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Home For All – A Confident Dream

8 OCT 2021

A home is a basic necessity every man/woman needs in their life, but there are homes of different shapes, sizes and budgets, so how do we choose the perfect one? Is it just a matter of affordability? Confident Group doesn’t believe so. We at Confident Group believe that every man’s dream home is a constantly changing concept, one dependent on his job, family size, age, affordability and a million other things. Standing apart from other builders, Confident Group management has understood these minute nuances of a Kerala family and this has helped us to create three distinct housing verticals to cater to every individual yearning for a dream home in any of Kerala’s favourite locations, to give a brand name to your dream home. Giving shape to our vision of reaching your heart, we present Smile Homes, Confident Luxe & Lifestyle Plus, the three distinct housing verticals Confident Group has perfected over the years to bring you beautiful compact homes, amazing luxury homes & most premium lifestyle homes.

Confident Smile Homes Cover
What does a modern, young family look for in a home? We at Confident Group delved into this one question and found out that it is not just a matter of affordability but a cache of little things that can make a huge difference. Designing homes that range below 40 lakhs is a key factor for Smile homes since these are compact homes at Kerala’s most desirable locations. Keeping present Kerala in mind, these homes are predominantly designed around Technoparks, Technocity, Infopark and such, so that a young techie or a first home buyer, who is starting off his career could own a dream home close to his office or within the city limits. Even an investor can consider this. But in cities like Kozhikode, Kottayam and Thrissur our Smile homes are located in locations that are desirable for anybody living in the city. Smile homes are designed with the quintessential amenities so that the maintenance cost that one bears every month becomes minimal. In a bigger city like Cochin or Trivandrum, your rent ranges from Rs.12,000 to Rs.15,000 for 2 BHK, but by adding just 2 or 3 thousand to it, you can own a home that will forever be an investment that appreciates in value and even aid you in tax payments. People misunderstand Smile Homes as a low budget segment. But this is not true because the project is designed to be compact and the tower height is restricted below 12 floors so the area will be less and construction cost will be less which slashes the rate. While the materials used for construction and finishing are branded, trendy and the land value is almost similar to luxury projects. The beauty of this project is that it sells like hot cake because even if the family becomes bigger and you want a bigger home, this can fetch you an appreciated value as the demand is quite high at all times or you can also get a very good income as rent. In short, the happiness and contentment of owning a home don’t have to wait till one is 40 years old. When you join hands with Confident Group, there is always a reason to smile.

Confident Confi Luxe Cover
Confident Luxe is the distinct vertical that is designed to give the 45 plus family man in you the perfect balance of luxury and spaciousness. For a bigger family with more members with more varied interests, these homes would be perfect, as the list of amenities will be bigger and better, centred around the concept of entertaining your whole family. Confident Luxe homes are located closer to the city, saving you the crucial minutes away from daily traffic so that you can have your precious time with your family. These tall homes are designed to make a statement and will do so. Ranging from 50 lakhs to 85 lakhs these homes are what luxury homes wish they could be. Thoughtful planning, precise engineering and curated amenities are what makes them distinct from the whole lot of luxury homes that one can find elsewhere. A project becomes expensive because of the land value, size of each unit, height of the building and the number of amenities. Confident Group being in this market for the past 15 years keeps researching to bring in the price advantage for you. Our concept of constructing conveniently sized homes at affordable pricing has now reached thousands of families. All these are done with branded materials never compromising on quality.

Confident Life Style Plus Cover
Confident Lifestyle Plus is a high-end segment for whom luxury is not just an option or an add-on, but a lifestyle choice. For those who want the best of the best, we present the Lifestyle Plus homes. These homes are located in the heart of the city, such locations where the land value could be unmatched anywhere else in the city. These premium homes are made perfect with the complete range of amenities, that would put a star rated hotel to shame. For people who have tasted success and have reached a point in life where he/she has developed a taste for the finest things and have had an affluent neighbourhood, with just walkable distance to facilities and more safe and secure atmosphere, these homes would be perfect. These homes are built with premium brand materials such as tiles, CP and Sanitary fittings, etc., and also in-built with the latest technologies in home automation and security systems because Lifestyle Plus homes are designed without compromises.

Confident Group has become the best housing brand of Kerala not because we have the best compact home or luxury home available but it is more than simply that. It is because Confident Group has understood what Kerala dreams about their homes, at different stages of their lives.

And thus the distinct verticals of homes, that serve three different purposes each perfect in its segment. The fundamental concept of Confident Group is that we play around with the size bracket.

Building these three different verticals with the same quality of cement, steel and other raw materials our qualified technocrats and process and procedure-oriented systems, ensure the impeccable quality that is synonym with Confident Group. We make sure that the prices of your dream home are solely dependent on the Location, Square feet Area, Amenities and Premiumness of products used and never by compromising. The quality of the build, because Confident Group is only The Best because it serves The Best.

Author - Confident Group

As the most trusted real estate brand in the nation, we at Confident Group strive to create a positive, smooth and transparent medium for potential home buyers with anything and everything related to home purchase. We provide informative and engaging articles which cover useful details across many verticals from the real estate sector. Our 2-decade long expertise in building infrastructure projects across Kerala and abroad backed by the trust of over 10,000 customers earned us the reputation of being the best as a real estate brand in Asia. We hope that our blogs will help in translating our experience for the prospective buyers who are looking for their dream home.


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