Why Investing in Thrissur is a Good Option?

24 MAY 2022

Thrissur has always been a lively city mesmerizing people from all over Kerala with its rich cultural heritage and business acumen. This land of festivals is also a flourishing commercial hub and has seen a rising demand for real estate projects in recent times. Thrissur is witnessing a lot of action in the real estate sector owing to its great potential. The city has also made marked progress in the IT sector thanks to the Infopark campus in Korraty,  this is good news for those who are keen on investing in flats in Thrissur to live. There are many attributes of the city that make it a much sought-after destination for investing in the real estate sector. Some of them are listed below.

    • Amenities on offer

Amenities are one of the key factors that determine one’s choice when it comes to buying a home. Flats or apartments offer a range of amenities including swimming pool, multi-purpose gym, children’s play area, 24- hour security, etc. Unlike an independent house, living in flats would help the owners avail these services from the comfort of their homes, at any time they wish.

    • Profitable Option

Since the real estate market has always witnessed steady growth, the value of your investment will appreciate over a period of time. So your apartment in Thrissur will assure you a good profit and a good location will fetch you even better returns.

    • Regular source of income

Flats are increasingly in demand among those who are looking for accommodation on rent. Thus flats or apartments can be a regular source of income especially in Thrissur where there is a growing IT workforce looking for decent accommodation.

    • High ROI

You can easily dispose of your apartment without any worries as the real estate market in Thrissur has never slowed down. The value of flats in Thrissur would appreciate over a period of time and will fetch you excellent returns in the long run. Therefore you are guaranteed a good resale value if you are investing in flats in Thrissur to live.

    • Tax benefits

The huge amount of tax payable is a growing concern among those home-buyers who opt for home loans. But investing in real estate can help them avail a range of tax benefits. For example, you can claim a tax deduction for the mortgage loan interest that is paid for your property.

    • Flexibility in buying and selling property

Thrissur has been a favored destination for many realtors. With an ever-increasing demand for flats and apartments, the city offers a lot of flexibility in terms of buying and selling your property. If you are in a compelling situation that demands you to relocate to or from Thrissur, you are bound to find enough buyers and sellers when you put the apartment up for sale.

    • Financial assistance from Bank

This is a time where banks and the builders form a tie-up to attract customers by offering financial assistance to home-buyers. Innovative financial schemes are being introduced which has only encouraged more people to invest in the real estate market in Thrissur.

    • A good socio-cultural environment

Thrissur- the land of Poorams and many other festivities offer you a rich cultural experience each time you stay here. As a place thronged by tourists all through the year, your property in Thrissur can be in demand as an economical option to stay. Apart from this, your flat in Thrissur can be your second home if you are holidaying in the city. The rich heritage of the city will enable you to reap great income by investing in the real estate market here.

Hope this article has been very informative for those looking to invest in flats in Thrissur to live. If you think that the city best fits your interests, here are a few localities that should be considered if you are planning to invest here. They are listed below.

Aranattukara West Fort



Christopher Nagar

Author - Confident Group

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