Villas are the New Trending Residential Choice in Thrissur

13 SEP 2021

Thrissur, one of the oldest cities in Kerala is located in the central region of the state. The city is rich with numerous sacred sites and colorful festivals. Located right at its center is the “Vadakkunnathan Temple” dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Shiva. The city actually got its name from the Malayalam word “Thrishivaperur” meaning the town of “Sacred Shiva”. Being the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur has always stood out for its vibrant, colorful and spectacular festivities. The city is famous for its “Thrissur Pooram”, one of the largest festivals in Kerala and also for “Pulikali” which is held during the Onam celebrations.  Over the years the city has received a wonderful makeover and therefore that is reflected in its people. The people of Thrissur have therefore embraced a high standard of living and that has, in turn, affected their choice of living. People are now increasingly opting for villas in Thrissur. People in Thrissur has never said “no” to luxury as they belong to a land of festivities celebrated with much pomp and show throughout the year. They are a lot who don’t mind spending their pennies to bring glory to their lives. So when it comes to owning their dream home, the latest trend among the people is to own luxurious villas in Thrissur.

Accordingly, the city has woken up to their demands and Confident Group has made a conscious effort in this regard with its state of the art projects near Chelakottukara and Adat in Thrissur district. Since the villas offer a degree of independence, unlike the flats or apartments where you probably share the front yard or back yard with your neighbor, the trend of choosing villas in Thrissur does not come as a surprise. With the high standard of income and quality of lifestyle, the trend of choosing luxury villas in Thrissur has only gone up.

Unlike flats or apartments, villas cater to the interests of the buyers in terms of customized plan and design. People opting for a villa get to enjoy separate spaces for gardens and parking area for vehicles. The dwellers in a villa can enjoy their social life without compromising on the aspects of privacy because of its unique plan and architecture. Villas also offer tight security with their gated complexes. Another important benefit is that you don’t need to share your water line, garden or terrace with your neighbor. The fact that the villas are stylish, trendy and will never go out of fashion is another reason why people are increasingly choosing luxury villas in Thrissur. Besides, they offer an excellent return on investment and also the buyers receive better profits from their investment in villas.

Our project “Confident Aries II” at Chelakottukara offers an exclusive design with a 3/4 BHK configuration. The villa near Adat in Thrissur is a project set up in a serene locale where you can experience luxury in the lap of nature. This project named “Altair” comes with a built-up area of 1480-2200 square feet. If you want to realize your dream of owning a villa in Thrissur, Confident Group is always at your service with our brilliant portfolio of quality housing projects.

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