Confident Lotus 3/2 Bhk Flats In The Heart Of Thrissur

17 JUL 2023

Owning a flat in Thrissur is a dream come true for many. With its rich cultural heritage and vibrant lifestyle, this city perfectly blends tradition and modernity. Knowing the unique features and benefits of owning a 3/2 Bhk flat in Thrissur is essential, which entices potential buyers to invest in this thriving real estate market. One of the key advantages of buying a 2 Bhk flat in Thrissur obviously is its excellent connectivity. The city is well-connected to major towns and cities in Kerala, making commuting a breeze. Residents can easily travel to nearby areas and explore this region’s beautiful landscapes for work or leisure.

Furthermore, Thrissur boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure, ensuring residents can access top-notch medical facilities. With leading hospitals and clinics located within proximity, residents can have peace of mind knowing that their healthcare needs will be well taken care of. Another appealing aspect of owning a 3/2 Bhk flat in Thrissur is the vibrant cultural scene. The city is famous for its festivals, especially the world-renowned Thrissur Pooram. This annual festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. Residents have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in these festivities and experience the magic of Thrissur firsthand.

3Bhk flat interior

With its large population, Thrissur experiences a high demand for housing, ranging from high-end duplexes to more modest apartments and flats. As a result, the construction industry in Thrissur has seen significant growth, with numerous builders entering the market. Confident Group, the trusted builder in the state, has operated for over 16 years and has completed and delivered over 160 projects worldwide. Also, some of their projects have even received a prestigious CRISIL rating of 7 stars. The company prides itself on being the most trusted builder in the state. Confident Lotus, located in Arnattukara West, is a prime example of the high-quality homes offered by Confident Group. Moreover, these 2 & 3 Bhk designer homes fall under the Confi Luxe category, offering the best options in the city. Here’s why Confident Lotus stands out:

Amenities and Security Features

Confident Lotus offers a luxurious lifestyle with beautifully landscaped common areas, well-maintained approach roads, gardens, a car wash area, a visitors’ lobby, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, a children’s play area, a multipurpose hall, and a party area. Overall each flat in the property has high-quality fixtures and materials, ensuring a premium living experience. As a gated community, Confident Lotus prioritizes the safety and privacy of its residents. The property features 24/7 security guards, an intercom system in public spaces, fire and earthquake alarms, fire extinguishers, and a generator to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. 

Facilities Nearby

Aranattukara West is where the Confident Lotus flat in Thrissur is situated. Its proximity to prominent educational institutions, hospitals, religious institutions, shopping avenues, and entertainment and recreational centres are significant benefits. The property is conveniently located near institutions such as Calicut University Teacher Education Center, the School of Drama and Fine Arts, the School of Management Studies, and Jubilee Mission Hospital. Shobha City Mall and Salex Mall, within a 5 km radius, cater to the shopping and recreational needs of the residents.

Connectivity to All Areas

Aranattukara West enjoys excellent connectivity to major transportation facilities, including road, rail, and air. The area is easily accessible via Chettupuzha Aranattukara Road. The nearest transportation hubs include Thrissur Railway Station (2.  km away), KSRTC Bus Terminal, and Sakthan Stand (3.  km away). Cochin International Airport is located 55 km away.

Resale Value and Returns on Investment

When looking for flats for sale in Thrissur, resale value and returns on investment are crucial factors to consider. Thrissur has experienced rapid industrialization, attracting an influx of residents. The city’s IT boom, driven by the construction of InfoPark in Koratty, ensures that the demand for housing will continue to grow. The region has witnessed significant social and commercial development, making a Thrissur apartment a valuable asset that will appreciate over time. 

Vibrant Lifestyle

Thrissur offers a vibrant and lively lifestyle with numerous festivals and celebrations. Alongside its rich heritage in art and culture, the city is famous for its extravagant festivals and cultural events.  Preeminent ones such as Thrissur Pooram, Arattupuzha Pooram, and Kodangalloor Bharani attract many visitors. Thrissur has also emerged as a popular tourist destination in the state, offering malls, shopping centres, and a wide range of entertainment, culinary, and recreational options.

As Thrissur undergoes commercialization and experiences rapid growth in the information technology sector, it has become one of the state’s tier-2 cities. Investing in a property in Thrissur ensures protection against inflation and guarantees increased property value over time, thanks to its blend of contemporary comfort and practicality. For those seeking to buy apartments in Thrissur, Confident Group is the best choice. Confident Lotus offers excellent options whether you are a working professional or a retiree. You can visit the locations immediately to take the first step toward owning one of the luxury flats in Thrissur

In conclusion, Thrissur offers diverse options for real estate to suit every lifestyle and budget. Whether looking for a luxurious apartment in the city’s heart or a serene villa on the outskirts, you will find plenty of choices in Thrissur. The real estate market here is booming, with steady appreciation rates, making it a wise investment for the future. Owning a luxury flat in Thrissur is not just about having a place to call home; it’s about embracing a vibrant lifestyle and becoming part of a close-knit community. Thrissur offers the best of both worlds with its rich cultural heritage and excellent connectivity. By all means, there are ample opportunities for education and healthcare. So, why wait? Take the plunge and make your dreams of owning a 3/2 Bhk flat in Thrissur a reality today!

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