IT boom in Calicut: Increase in Housing demands

13 SEP 2021

One of the most important industries in India is the IT industry. Factually speaking, trained IT professionals are the country’s biggest assets as they contribute massively to the national revenue. IT sector in Kerala has over 60,000 people working in the 250 IT companies accommodated here. Kozhikode is the heart of the IT and industrial developments in Kerala. There are two ‘state of the art’ cyber parks in Calicut. The Cyber Park run by the government and the UL Cyberpark. Both these establishments are accommodating more and more companies and startups every day, drawing more working population into the district. At the moment the Government Cyber Park has eight companies while Uralungal Cyber Park has twenty five companies. Due to this boom in the IT field, Kozhikode is also witnessing an increase in demands for homes.

Employees of these companies will be in search of a home in a convenient location to establish a perfect work-life balance.  This is leading to the growth in residential infrastructure. Added to this, people who own properties here could benefit financially by giving their properties for rent. After the arrival of Infopark in Kakkanad, Kochi, the value of homes has increased dramatically. Houses that were given for Rs 2500 on a monthly rent are now as valuable as Rs 15000. The appreciation value of the properties will increase overtime with the addition of more infrastructure and other facilities. Investing in homes near the IT parks would be a great idea for aspiring property buyers.

People who are not working in the IT industry can still gain from the same because IT professionals and industrial workers are still reliant on varied facilities for their day to day existence. The weather conditions and lush landscape in Calicut district are favorable too. Likewise, Calicut is said to be one of the safest places to live. Added to these factors, new projects are being built with many facilities and amenities to provide safe and comfortable homes for home buyers.

Confident Group has constructed luxury flats in Calicut; near Farook College, Methottuthazam, and Kottooli. As the demand for quality homes is increasing, Confident Group aspires to provide homes bound with the perfect mix of comfort and convenience.

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