5 Things To Know Before Shifting to an Apartment In Calicut

18 OCT 2022

With its verdant countryside, historic monuments, and scenery that ranges from deep seas to high mountains, Kozhikode is a city as fragrant as Sulaimani. The city was the birthplace of the Portuguese Empire in the state and evokes the opulence and power of the medieval Indian Kingdom of the Zamorins, which was also the capital at the time. With the influx of Arab, East African, and Chinese merchants, the city established a robust international commerce network.

Because of its position as the state’s second-largest metropolitan center, the city has always been a hub for commerce. Calicut today is a bustling metropolis where one can find a wide variety of employment, commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment, and leisure options. As a result of the state’s recent tech boom, many people working in IT and related service industries have relocated to the city. The area’s attractive blend of economic prosperity and tranquility has made it a popular choice for residents. Affordable housing options, such as apartments, and luxury flats are in high demand.

The Growing IT Culture

A point to know is that the influx of people into the city has led to a cosmopolitan culture with a mix of millennial and Gen Z populations, leading to the overall development of the country. The establishment of Kinfra IT Park and the Cyber Park in 2009 has helped the City become one of the IT hubs of the state, causing the influx of techies from all parts of the country to the City. Over 150 businesses call it home today, providing jobs for nearly a hundred thousand people. It guarantees software engineers and those in related fields excellent employment, advancement, and professional development prospects. 

Safety and Security

If you’re looking for an apartment in Calicut, two of your biggest considerations should be safety and security. The neighborhood in which the home is situated must be both secure and safe for its inhabitants. Anyone visiting Kozhikode should be aware of the city’s well-established Police Surveillance, Traffic Control, and Law and Order systems. People in this region are recognized for their friendliness, prosperity, and generally pleasant demeanor, as well as their generous hospitality. There has been a rise in the popularity of gated communities as a result of this shift toward social segregation. Wrapped in verdant vegetation, the city is a haven of peace and tranquility. Closed-circuit television (CCTV), intercom systems, a power backup generator able to produce 1 KVA, and security guards on duty at all times are only some of the state-of-the-art security features standard on the properties of all major builders.


There are numerous modes of public transportation available, including taxis, rickshaws, and buses, that may take you wherever in the city. If in need to get to the next city or state, Kozhikode is a major railway station with all trains heading north & south stopping here. The city’s central location within the state provides convenient access to the rest of the state and its neighbors. Public transit is also very reliable. More people will be able to get where they need to go in the city thanks to plans to build a metro line from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda. Roads, trains, and airports all connect the city and are kept in good condition. Since there are no major bottlenecks or traffic jams, drivers can keep the flow of traffic under control. Foreign visitors can easily reach the city’s International Airport, located only 10 kilometers from Kozhikode’s downtown.


Recreation spots

Recreation options range from Sprawling malls and multiplexes to Hiking through the jungles and Kayaking in the lush stream of Neyyar. Kozhikode is home to Steve Irwin Crocodile Park, where you may take a look at the fierce crocodiles of Neyyar. The locals can travel to Varkala to find breezy beaches where they can take in the Arabian Sea’s splendor. Locals can easily access Agasthyamala Mountain, the second-highest peak in the state. Locals seeking breezy beaches frequently travel to Varkala and Kovalam, where they may take in the splendor of the Arabian Sea. Other well-known locations are Kallar, Akkulam Lake, Shanmugham Beach, Anjuthengu fort, etc.

The Right Builder

The most reliable construction companies are those that consistently satisfy their customers by exceeding their expectations in areas including customer service, buying experience, and surreal commitment. Since they care about the client’s budget, they’ll be receptive to the client’s input and willing to make adjustments. Confident Group is one of the biggest Builders with projects spanning Kerala, Karnataka, and Dubai. Over the past 16 years, they have worked on and delivered more than 160 projects around the world, many of which have received a perfect score of 7 from CRISIL. They foresaw a need for budget apartments for sale in Calicut, and have brought in several projects to cater to this growing need in the area Their three verticals, Lifestyle Plus Homes, Confi Luxe Homes, and Smile Homes, reflect their aim to build for a wide range of people from all walks of life. If you are looking for Affordable apartments or Luxury Flats in Calicut, Confident is the right builder to choose. 

So, to conclude, A good piece of real estate is like an investment in one’s future self and one’s family’s security. While there are several points to consider while moving to an apartment in Calicut, buying it from a dependable developer is a vital point to note. If you’re looking for apartments for sale in Calicut, make sure it is constructed by a dependable developer. Confident Group is one of the state’s largest construction companies, and its portfolio includes more than 16 notable buildings. Confident group is offering a variety of apartment communities to the people of Calicut, including Oakwood, Greenwich, Exotica, and Phoenix. At this location, you’ll be able to take advantage of both the city of Calicut’s vibrant atmosphere and modern conveniences. Schedule a visit today and take the first step in buying your dream abode in the land of spices.

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