Benefits for Residential Apartments Near Kochi Water Metro Project

7 JUN 2024

Kochi is a vibrant city where growth is just unstoppable. New developments have paved the way for a life that every individual yearns to live. Thriving job opportunities, engaging recreational spots, proximity to shopping malls, etc. have increased urban life. The arrival of the metro has made life peaceful for the people residing in residential apartments in Kochi. Whether heading to work or shopping malls, distance seems so little and you’re never late. The next big thing that created waves of excitement in terms of transport, was the arrival of the Kochi water Metro.

The Kochi Water Metro project is India’s first water metro system and Asia’s largest integrated water transport system. It links Kochi’s 10 island communities with the mainland using 78 battery-operated electric hybrid boats. This groundbreaking initiative promises to revolutionize the city’s transportation landscape while offering a plethora of benefits for residential apartments situated along its route.

Residential Apartments Projects & Kochi Water Metro

Residential Apartments
The synergy between residential apartment projects and the Kochi Water Metro is nothing short of visionary. Developers have seized the opportunity to create residential communities that seamlessly integrate with this innovative mode of transportation.

Confident Bougenville

For those who love the residential lifestyle, Kochi is one of the apt cities to own a home. Living spaces that define luxury and views that are simply stunning, the property has so much to offer. With almost all the facilities in and around the property, life becomes easy for residents and we at Confident Group leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving a rich living experience. Confident Bougenville is one of our prestigious properties and the best residential apartment that has stood out for its premium amenities and facilities, especially the proximity to the Kochi Water Metro.


Here are the top amenities provided by the property

    1. Multipurpose Gym
    2. Party Hall
    3. 24/7 Security
    4. Kids Play Area
    5. Games room
    6. Common intercom facility
    7. Centralised Gas Connection
    8. Power Backups


Confident Bougenville, is an ongoing project that would assure an enriching life that brings comfort and convenience to people. The project supports excellent connectivity which makes commuting easy for residents. The working community would find this property the best as it supports excellent connectivity to key areas like Infopark and Smart City, which is 1.8 Km from the property. For healthcare purposes, there’s Sunrise Hospital which is 2.5 Km from the property.

Transportation modes have also been elevated with the Kochi water metro station which is only 5 Km from the property. For shopping and recreational activities, there’s Lulu which is only 6.5 Km. Children’s educational needs are also easily met here with Rajagiri School of Engineering which is 3.8 Km and Bharath Matha College which is just 3 Km.

Confident Pinnacle

Confident Pinnacle in Kakkanad, Kochi, is yet another prestigious project by Confident Group that stands as the epitome of urban living. The living spaces are a true splendour that every potential home buyer would yearn to own and create memories. Along comes a premium range of amenities that make life a breeze.


  1. Visitors car parking
  2. 24/7 security
  3. Visitors lobby
  4. Swimming pool
  5. Professional Waste Management System
  6. Power backup
  7. Multipurpose Gym
  8. AC Party hall
  9. Kids play area
  10. Intercom facility
  11. Games Room
  12. Centralised Gas System
  13. Drivers Toilet
  14. Car Wash Area


Confident Pinnacle, a 2 and 3 Bhk residential apartment building supports excellent connectivity which makes life easy for residents. Residents would get to enjoy all the top facilities in and around the property. Office people can wake up peacefully and head to work because Infopark is just 3.80 Km from the property.

Transportation modes are also enhanced because people can take the Kochi Water Metro Route. The station is located just 3 Km from the property making the area well-connected. The Cochin International Airport is also located 20 Km from the property.

Benefits For Residential Apartments

Convenient Transportation

For obvious, one of the top benefits of residing near the water metro station is that it allows the residents to travel to another city without any hassle and not having to rely on private vehicles. You do not have to breathe the polluted air or get stuck in traffic while hurrying to your work. Water metro can give you a very smooth ride which can be peaceful and eco-friendly at the same time. All you have to do is ride up to the station and hop on to the boat, it will take you to the right destination.

Scenic Views

The city of Kochi is known to have the best views and one of the best benefits of apartment living. The view of the city skyline from residential apartments in Kochi can be very therapeutic for people who love their leisure time on the balcony. This makes residing in Kochi preferable. From refreshing sunrises to beautiful sunsets and being surrounded by the goodness of nature, Kochi gives the taste of both worlds.

With Kochi Water Metro being close by, transportation comes with a view too. A gentle ride on the water, coupled with the great view of Kochi up close, you feel like meditation while sailing. The scenic views enchant the passengers making their travelling experience so meaningful.

Excellent Connectivity

Residents of Kochi can enjoy effortless connectivity to key destinations across the city, fostering a dynamic and interconnected community. As stated earlier, key landmarks like Infopark, Smart City, the Kochi water metro and the Lulu shopping mall are all located nearby so that people can enjoy a hassle-free life. You get access to everything in a snap.

Accessibility of Apartments to Kochi Water Metro

Accessibility is paramount and as stated earlier, most apartments in Kochi enjoy excellent connectivity to some key landmarks and the Kochi Water Metro is one of them. Some of the apartments that are near the water metro are, Confident Bougenville,  Confident Pinnacle , Confident Whiteberry, Confident Sunflower, and Confident Whitehouse.

Confident Pinnacle and White House, for instance, the water metro is only 3 Km from the property. It’s only 1 Km from Confident Iris and just 5 Km from Confident Bougenville and Sunflower.

Benefits For Investors & Home Buyers

Investing in residential flats in Kochi that are near the Kochi Water Metro presents an array of opportunities for both investors and homebuyers alike. Let’s take a look at them.

Capital Appreciation: The closeness of water metro stations can have a direct impact on residential properties as it enhances the desirability and value of these properties, making them attractive investments with promising returns. The convenience of transportation eventually leads to an increase in demand for the properties, which drives up the value. This becomes a golden opportunity for investors and home buyers alike allowing them to make an informed decision.

Rental Potential: Daily commuters always seek convenience in travel while looking for new housing options. As more people recognize the benefits of living near public transportation hubs, the demand for residential apartments near water metro stations has surged. Moreover, the high demand for rental properties near water metro stations often translates into competitive rental rates, allowing investors to maximize their rental income potential. Additionally, the strong rental demand in these areas provides investors with a certain level of stability and security, as vacancies are less likely due to the consistent demand from commuters and residents alike.

Lifestyle Amenities: Residential projects near water metro stations often come equipped with an array of lifestyle amenities, including waterfront promenades, recreational facilities, and retail outlets. These amenities not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also add to the allure of the property for potential buyers and renters.


A home feels wholesome when it meets all the essential needs and access to transportation is one of the most important things. If the facility of transportation is available nearby, then everything falls into place. This is why we at Confident Group bring projects that define comfort and convenience. We ensure residents lead a life that has quality every step of the way because a confident home makes a happy home.

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