Scope and Rise in Residential Projects in Kochi

19 MAY 2023

From the 14th-century spice trade, when the city was founded, to the present day, Kochi has been a dynamic crossroads of civilizations. The waves of the Arabian Sea lapping against the coasts make for a magnificent backdrop to the colonial architecture, traditional markets, and spice shops. Located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, it is a thriving port city. As a special touch, the Chinese fishing nets that are a hallmark of the city line the water’s edge, adding to the city’s allure. The city also features a wide variety of restaurants serving anything from local specialties to far-flung cuisines from around the world. Kochi is a vibrant city where the modern and ancient coexist in harmony, making for a fascinating and unforgettable visit.

Kochi is the epicentre of IT in the state. These projects have brought in massive job opportunities in the field of IT and allied services. Conglomerates such as Cognizant, Microsoft, Google, and Baker-Hughes among others are housed within the establishment employing close to a lakh people. With it came a cosmopolitan crowd of techies and other high-net-worth individuals, driving the growth and demand for flats and nearby areas. This would make commuting to the office easy, striking the right balance between work and life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to opt for an upgraded lifestyle and think about long-term settlement plans and non-volatile residential options. This is due to the severe wealth erosion that society witnessed during the pandemic wherein real estate withstood as a resilient form of investment. There is a growing realization of the need to own hard assets, and this combined with changing demographics and instability of rental properties has fuelled the rise in demand for flats in Kochi.

The city has a good availability of land for residential development, which helps to keep costs down and makes it easier for developers to build new projects. This availability of land, coupled with government initiatives, is helping to attract more developers to the city, which is driving the growth in residential projects.

The government of Kerala has been actively promoting residential development in Kochi through various initiatives. The Smart City project, for example, aims to improve infrastructure and quality of life in the city. The project includes the development of new residential projects, which are expected to help meet the growing demand for housing.

The demand for luxury housing in the city is on the rise because of the thriving tourism industry. Many visitors go to the city every year to experience its rich cultural history, visit its famous buildings, and relax on its lovely beaches, so it’s no surprise that luxury housing developments are in high demand.

Kochi’s real estate market has been affected by the introduction of the Metro. While it has led to a modest rise in property values, it has also been accompanied by a great deal of ease for homeowners, who now have access to quick and uncomplicated public transportation. There is no need for residents or visitors to the city to possess a private vehicle in order to get to any part of the metropolis.

These elements are expanding the scale and number of Kochi’s residential construction projects. The need for housing is being driven by the city’s expanding population and urbanisation, as well as its burgeoning economy and several government initiatives. There has been an increase in residential development in the city, due in large part to the city’s burgeoning tourism economy and the ease with which people may acquire land there. As more people move to the city and the need for housing rises, the residential real estate market in Kochi is predicted to grow more in the years to come.

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