Your Dream Apartments on a Realistic Budget – A Blog on 2 bhk Flats in Kakkanad

3 OCT 2023

Kochi, popularly known as the queen of the Arabian Sea, is a city that is vibrant and colourful, and purchasing your dream apartment a 2 bhk flat in Kakkanad would be one of the wisest options. The city being the commercial capital of Kerala, is one of India’s most appealing tourist sites too. Kochi is home to well-known industrial parks, IT parks (Infopark Kochi), and special economic zones (SEZs), which provide enterprises with access to cutting-edge facilities and resources.

Owning your dream apartments in Kakkanad makes one’s living experience wholesome as you can stay away from the city lights and be close to key landmarks at the same time making the commute a lot more convenient. Working professionals especially those working in Infopark Kakkanad, find the place a better option as workspaces are nearby. Surprisingly, it was only recently that Kakkanad has brilliantly transformed into a place where both commercial and residential projects are taking place at the same time.

Factors that Complement Owning Your Dream Apartments on a Realistic Budget in Kakkanad

Dream apartments

The city offers its residents a unique blend of comfort and urban living which draws the attention of potential homebuyers and investors alike to buy a 2 bhk flat in Kakkanad . With its rapid development and growing real estate market, Kakkanad offers an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to find their ideal living space.

Let’s take a look at some key factors that make Kakkanad an ideal place to live.

1. An Apt Location

Located in the eastern part of Kochi, Kakkanad offers excellent connectivity to the people in key areas. The place is a gateway to Infopark, SmartCity, and other major IT hubs. Not just that, educational institutions like Viswavidyapeedhom, Edurupt, Kochi Business School, etc. are in Kakkanad. Healthcare centres like Hridya Multispecialty Clinic, and Sunrise Hospital are in and around Kakkanad, and shopping centres, transportation hubs are nearby making the place an apt and attractive spot to buy a 2 bhk flat in Kakkanad.

2. Green Spaces

Amidst the rapid growth, Kakkanad has never compromised with nature. The place has preserved greenery, parks, and other recreational facilities for the residents to enjoy. The Corporation of Kochi, together with many NGOs and other organizations, is working to make Kakkanad’s environment clean, green, and pollution-free. The lush greenery serves as the city’s lungs. The government has also planted trees in the region and hired sweepers and garbage disposal personnel to help with trash control. There are public restrooms and other amenities to maintain a high level of public sanitation. This keeps all the concerns regarding waste management away making the place a peaceful heaven to live.

3. A Reliable Transportation Facility

The location of Infopark and Smart City offers excellent connectivity to major transportation networks, including roadways, water routes, and railways. You can reach it quite easily via key roads like the Palarivattom Bypass Road, Seaport-Airport Road, and Vennala. The nearby transportation hubs comprise Edapally Railway Station, Vytilla Bus Terminal, Cochin International Airport, and Cochin Seaport, ensuring convenient access for residents and commuters.

4. Budget Friendly

Kochi is the best when it comes to settling down with your family and purchasing a 2 bhk apartment in Kakkanad becomes easy because of the availability of good flats and apartment complexes that are budget-friendly and equipped with the amenities of your choice.

5. A Cultural Exchange

As mentioned earlier, Kochi is a vibrant city where different cultures unite, engage, and build a community. Social life is at its peak in a place like this. Most apartments in Kakkanad come with a baggage of amenities that can enhance the quality of life. This allows you to live comfortably with your neighbours, giving you a sense of peace and security.

6. Diversifying Your Investment

If you’re new to investing in a home, then Kakkanad is the best place to start as the real estate market is no longer dominated by sellers, and potential homebuyers can now participate as well. You can even negotiate on the prices.

7. The Added Boon of Luxury

With the rising demand for luxury housing, builders in Kochi are creating high-end homes with luxury amenities. However, It is totally up to you to select the amenities that best suit your demands and budget. Because this can impact your daily travel, accessibility to your workplace and vital routes should be examined. Even locations for shopping and transit should also be considered.


Owning a 2 bhk flat in Kakkand is an achievable goal. With the ever-growing job market, excellent infrastructure, and quality of life, Kakkanad is an attractive destination for potential homebuyers. We at Confident Group adhere to all the basic needs of homebuyers and promise a living experience that is one kind through its premium flats and apartments. Our projects are a fusion of traditional and modern architectural brilliance which make them one of a kind.

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