Top 5 Must-Have Features in Calicut Apartments for Young Professionals

4 DEC 2023

Calicut is undoubtedly a place with a burst of cultures located in the coastline city of Kerala. The place has been growing rapidly, reaching newer heights, making it one of the most preferable residential destinations, especially for young working professionals. Calicut is also a place where tradition and urban culture move at par. This attracts many young potential home buyers yearning to live a mix of both worlds. The real estate in Calicut is flourishing with so many options, but certain features stand out as essential for the discerning young professional.

Calicut Apartments – Features to Look for

Calicut apartments

When moving into a place like Calicut, young professionals yearn to reside in apartments that offer great connectivity so that commuting can be easy and hassle-free. Following are some of the features of an apartment in Calicut.

Location Matters:

Evidently significance of a location cannot be emphasized much as it plays a very crucial role in the home-buying process. Young professionals prefer to travel to their workspace without any hassles. They prefer to buy homes in and around the city so that it consumes less time to travel. Flats in Calicut are built in a way that supports excellent connectivity. Confident Avenue, for instance, boasts great connectivity to places like cyber parks, shopping malls, hospitals and schools making the place best to reside.

Modern Living Spaces:

With the emergence of urbanization, there has been a rise in demand for modern living spaces. Today flats in Calicut are beyond the traditional living spaces as they transform living experiences for residents, especially for the young audiences. These apartments come with premium amenities like multipurpose gyms, swimming pools, game rooms, parks and more, making the living experience a notch higher.

Recreation and Social Spaces:

Beyond the confines of work, young professionals yearn to have fun at recreational spaces and socializing. Calicut apartments are well-equipped with fitness centres, swimming pools, and dedicated social areas that provide avenues for residents to unwind and build a sense of community. Access to these amenities fosters a holistic living experience, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Tech-Driven Infrastructure:

In an era dominated by technology, apartments that boast smart infrastructure are increasingly becoming a necessity today. The advancements in technology have transformed homes into spaces that bring convenience at every step of the way. Flats in Calicut now have smart security systems, automation, and high-speed internet connectivity fitting well for the tech-savvy lifestyles of young professionals.

Customization Options:

Recognizing the diverse preferences of young professionals, the availability of customization options is a significant factor. From modular kitchens to flexible floor plans, Calicut apartments offer customized options for residents to tailor their living spaces to suit their individual needs and preferences. This dynamic change has become appealing to those who value personalization in their homes.

Affordable Luxury with Cost-Effective Features:

lastly, striking the right balance between luxury and affordability remains a key consideration. Today Builders in Kerala and homebuyers alike have become more responsible and conscious about the environment. They incorporate energy-efficient appliances, sustainable materials, and other eco-friendly practices, to move in harmony with nature. Thoughtful design provides a touch of luxury without compromising on cost-effectiveness. This balance is crucial for young professionals mindful of their budget constraints.

Apartments for Sale in Calicut

Calicut has been quite a popular place for its strong relationships with the neighboring towns which is why there was a rise in demand for residential properties. Not just that Calicut has been ranked the second-best city to reside in. Decked with lush green landscapes, serene beaches and colourful city life is what draws young homebuyers to Calicut.

Confident Avenue

Confident Avenue is a 2 and 3 BHK premium apartment by the Confident Group located in Azhinjilam, Calicut. This premium apartment has a lot to offer for homebuyers who wish to lead a quality life. The property has been built to perfection, keeping in mind the unwavering needs of the home buyers. The architectural brilliance of the property stands out as it conveys craftsmanship and finesse, which makes every space breathtakingly beautiful.


  1. 24/7 security
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Kids play area
  4. Multipurpose gym
  5. Game room
  6. Professional waste management system
  7. 1 Kva power backup for each flat
  8. Visitors lobby
  9. AC Party hall
  10. CCTV at 6 strategic points
  11. Servants/drivers toilet
  12. Centralized gas system
  13. Provision for intercom in common area and flats


Confident Avenue by all means has been built in the best locality that serves excellent connectivity. The cyber park is 9 Km from the project making life easier for working professionals. For healthcare, you can find some major hospitals 2.5 to 3.5 Km from the property. You can even find schools nearby (1.5 to 3.5 Km). Adding further, for recreational purposes, you can find the Raviz Kadavu resort which is located just 500 meters from the property.

Confident Exotica

Confident Exotica is yet another premium 2 and 3 BHK apartment by the Confident Group, located in Kottooli, Calicut which spreads from 1056 – 1824 sq. ft. The property is certainly  a dream with all the premium amenities to make the living experience a lot more enjoyable and comfortable. Above all, surrounded by thick greenery, residents are going to wake up to picturesque views every day!


  1. Multipurpose gym
  2. Game room
  3. Table tennis
  4. Billiards
  5. Swimming pool
  6. Kids pool
  7. Library
  8. Wifi
  9. Mini-conference room
  10. Multi-purpose party hall
  11. Meditation room
  12. Sauna
  13. Guest suite
  14. 1 Kva power backup
  15. Visitors lobby
  16. Biogas plant
  17. Car wash area
  18. Drivers room
  19. Intercom facility
  20. Locker facility
  21. Intercom facility
  22. Mini basketball court
  23. On call maintenance
  24. Daycare
  25. Kids play area


Confident Exotica has so much to offer in terms of connectivity. If you want to travel to another city, the railway station is located just 4.5 Km from the property, and for recreational activities there is the Calicut beach which is 4 Km. Healthcare facilities are also nearby like the Baby Memorial Hospital which is 1.5 Km.


A home is a major milestone in everyone’s life and when it’s in Calicut the possibilities are just endless! We at Confident Group understand the unwavering needs of the young audience and our projects truly serve the purpose of making lives joyous, comfortable and luxurious.


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