7 Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment in Trivandrum

16 NOV 2022

Along palm fringed shorelines,  windy backwaters and historical structures is the Capital city of Trivandrum which has a strongly rooted heritage and colonial legacy dating back to 17th Century Travancore Kingdom. Referred to as the “Evergreen City” by Gandhi, the city is sandwiched between the Hilly Ghats and the windy beaches of Arabia. 

Today it has grown into a commercial capital with one of the largest IT hubs and Techno parks along with manufacturing facilities, and a sizable retail and service sector, employing close to a lakh of people through more than 600 companies. The influx of techies and workers of allied service sectors has fuelled the demand for flats in Trivandrum and all major builders of the state have risen to the occasion by developing a variety of projects in the suburbs of Trivandrum. Here are seven factors to consider when buying an apartment in Trivandrum

Structure In Consonance With Geographical Factors

Apartments necessitate a site that has enough support for a wide and deep foundation. Agriculture and wetland areas are not suitable locations for construction. A housing project’s stability and lifespan can be significantly impacted by the area in which it is located. The neighbourhood ought to have lots of trees, clear water, and a friendly vibe. Along with exceptionally hot summers and high humidity, Kerala’s tropical climate also features continuous rain for about six months out of the year. The building’s design must be appropriate for the area’s tropical climate.

Buying Properties Nearing IT Hub

Trivandrum has earned the moniker “Technology centre of Trivandrum” thanks to the development of Techno-Park, the largest IT Park in the nation in terms of developed area, and the impending Techno City, an integrated IT metropolis. Additionally, being close to the IT Hub results in shorter commutes and a better work-life balance. So, buying an apartment near this IT Hub ensures a  high year-round demand for flats, which makes it a desirable investment option due to its commercial and employment viability.


Investment Angle Post COVID

The post-COVID real estate market is a desirable choice for purchasers. In the Pandemic, where people have seen their wealth severely eroded, real estate has shown to be a reliable investment option. Therefore, a variety of variables, including a change in the city’s demography and the unpredictable nature of rental costs, can be factors leading to the increased demand for apartments in Trivandrum.

Neighbourhood Where In The Apartment Is Situated

Kazhakootam, Karyavattam, Akkulam, and Pallipuram are a few of the Trivandrum suburbs that are developing swiftly. Wealthy residents of the metropolis live in the suburbs and is ideal for settlement. The city’s low crime rate is a result of security cameras, police presence, and round-the-clock emergency medical services (EMS). In order to avoid any kind of chaos on the roads, drivers are likewise subject to strict regulations. To protect its citizens, the city has outfitted the majority of its structures with cutting-edge security systems.

Amenities In The Apartment

The buyer need to ensure that the apartment encompasses both the essential amenities as well as luxury features. There is a fully equipped party room with air conditioning, fully equipped gym with a rooftop swimming pool, a children’s play area, and a games room where residents can get to know each other over a game of table tennis are some of the essential and luxury features. Security features like CCTV, intercom systems, a power backup generator, and security personnel on duty are required.

Site Visits

Site visits are helpful for finding any nearby businesses that might be bothersome, such as foundries that emit poisonous smoke, noisy machinery, waste treatment facilities, and so on, that the builder might not have mentioned. Only by seeing the property in person can you fully appreciate all that it has to offer; images and movies can only hint at what it’s like. The only way to ensure the soil and topography are appropriate for the type of foundation and structural supportability you need, as well as ensuring you have access to clean and adequate drinking water, vegetation, and a generally pleasant area, is to do site visits.

Choosing The Right Builder

The most dependable construction firms routinely meet or exceed their clients’ needs in a variety of areas, including customer service, the shopping experience, and surreal commitment. Since they are concerned about the client’s finances, they will be open to suggestions and willing to make changes. Confident Group, Asset Homes, Skyline Builders, Kalyan Developers, and others are some of the prominent builders in Trivandrum.

Summing up, Confident Group has completed more than 160 projects globally, several of which have earned the highest possible CRISIL rating of 7. They anticipated the need for affordable, move-in-ready apartments in Trivandrum and introduced a number of projects to meet this expanding need. Among Confident in Trivandrum’s upcoming projects are Horizon, Greenfield, Crown, and Aquilla. To begin the process of purchasing a property in the Lord Ananta city, schedule a site visit right now.

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