10 Reason to Choose an Apartment in the Malabar Coast of Calicut

31 OCT 2022

Calicut is a city unlike any other, covered in sand beaches, mighty peaks, jewel-blue waterways, and lush vegetation. The city is still deeply anchored in its historical roots being vividly described in the chronicles of Ibn Battuta and Vasco de Gama as a bustling port city teeming with the wealth and riches of the Zamorin empire and the capital of art and culture in medieval Kerala. The influx of numerous foreign businessmen from all over the world contributed to the city’s early commercial boom and gave it a global appeal.

The city has developed into a thriving metropolis today, offering its citizens numerous employment opportunities across all the main economic sectors. The region is the second-largest metropolis in the state thanks to its desirable combination of economic growth and peacefulness. The influx of people in the city has caused massive demand for flats in Calicut for sale. In the city, there is a high demand for affordable 2 BHK apartments and villas. Leading builders from all around the country have flocked to meet the demand. The following list of 10 factors will help you decide on a Calicut apartment:

  • Growing IT Hub of Kerala

The opening of IT and other commercial firms, the development of the Birla IT Park in Mavoor, Kinaloor, Malaysia’s satellite suburb, and the KINRERA Industrial Park would increase the local market’s need for housing by bringing more IT professionals and staff members of other related services.

  •  Safety and Security

The city has well-established Police Surveillance, Traffic Control, and Law and Order systems. People in this region are recognized for their friendliness, prosperity, and generally pleasant demeanor, as well as their generous hospitality. In addition, all the latest apartments in the city are fitted with state-of-the-art security systems. 

Police Officer


  • Recreational Spots

The Neyyar river, which flows through Calicut, is where residents can take in the emerald streams’ timeless beauty or witness the mighty crocodiles. The inhabitants can travel to Varkala to locate breezy beaches or visit Agasthyamala Mountain, the second-highest mountain in the state. Kallar, Akkulam Lake, Shanmugham Beach, Anjuthengu fort, etc. are some further well-known sites.

Recreational Spots

  • Connectivity

Calicut International Airport is Just 10km away from the city center making International travel easy for non-residents There is also a strong system of Public transportation. Calicut is a major railway station with all trains heading north & south stopping there. The proposed metro rail extending from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda will enhance connectivity to all parts of the city.

  • Price range

Major Builders of Calicut have struck a balance between meeting the needs of potential buyers while staying within their budgets without skimping on things like materials used in construction or amenities provided Budget 2 bhk Flats in Calicut built by reputable construction companies sell for anywhere from 40 to 60 lakhs, with an average price per sqft being Rs.314 – Rs. 11,250. 

  • World Class Amenities

NRIs prefer where they can access amenities similar to those in foreign countries. opping malls like Address Mall and Focus Mall accommodate all the shopping needs of residents A variety of restaurants, from Modern cafes to Traditional restaurants, are also available in the region. The city is also home to premier educational institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management Calicut (IIMK), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), and hospitals such as Calicut Medical College. Baby Memorial Hospital, Aster MIMS, etc.

  • Post-COVID Investment Perspective

During COVID-19, Real estate has stood as a strong investment option offering maximum stability. Investing in real estate in Calicut ensures long-term viability along with capital appreciation, as the development in the area is bound to grow exponentially and thereby the demand for housing. Rental/Lease income also ensures earning consistency and liquidity.

  • Community

The city has become a cultural melting pot because of the influx of IT workers, creating many opportunities for cross-cultural interaction. Overall, Calicut is the ideal spot to call home because it offers a great neighborhood in terms of safety, social life, and emotional well-being.

  • Clean and Green City

The city is shrouded in abundant greenery ensuring good air quality. The Corporation of Calicut has employed sweepers and Garbage disposal workers for effective management of waste. There are toilets and other facilities in all public areas keeping a high standard of sanitation cover. The government has also built parks with trees and plants, making the are clean, green, and pollution-free.

Clean and Green City

  • High-grade Builders & Developers

The most reliable construction companies are those that consistently satisfy their customers by exceeding their expectations in areas including customer service, buying experience, and surreal commitment. There is a plethora of quality builders in the City, some of them being Skyline, Asset Homes, Galaxy Builders, Hilite Builders, etc. 

In conclusion, an apartment is a right option for anyone wishing to settle on the Malabar coast of Calicut. A quality property is worth a lifelong investment for you and your family. When in search of Flats for sale in Kozhikode, it is critical to check that it is from a reputable builder. Confident Group is one of Kerala’s largest builders, having a track record of more than 16 world-class projects. Confident Group brings to its people five luxury flats in Calicut, where one can enjoy the comforts of modern life along with the liveliness of Calicut city. Schedule a visit today and take the first step in buying your dream abode in the land of spices.


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