Confident Group: Leading the Way Among Builders in Calicut

17 NOV 2023

Over the years, the real estate market in Kerala has experienced a significant transformation. This transformation stems from factors like urbanization, changing consumer preferences, government interventions, innovative initiatives, and technological advancements. These collective influences have converged to give rise to contemporary trends in the Indian real estate sector, ultimately reshaping how we perceive and engage with the market. Calicut has experienced substantial growth in residential properties amid the dynamic changes driven by urbanization in Kerala. Modernization has permeated every sector, notably in real estate. This became a seed of opportunity for us at Confident Group, and within a short period, we set our mark as premium builders in Calicut.

Builders in Calicut – Confident Group: The leading Builders in Calicut

Builders in Calicut

Calicut, on the Malabar Coast in Kerala, by all means, is a hub of food, tourism, and cultural richness. The thriving real estate market is boosted by institutions like the National Institute of Technology Kozhikode (NIT) and the University of Calicut, raising the overall standard of living.

We at Confident Group took this as an opportunity to transform the living experience into a whole new level with our premium flats and apartments. Our projects define the quality of life in every step of the way. From breathtakingly beautiful spaces, and community engagement to luxurious amenities and picturesque surroundings, we have left no stone unturned in giving our residents the gift of life.

Setting Benchmark in Architectural Innovation

At Confident Group, we don’t just build homes, we bring the essence of innovation in architecture. We believe in constantly pushing boundaries and setting new trends. The incorporation of technology in modern residential flats in Calicut has redefined the way of living life, Confident Group’s projects are a testament to commitment, dedication and excellence in design. Every project is unique as it has a blend of aesthetics with functionality, creating living spaces that express contemporary living.

A Commitment to a Sustainable Future

In an era prioritizing sustainability, Confident Group distinguishes itself with a strong commitment to eco-friendly construction. The group incorporates green building concepts, energy-efficient designs, and sustainable materials into projects, ensuring a greener future and enduring developments.

Transforming the Skyline of Calicut

As Calicut has witnessed a great pace of urbanization, being the best builders in Calicut, Confident Group is at the forefront of transforming its skyline. Confident Phoenix and Confident Greenwich, the group’s premium flats in Calicut, have transformed the city’s landscape, influencing its physical, economic, and cultural growth. These premium projects accent sophistication and modern living.

Confident Phoenix


The Confident Phoenix offers a wide range of premium amenities to its residents. Following are what they offer.

    1. Multipurpose Gym
    2. Swimming Pool
    3. Wifi facility
    4. Games Room
    5. Table tennis
    6. 24/7 security
    7. Centralized gas system
    8. Sewage treatment plant
    9. Conference room
    10. Intercom facility
    11. Kids play area



This premium apartment is located at Methottuthazha, Calicut. The location was selected for the project after intense research by our team. Furthermore, with increasing land value, commuting becomes effortless. Just 1 Km from the property, you can find Cyber Park, making work travel hassle-free. Additionally, for recreational purposes, you have a beach which is 7 Km from the property. For travelling purposes, you have a railway station which is 6 Km from the project, and a bus stand which is 4 Km.


The key to a superior Confident home lies in the top-notch materials used for construction. We consistently choose the finest raw materials available in the market, leaving no room for compromises on the quality of your Confident house.

Confident Greenwich

Confident Greenwich is another premium 2 and 3 BHK apartment in Thondayad, Calicut. Yet another beautiful apartment with a naturistic surrounding. This apartment is undoubtedly apt for those who like to enjoy the air of city lights and nature alike. Every living space is built by paying heed to the unwavering needs and desires of potential homebuyers.


Confident Greenwich elevates residents’ quality of life with abundant amenities, ensuring unparalleled convenience and comfort.

  1. Visitors lobby with AC
  2. Roof-top swimming pool
  3. Professional waste management system’
  4. Multipurpose gym
  5. Intercom facility for each flat
  6. Kids play area
  7. Centralized gas system
  8. Games room
  9. Car wash area
  10. CCTV in all areas and peripheral areas
  11. 24/7 security
  12. Air-conditioned party hall
  13. 1 Kva power backup for each flat
  14. Servants’ and drivers’ toilet


After intensive research, we found the apt location accordingly, where the project could be built. By all means the property serves great connectivity for residents. Be it travelling to work or travelling from one city to another. The Cyber Park is just 1.4 Km from the property, as a result, making it easy to travel to work hassle-free. Besides, the railway station is located just 7 Km from the property. The international airport is also located 23 Km away. For recreational activities, you find a beach which is 8 Km from the beach.


Above all, the crux of a Confident home lies in the use of premium construction materials. We choose top-quality raw materials to guarantee the uncompromised quality of your Confident house.


At Confident Group, our premium flats and apartments are explicitly designed to suit different homebuyers’ preferences. Our projects seamlessly fuse tradition with a modern touch, crafting homes that honor heritage while incorporating contemporary elements.

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