Tips To Find Residential Apartments In Kochi

12 MAR 2024

Real estate in Kochi is one of the finest investment opportunities. Buying residential apartments in Kochi involves various crucial elements. Kochi has many benefits when living with your family because of its convenience and connectivity. Residents can reach nearby amenities easily with the help of different transportation facilities. Moreover, infrastructure developments are present, including roads, metro stations, malls, and attractions. Various renowned educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants, and historical spots make the city more demanding. In addition, Kochi is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state.

Multiple options are available when choosing a residence in Ernakulam neighborhoods, making the apartment-seeking process challenging and tedious. Apartment seekers must know about the real estate market before selecting a residential apartment in Kochi. Since there are different options, choosing the right one takes time. Various research and communication must be done before finalizing.

Tips To Find Residential Apartments

residential apartments in Kochi

As we all know, finding the right place to live is challenging. Decisions are generally based on different factors. Nowadays, there are numerous residential apartments in the market. Ernakulam city has multiple builders and developers. Adequate research will enable the buyers to make an appropriate decision without confusion. Following specific tips ensures apartment seekers are on the right track.

Various tips are available for buyers to make the right decision. Buyers must know about the market, trends, amenities, price, and other vital details. Some insights that you should be aware of are as follows:

Have options and alternatives

It is crucial to have various options before making a decision. A list of buyers, developers, and available options makes the apartment hunt easy and convenient. Alternatives serve as a backup for the current option. Apartment seekers can narrow down the options based on quality and experience. Also, choosing the right developers is a crucial step.

Setting up a budget for residential apartments in Kochi

Purchasing an apartment is a long-term investment. It is essential to have a budget before starting the process. The price of an apartment varies depending on its features and amenities. For instance, ordinary flats with basic amenities are less expensive than apartments with more facilities. Hence, matching the budget with amenities and apartment prices helps narrow the options and simplify the process. Different aspects to consider before setting a budget is

  1. Location
  2. Quality and design
  3. Apartment size
  4. Outdoor facilities
  5. Advanced safety and security features
  6. Maintenance costs
  7. Appreciation value


One key element to consider when selecting an apartment is its location. People need to live in a location that satisfies their needs and wants. The area must have basic facilities such as water, proper waste management, 24×7 electricity, and drainage. Moreover, various amenities are essential.

For example, if someone plans to purchase a residential apartment in Kochi. Ernakulam is one of the busiest metro cities in the state. Knowing the amenities near the apartment is essential. It helps apartment seekers understand places such as hospitals, educational institutions, parks, restaurants, and other attractions in Ernakulam. Another aspect to consider when looking for apartments in Ernakulam is the proximity to workplaces and professional spaces. As mentioned, transportation facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, and other amenities should be nearby.

Legal Obligations

Knowing about legal obligations and laws is crucial before choosing a property. Rules and regulations may vary based on location. Therefore, hiring a lawyer will help verify the property and determine whether it is the subject of any investigation or lawsuit.

Resale Value

Since purchasing an apartment is a long-term investment, it is necessary to consider a cost-efficient option. The property’s value should not remain the same in the future. It must have a higher value. Therefore, the owner can benefit from this. It is an advantage for the property holder at the time of sale in the future.

Safety and security when considering residential apartments in Kochi

As we know, security is a crucial element to assess during apartment hunting. A safe and secure apartment reduces the stress and worries of the residents. Some safety and security features are necessary for an apartment. Buyers must ensure that all the required security measures are implemented in the apartment before deciding.

Proper examination of the location is also essential. Living in a secure area with appropriate implementation of law and order is also necessary. Ernakulam city ensures a safe environment with officers and personnel establishing law and order. Therefore, apartments provide a safe living environment.

10 Best Residential Areas in Ernakulam

Kochi has a rich history, a great living atmosphere, and diversity. Ernakulam City has a collection of residential apartments. Settling in Kochi enables individuals to have a positive and vibrant lifestyle. The city is renowned, well-established, and easily accessible educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants, parks, offices, metro services, and other attractions.

Ernakulam city has several upcoming projects that will enrich the modern lifestyle and bring several job opportunities to explore. It is an advantage for residents who want to purchase a flat in Kochi. Upcoming developments in the city will help to receive better value for the property in the future. There are top areas in the city that are best for residential purposes.
10 best areas to stay in Ernakulam city are

1. Aluva

Aluva is located on the banks of the Periyar River. With just 15 km from the city’s centre, it is one of the best areas to settle down. There are various means of transportation to travel around the city. Cochin International Airport is 12 km away, making accessibility much more straightforward. Moreover, the initial point of the Kochi metro is at Aluva. Therefore, the transit to other locations and major amenities is more convenient.

As we know, Aluva Railway Station is the second-largest railway station in Kochi. All the trains which are heading south will halt at Aluva Railway Station. Riverways connect this city to Thrissur and Trivandrum. Moreover, Aluva is a place of security and peace, and it guarantees that you will live in a safe locality. Also, some top-rated builders guarantee security and safety for all the residents.

In addition, Aluva has top-rated educational institutions, hospitals, company and bank headquarters, and malls. It also has convenient and hassle-free modes of transportation to reach these amenities.

2. Edapally

Edapally is one of the major commercial centers and a business hub. Considering its location for residential purposes, it is one of the most active areas with both commercial and residential developments. Convenient transportation facilities help people easily reach different areas and attractions. They also aid in reaching major commercial centers and various neighborhoods. In addition, two national highways, NH66 and NH544, join at Edappilly bypass.

Different modes of recreational activities make the location more attractive. Moreover, Railway Stations, Kochi Metro, Highways, and other local roads connect Ernakulam City well. The city has various options for entertainment and shopping, including Lulu Mall, Oberon Mall, and Grand Mall.

3. Kadavanthra

Kadavanthra is becoming more significant with infrastructural developments and different retail establishments. The neighborhood is famous for its low crime rate and a great community, making Kadavanthara one of the best residential areas in Ernakulam City. The area has various options to live in, from ordinary apartments to luxurious apartments. It is a great place to invest since it will appreciate value in the future. Since the town is developing, several career opportunities attract younger individuals to the city.

Moreover, Kadavanthara has every amenity you need, from grocery stores to schools and hospitals, just a few minutes away. The Kalloor-Kadavanthara road also makes accessibility easier since it connects northern and southern territories.

4. Palarivattom

The city is a premium residential area and a cultural heritage site. It is close to the railway station, which makes transportation easier. Highways and the Metro also make connectivity more convenient.

Moreover, Kadavanthra has renowned educational and healthcare institutions in and around the city. Medical Trust Hospital is one of the well-known hospitals in the city. Areas for leisure and entertainment make the place more resident-friendly. The appreciation value of this place is increasing due to improved trade and business. Numerous facilities and amenities are nearby: Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Stores, Restaurants, etc.

5. Vyttila

Vyttila is one of Kerala’s busiest cities and one of the most suitable living places. Different transport systems, such as metro, trains, buses, water transportation, etc., will interconnect the Vyttila mobility hub, which attracts people to this location. Various hospitals, educational institutions, malls, and mobility hubs make Vyttila a hotspot and one of the best residential areas in Kochi. The nearby districts include Thrissur, Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Idukki.

6. Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a unique area with pleasing and scenic views. The city is renowned for scenes of the Arabian Sea and backwaters. Easy access to various attractions makes it a famous tourist spot. Because of its fascinating views and attractions, the demand for residential apartments is high. Moreover, it is one of the major locations for entertainment and leisure.

If you intend to buy a residential apartment in Kochi, then Marine Drive is one of the best choices. The area is posh since it has advanced real estate projects, the best restaurants, and waterfront apartments. With several emerging IT, commercial, and residential hubs and businesses, it is a better place to live with excellent career opportunities.

7. Kakkanad

Kakkanad is located on the eastern side of Kochi and is famous for its commercial development. The commercial achievements include

  1. India’s largest IT township
  2. Kochi Infopark
  3. Kerala’s second-largest IT park
  4. Smart city

In addition, all the amenities and other necessities are nearby. Therefore, it is one of the most demanding residential areas in the state. More career opportunities are available here, which attracts people from all over the country to move into Kakkanad. The area has become a major residential area, encircled by different infrastructure and greenery.

There are as many living spaces and flats as suit their budget. Also, easy access to amenities such as hospitals, educational institutions, transportation facilities, shopping, etc., has advantages. The city is a great investment option that offers a thriving infrastructure with a serene and green environment.

8. Kalloor

Kalloor is famous for its well-developed infrastructure and is considered one of the best locations in the state. People around Ernakulam city opt for Kalloor as their residence as it offers a safe and comfortable living atmosphere. Kalloor is renowned for having Kerala’s most prominent sports stadium, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. It also attracts younger and older generations with its infrastructural facilities.

The city has access to Ernakulam South Railway Station and Thirunettur Railway Station. Kochi Metro and Cochin International Airport are nearby, making accessibility more convenient. Nearby amenities include renowned hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Cochin International Airport, and Shopping malls. Residential apartments in Kalloor are well equipped with modern features and amenities, making it one of the best options if you are looking for a residential apartment in Kochi.

9. Thrikkakara

Thrikkakara is famous for its cultural heritage and business infrastructure. The city has access to the metro via Pathadippalam Metro Station. Its sustainable and scenic atmosphere has made it one of the most demanding residential areas in the city. Convenience in connectivity and security has made it more resident-friendly. Thrikkakara is also famous among residential communities due to renowned schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

10. Vazhakkala

Vazhakkala is one of the significant residential areas in Kochi. It is situated in the center of Kochi. The social infrastructure is the main advantage of the city. The area is occupied by educational institutions, medical centers, and shopping complexes. Moreover, the place also has leisure and entertainment options. For essential services, there are road networks that connect to major amenities. The surroundings are peaceful and calm. Therefore, along with noisy business and work life, residents can enjoy their leisure time in a peaceful atmosphere.

Narrowing options based on top residential areas will make it easier to make a decision. We can witness various developments in Kochi. The city has now become a central hub for different career opportunities. People from various parts of the country are moving into the city seeking job opportunities and better living. Various areas in Kochi have their advantages.

Therefore, proper study is required before buying a residential apartment in Kochi. We can see multiple options when it comes to flats. People need to be aware of some aspects, such as rules and regulations, knowledge about builders, and an idea of locality and neighborhood. The location of the apartment must be convenient and accessible for the residents.


Confident Group has years of experience building apartments in top residential areas in Kochi. We have numerous options for 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in Ernakulam that match your budget. Our residential apartments in Kochi demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship, architectural brilliance, and luxury.

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