Why Buying a Flat in Calicut is an Investment

1 JUN 2022

Today, most of the home buyers play it smart and safe when it comes to purchasing their dream home. With an ever-growing list of aspirations and demands of home-buyers, there are mounting concerns about finding the right home or property. After evaluating a few basic criteria for buying a home that includes budget and basic amenities, they are not yet ready to call it a day. Youngsters especially the millennials have the foresight to invest money wisely. Undoubtedly, buying a home should be a rewarding experience in the long-run. For aspiring home buyers in Kerala, Calicut is a hotspot for real estate investments. If you are looking for buying a flat in Calicut, here are a handful of reasons why your property in Calicut would prove a good investment.


The coastal city of Calicut has a strategic location. It has close proximity to prominent cities of Bangalore and Mysore in Karnataka.  Kannur, Wayanad, and Malappuram are the neighboring cities. The city has a good network of roads. Kozhikode Railway Station and Calicut International Airport are located at 1.7 km and 20 km respectively. The city also houses renowned educational institutions and hospitals that include NIT, Aster MIMS, and Calicut Medical College. Calicut is also home to the second-largest shopping mall in Kerala, the HILITE Mall. The city has many localities with a robust infrastructure for those looking for flats.

IT Hub

Cyber Park and the UL CyberPark are the two state-of-the-art IT Parks in the city, located at a distance of 7.5 and 6 kilometers respectively. This has attracted many multinational companies to the city which in turn increased the number of IT professionals coming to work in the city. Thus more and more housing projects are taking shape in this city that caters to the lifestyle of this growing IT workforce. 2 bhk/ 3bhk flats or apartments are especially in demand as rented accommodations.

Rental Income

Your property can be leased out for a fixed period of time and can assure you of a steady source of income. Calicut will never disappoint those who are considering the option of renting out their properties. As a city that witnesses hordes of migrants, there is a high demand for flats or apartments on rent.

Save on Tax

There is a range of tax benefits that one can avail as a first-time homebuyer. Those staying in rented accommodation are also entitled to tax deductions on the House rent allowance (HRA).


The booming economy of Calicut, especially with the advent of the IT Parks has lured many realtors to the city. The appreciating value of real estate with time will ensure that the home buyers get excellent resale value. For those looking for opportunities to invest in real estate, Calicut is a perfect destination. Your property in Calicut will offer you better returns in the long run and lets you enjoy financial security.

If you are looking for a flat in Calicut, Kottooli, Methottuthazham and the area near Farooq College are a few perfect locations to own one. Hope this article will encourage those looking to invest in real estate properties in Calicut. So, if you buy a home in Calicut, you are actually investing in a safe future for you and your family.

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