Why is Real Estate in Kochi Becoming India’s Next Gem?

28 JUN 2024

Kerala is known for its pious spiritual touch and lush greenery, and over the years the state has outgrown to become one of the best places to reside. When we tell the best places to reside in Kerala, the real estate in Kochi is always on the top. Popularly known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is home to the world’s most natural harbour. With a rich history, vibrant culture, and urban flair, the city offers a colourful and wholesome environment to reside in.

Kochi promises you a mix of both worlds, the exciting and vibrant city life and the goodness of nature. Premium 2 and 3 BHK flats here offer excellent connectivity to key areas, ensuring hassle-free commuting. You might be wondering how to invest in real estate in a place like Kochi. Well here are some factors that contribute to investing in real estate in Kochi.

Lifestyle in Kochi

Exploration will never come to an end when it’s in Kochi. The city is dotted with bustling markets and historic landmarks which draw the attention of many people who yearn to get a whiff of something new. Opportunities and experiences are always at their peak here, which leads to a rise in demand for housing. With the rise of urban development and the earning capacity of people improving, the lifestyle in Kochi keeps evolving. With rising land and housing costs reflecting these changes, there’s now a higher demand for apartments and flats in the city.

What’s more? Everything that you want is at your fingertips! Be it travelling to work or access to good healthcare and education, you have everything in and around the city. You don’t have to travel far because everything is available nearby, cutting down your transportation costs.

Infrastructure, IT, and Smart City in Kochi

Kochi has always kept a close eye on the future, as a result, the city has witnessed rapid development over the past few years. This rapid development is the result of the dynamic infrastructure which has played a key role in transforming the city Tier 2 city, making it one of the top benefits of investing in real estate in Kochi.

The city’s major developments, including Cochin International Airport, Kochi Metro, the new water Metro, and Smart City, have set benchmarks. This growth has spurred infrastructure projects, real estate investments, and business developments, making real estate in Kochi a lucrative choice for investors.

With the arrival of Smart City, Kochi has played the host for multiple opportunities allowing people to grow professionally. Smart City and IT Parks in Kochi stand out as the epitome of knowledge, progress and a network of opportunities transforming the urban landscape. Spread across 246 acres, Smart City pay heed to sustainability.

It aims to seamlessly integrate work and leisure in carefully planned areas, which has led to a rise in demand for real estate. This ambitious project has the potential to revolutionize urban life and significantly boost Kochi’s economy and technology sector. Infopark also lies nearby giving plenty of job opportunities for IT professionals. Buying an apartment nearby can cut down transportation costs. Therefore real estate in Kochi is considered as one of the favourites scope of investment for the investors.

International Connectivity

Strategically located on the Arabian Sea coast, Kochi serves as a gateway to the world. Its international airport connects the city to major global destinations, facilitating seamless travel and trade. Additionally, Kochi’s bustling seaport enhances its connectivity, making it an attractive destination for international businesses and investors.

Heritage, Beaches, and Backwaters

Kochi is known as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Tourists from all over the world travel to Kochi to seek and breathe the fresh greenery of the state, which brings a sense of tranquillity. Every wall and corner of Kochi has history engraved on it. The heritage runs deep, reflecting a rich cultural tapestry influenced by the Dutch, Portuguese, and British periods.

Take the Church of St. Francis, for instance. It’s one of India’s oldest colonial buildings, where Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama’s remains stayed for about 14 years before moving them to Lisbon. Then there’s the Dutch Palace, once a maharaja’s palace. Today, it’s famous for its mythological murals and a gallery of portraits of Kochi Maharajas, along with the iconic Chinese fishing nets.

The pristine beaches and the backwaters need not be mentioned as they’re the highlights of Kerala. Nature at its might we can say because the beaches in Kochi are to die for! They are the ultimate relaxation spots for the people in Kochi and tourists alike.

The picturesque environment and the cool shade of palm trees can speak for themselves, as they stand as the symbol of the beauty of Kerala. Naturistic aspects are one of the major reasons why potential homebuyers seek flats and apartments in Kochi, as they get to enjoy a good mix of both worlds.

First Indian Tier-II City to Propose Metro Rail

Kochi is spearheading urban mobility through metro rails enabling better and seamless travel for people. Kochi is revolutionizing public transportation and easing traffic congestion through transformative developments and metro rails are one of them. The metro rail has enhanced connectivity, accessibility, and convenience for residents and commuters, further bolstering Kochi’s appeal as a real estate destination.

First Water Metro In India – Kochi Water Metro

Another reason to invest in Kochi is to launch India’s first water metro system. The Kochi Water Metro project stands as India’s pioneering water metro system and Asia’s largest integrated water transport network. With 78 battery-operated electric hybrid boats, connects Kochi’s 10 island communities to the mainland.

This innovative endeavour not only transforms the city’s transportation scene but also brings numerous advantages to residential apartments located along its route. Leveraging its extensive network of backwaters, the water metro will provide eco-friendly and efficient transportation options to residents and tourists alike.

Investment Opportunities

With its burgeoning economy and supportive business environment, Kochi offers abundant opportunities for investing in real estate. The dynamic real estate landscape in Kochi has sparked a surge in demand for lifestyle apartments and flats.

Homebuyers and potential investors are now looking beyond mere accommodation, yearning for sophistication and luxury. Being at the forefront of progress, Kochi has attracted a wave of aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and expatriates in search of fresh opportunities and enhanced living standards.

Whether it’s residential projects or commercial developments in prime locations, Kochi’s real estate market is ripe with potential. Investors can benefit from the city’s growth and enjoy attractive returns on investment.


The above-mentioned facts clearly show why Kochi will be India’s next high-demand creating an upsurge in Kerala real estate Kochi. Kochi is a city where growth is constant so people can enjoy the all perks of residing in the city. We at Confident Group have left no stone unturned to give people a lifestyle that reflects the wonder of Kochi. This is why our premium flats and apartments stand as a symbol of a confident home.

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