Check out Real Estate in Kottayam: The Ideal New Housing Destination For Future

18 JUL 2023

In the lush land of Kerala, Kottayam sits like a crown jewel. The town is lively with bustling streets filled with shops and markets, while the peaceful backwaters provide a calming escape from the commotion. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, complementing the sweet scent of the region’s renowned bananas. From the intricate carvings of the centuries-old temples to the colorful blooms of the paddy fields, Kottayam is a symphony of sensory delights that captivates visitors with its charm.

Real estate in Kottayam

Today the city has transformed into a major manufacturing centre, with factories producing everything from metals and chemicals to rubber and automobiles to textiles. This has caused an unprecedented influx of people into the city from all parts of the nation thereby growing the demand for real estate in Kottayam. Kottayam properties like 4 bhk flats, budget apartments, luxury penthouses and villas are in high demand from prominent builders in Kottayam. 7 factors why Kottayam is an Ideal New housing Destination for the future:

1. Resale and Return

Capital Appreciation is an important benefit of investing right now. When searching for property for sale in Kottayam Kerala, it is crucial to consider both the resale value and the return on investment. This population boom can be directly attributed to the city’s rapid industrialization. Demand for Kerala real estate Kottayam is expected to rise as a result of its thriving information technology industry and expanding commercial and industrial infrastructure. Both socially and economically, the region has made great strides. For this reason, an apartment in Kottayam is a sound investment because it is likely to appreciate in value over time.

2. Post COVID Property Market – Real Estate in Kottayam

Due to COVID-19, people are reassessing their living situations and looking for secure, long-term housing options. Real estate has shown stability as an investment, even during the pandemic’s economic downturn. Factors such as shifting demographics, uncertain rental properties, and a greater appreciation for personal asset ownership have led to increased demand for apartments in Kottayam. This has made buying a 2 or 3 BHK flat an appealing investment choice.

3. Presence of all Major Builders

The most dependable construction firms routinely meet or exceed their clients’ needs in a variety of areas, including customer service, the shopping experience, and surreal commitment. Since they are concerned about the client’s finances, they will be open to suggestions and willing to make changes. The Confident Group are known to be one of the prominent builders in Kottayam.

4. Neighborhood in the Area

The right neighborhood is one that is calm and tranquil, with a mix of residents from similar socio-economic backgrounds while ensuring safety and security of its residents which adds a boon to real estate in Kottayam. Suburban parts of Kottayam are ideal for housing, due to being relatively calm and away from the frenzy of the city while conveniently located to all amenities. Puthenangady, Kalathipady,  Ettumanoor, Kanjikuzhi are some of the fast growing suburbs in the area.

5. Superior Standard of Living

The good quality of life in Kottayam is drawing people from all across India and the world. The town boasts a high literacy rate and great medical facilities, including several highly regarded hospitals and clinics. Kottayam also boasts a strong arts and culture scene, and is known for its social and cultural variety. The town also has a low crime rate, making it one of the safest in India. The combination of these qualities gives people living in Kottayam a very good quality of life.

6. Dynamic Economic Expansion

The expansion of the global information technology (IT) market and the success of the city’s tourism industry have contributed to Kottayam’s rapid development and economic success. The town’s economy and job market could benefit from the influx of information technology (IT) firms and new businesses that have just opened their doors. The local economy has been bolstered by the cultivation of spices, rubber, and coconuts, all of which are widely recognized as products of Kottayam.

7. Very High Connectivity

Kottayam is ideally located for living because of its convenient access to the rest of the state and the nation. The city has excellent road, rail, and air connections, and its main train station provides easy access to larger urban centres like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Cochin International Airport, which serves both domestic and international destinations, is only 90 kilometres away.

Having understood why Kottayam is a city of the future and a popular option for those willing to settle down in Kerala, the next thing to look out for is property for sale in Kottayam and when you find one ensure that they are from reputed builders of the State. Confident Group, one of the state’s top homebuilders, is known for creating dream houses using cutting-edge construction techniques and first-rate amenities. Kottayam  residents can choose from a number of apartment communities offered by the Confident Group including Cygnus and Blueberry. Schedule a site visit and take the first step toward acquiring your desired home in Kerala’s “Akshara Nagari”.

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