The Checklist for Buying Luxury Apartments in Kakkanad

20 OCT 2023

We all love to own a home where we get easy access to everything, be it work, schools, hospitals, leisure, etc. One such city that has stood out to meet all the needs of a homebuyer, is Kakkanad. Buying apartments in Kakkanad has been one of the most preferred investments Kerala to reside in due to the unwavering connectivity it offers to the people residing in the city.

Apartments in Kakkanad – The Checklist for Buying Luxury Apartments

Apartments in Kakkanad
Kakkanad is home to some of the major tech parks like Infopark, Smart City, Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), KINFRA Park, and others. These are add-on perks when people get to live in apartments in Kakkanad . They get to breathe the benefits of leading a city life. But before owning an apartment in the city don’t you think you need to keep a checklist ready right in front of you?

Let’s delve into some key insights that you need to be aware of before buying an apartment in Kakkanad.

Look out for the Neighborhood

An apartment living experience feels wholesome with a great neighborhood. It’s a critical aspect potential homebuyers look into before buying an apartment. If your neighborhood isn’t that great It’s very important to check if you have a good neighborhood because that’s one of the primary facts that makes life a lot more comfortable, fun, and engaging. When you bond with one another you get to know more about that place, they could be of help during emergencies, and most importantly make new friends. Not just that! A good neighborhood doesn’t just mean the community but also learning about the locality, checking if you have a good view from the balcony, ventilation, etc.

Check out the Facilities

With apartments come facilities that make life easy to lead. It’s important to enquire about the facilities the apartment offers the residents. Paying a visit to the apartment would be better so that you can get a better understanding of the kind of facilities they provide. These facilities could be 24/7 security, a multipurpose gym, a swimming pool, a party hall, a clubhouse, etc. Enquiring the residents about the facilities would give a clear picture of their functionality.

Run a Proper Verification on the Builders Identity

This is a very crucial step in the process of owning an apartment. It’s important to get a good understanding of the builder and their projects. The builder’s reputation speaks volumes about the project’s quality and integrity. Research the builder’s track record and past projects. A reputable builder will not only offer high-end amenities but also ensure construction adheres to the highest standards, ensuring your peace of mind. Running through customer testimonials gives credibility which assures the potential home buyers about the projects and the living experience. This in a way will prevent you from committing fraud dealership.

Apartment Layout and Size

The size and layout of an apartment matter to families as they have different tastes and preferences. So it’s important to see if the apartments meet the expectations of potential home buyers. From spacious penthouses to luxurious duplexes. Choose a design that aligns with your lifestyle and offers the right amount of space to accommodate your family comfortably.

Check the Floor Plan

If you’re deciding to invest in apartments in Kakkanad that is under construction, it’s a good idea to look at the floor plan as it will give the buyer an in-depth understanding of the architecture of the home. Most importantly, ensure the builders are adhering to the legal norms. A luxury apartment should have proper documentation and approvals, such as occupancy certificates, clear titles, and adherence to local building codes.


A secure and safe neighbourhood is paramount for any family residing in Flats in Kakkand. Enquire about the safety measures adopted by the apartment owners for the safety and security of the residents, CCTV Camera, 24/7 security. An apartment that has strong security in place will give peace of mind to the residents.

Visit the Property Frequently

When you’re genuinely interested in a property, make sure you pay a visit every time. You can check out the facilities and amenities for yourself. During these visits, you can better analyze the property by checking out the features, facility, and commute. This will help you understand if the amount you’re paying for the property is worth it or not.


At Confident Group, we bring projects just like what people envisioned. We understand the style, taste, and preferences of potential homebuyers. We address every need of the buyers assuring them that our premium flats and apartments are a result of intensive research and adherence to legal norms.

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