5 Important Tips For New Home-Buyers In Trivandrum

7 NOV 2022

The heritage of Travancore kingdom mixed with the socio-political effervescence of modern India, Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala in every possible sense. Trailing the coast of Arabia is this beautiful city, which is wrapped in serene beaches, glittering lakes, and the mighty Ghats. Due to being a thriving cultural and economic hub in medieval India, the port city of Trivandrum which traded in spices, sandalwood, and ivory, the city attracted settlers from all over the world. Due to being the capital city, the area has seen massive infrastructural developments in the pre- independence era. Today the city is a thriving metropolis home to numerous information technology (IT) parks, manufacturing facilities, and a sizable retail and service sector. This has caused the influx of techies and workers of allied service sectors has fuelled the demand for flats in Trivandrum 

Buying one’s own residence is an achievement like none other, it brings with it a sense of liberation and freedom also roots oneself in a particular environment while guaranteeing utmost privacy and security devoid of interference from anyone. It is here that a person relieves himself from all the rent payments into ensuring something tangible.At the same time it can also be a challenging process, which is filled with various tasks and steps. It includes finding a property, securing finances, negotiating and confirming the offer, inspecting the home and closing the purchase. One may also get anxious considering the probability of making expensive mistakes. Trivandrum has homes from various builders to choose from and it is common that first time buyers make several mistakes in their purchase process. Here are five tips to help you sail through the process of getting your first home in the capital city:

Checking your Financial Health

The ideal home is one that offers all the conveniences and facilities a person may want while also fitting their budget. Homebuyers might obtain loans to finance their purchases because doing so will lessen their financial load. However, it should be emphasised that the buyer must meet the bank’s credit requirements in addition to other criteria including the applicant’s age, total debt, and income. Additionally, one should account for ongoing expenses like rent, parking fees, homeowner association dues, club dues, and out-of-pocket charges like real estate broker, attorney, or notary public fees. It should be noted that Kerala has higher stamp duty rates than the majority of other states.

Structure in consonance with Geographical Factors

Urban/Built-up is a major necessity. land with sufficient support for a broad and deep foundation. Wetland areas and agriculture are not appropriate places for construction. The environment around a housing project can have a big impact on its stability and longevity.   There should be plenty of trees, clean water, and a welcoming atmosphere in the neighbourhood. The tropical climate of Kerala also offers constant rains for approximately six months of the year, in addition to extremely hot summers and heavy humidity.The design of the structure must be suitable for this tropical local climate.  Pictures and videos just give a sense of what the property has to offer, so it’s better to schedule a site visit to see it for yourself.

Investment In Kerala

Legal Diligence

To perform a complete due diligence examination into the property and the land it is being built on, a lawyer must be hired. They shall investigate the title deed to  make sure the seller has a clear title to the entire property and that it has not been mortgaged or sold. In addition to permissions for the construction’s start, finish, and environmental conditions, it also needed to get approval from the necessary civic authorities. It is not advised to buy a house built on agricultural land without a certificate informing the authorities of the change in use from agriculture.


Factoring the Neighbourhood of the property

 The suburbs around the city are filled by well-to-do locals .  The low crime rate in the city is a result of surveillance cameras, police presence, and emergency medical services (EMS) that are available round-the-clock. Drivers are also subject to tight controls in order to prevent any form of turmoil on the roadways.  The city has installed state-of-the-art security systems in the majority of its buildings to protect its residents. Some of the suburbs of Trivandrum that are developing quickly include Kazhakootam, Karyavattam, Akkulam, and Pallipuram.

Choosing the right builder

The most reliable construction companies are those that consistently satisfy their customers by exceeding their expectations in areas including customer service, buying experience, and surreal commitment. Since they care about the client’s budget, they’ll be receptive to the client’s input and willing to make adjustments. Some of the major builders in Trivandrum include Confident Group, Asset Homes, Skyline Builders, Kalyan Developers etc.

Summing up an ideal residence is one which is both affordable and furnished with the conveniences of one’s choice. Trivandrum will see an increase in demand for flats because it is a developing city with limitless growth potential. First time homebuyers needs a proper checklist wherein one can detail everything that they are looking for in a residence, They can also speak with someone who has invested in real estate in the area.  Confident Group is a builder with a legacy of 16 years, they have worked on and delivered more than 160 projects around the world, many of which have received a perfect score of 7 from CRISIL. They foresaw a need for budget ready to occupy flats in Trivandrum, and have brought in several projects to cater to this growing need in the area .Horizon, Greenfield, Crown and Aquilla are some of the upcoming projects of Confident in  Trivandrum. Make an appointment for a site visit right away to take the first step toward buying a home in the land of Travancore Legacy.


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