Why is Trivandrum the ideal location for a family to settle down?

2 MAY 2023

Referred to as the “Evergreen City” by Gandhi, the city is wedged between the Hilly Ghats and the windy beaches of Arabia. It is a city immersed in its cultural, political and historical importance extending back to millennia. The country’s southernmost metropolis, which traded in spices, sandalwood, and ivory while also serving as a bustling port, attracted settlers from all over the world because of its potential to develop into a booming economic, cultural, and intellectual centre. The virtue of being the Capital of the State before and post-Independence, the City has its due share in terms of Infrastructural development.
Due to being one of the main metropolitan cities in Kerala, the city has long been a hub for business. Trivandrum nowadays is a thriving metropolis where one can find a wide array of employment, commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment, and leisure alternatives. As a result of the state’s recent digital boom, many people working in IT and associated service industries have come to the city. An ideal house is a safe shelter for a person and their family. It needs to spread happiness and wealth while preserving their safety and security. The area’s attractive blend of economic prosperity and peacefulness has made it a popular choice for people. Affordable housing choices, such as budget apartments, luxury flats in Trivandrum in are in high demand. Here are some of the reasons why Trivandrum is an ideal location for a family to settle down:

Proximity to IT Hub
Greater work-life balance and shorter commutes are the results of being close to the IT Hub. Therefore, acquiring an apartment adjacent to this IT Hub ensures a strong demand for flats throughout the year, making it a viable investment decision due to its commercial and employment viability. Thanks to the rise of Techno-Park, the largest IT Park in the country in terms of developed area, and the impending Techno City, an integrated IT metropolis, Trivandrum has received the title “Technology centre of Trivandrum.”

Techno Park

Investment Angle post COVID
The post-COVID real estate market is a tempting choice for purchasers. In the Pandemic, where people have seen their wealth substantially reduced, real estate has demonstrated to be a reliable investment option. Therefore, a variety of circumstances, including a shift in the city’s demography and the uncertain nature of rental pricing, can be factors leading to the increased demand for flats in Trivandrum.

Weekend get-away places
Trivandrum’s excellent proximity to several tourist sites assures that inhabitants may easily take a vacation from their stressful routines. Varkala and Kovalam are famous destinations for locals in quest of windy beaches here they get to appreciate the splendour of the Arabian sea. Other well-known locations are Shanmugham Beach, Akkulam Lake, Kallar, Anjuthengu fort, etc. One can spend valuable time with their family here. The area boasts the Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary, the Napier Museum and Zoo, and the Tirpparappu waterfalls. Agasthyamala Mountain, the state’s second-highest peak, is also conveniently accessible for locals.

Safe Locale

Living in gated communities is growing more popular as people can mingle and they feel comfortable among people who have similar beliefs and interests. Children and the elderly gain significantly from this because of the opportunity for socialisation and the nurturing environment that gated communities provide. Having polite and helpful neighbours makes everything simpler. The city takes enormous pleasure in its legacy as the “country of Padmanabhan,” and this sense of pride extends to all of its citizens. Regular police inspections and patrols protect the safety of the region, and the traffic is managed pretty well. If you’re seeking for the ideal place to settle down, it has to be Trivandrum, which has the best environment in terms of physical security, social chances, and psychological wellness.

Builders with great track record
The most trusted builders frequently meet or surpass their clients’ demands in a multitude of areas, including customer service, the purchasing experience, and surreal dedication. The leading builder in Calicut, Confident Group, has presented a lot of projects to fulfil the region’s rising demand. Their three divisions—Lifestyle Plus Houses, Confi Luxe Homes, and Smile Homes—reflect their ambition to develop homes for a varied array of clients from all aspects of society. Confident is the excellent builder to choose if you’re hunting for Luxury Flats or Affordably priced Apartments in Trivandrum. Skyline, Kalyan, SFS and Cordial are some other builders in the neighbourhood.
Summing up an ideal residence is one, which is both affordable and furnished with the conveniences of one’s choice. Trivandrum will see an increase in demand for flats because it is a developing city with limitless growth potential. Families can be ensured of a safe and jovial living experience. If one is looking for ready to occupy flat in Trivandrum, Confident group is your best choice. In Trivandrum, one has the chance of living in luxury while also enjoying the calmness of living in tandem with the Adrenaline boosting Political Scenario of Kerala and Royal Heritage of Travancore. Schedule your site visit today and take the first step towards securing your home in the land of Architectural treasures and Historic Landmarks.

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