than you need to know about this city which you will slowly but surely learn as you spend time here and these are just a few things that will help you ease into a comfortable and well-balanced life in Calicut.

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