All You Need to Know About Buying Flat in Calicut

7 DEC 2022

Ibn Battuta and Vasco de Gama vividly depicted Calicut as a busy port city that was brimming with the richness and riches of the Zamorin empire and the centre of art and culture in medieval Kerala. In Calicut, which is well known for having served as the cradle of the Portuguese Empire, which dominated trade and governance in the state for up to 150 years, the Portuguese Voyager Da-Gama set foot close to the city’s coastal town of “Kappad.”

A coastal city blessed with pleasant weather and tranquil cityscapes and countryside’s, Calicut is one of the fastest growing urban districts in Kerala. Voted as the best place for real estate investments in Kerala in the year 2018, the city has become a popular residential hotspot providing its citizens with a variety of amenities, including employment, commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment, and recreation. The IT boom in the city with the establishment of Kinfra IT Park and Cyber Park has added to this influx. The influx of people in the city has caused massive demand for real estate and housing in the area. Prominent developers across the nation have come to cater to the demand. Here is all you need to know about buying flats in Calicut:

Price Range

Major Builders in Calicut have managed to reconcile satisfying the expectations of potential purchasers with staying within their means without compromising on things like the quality of the building materials or the amenities offered. Budget Reputable construction companies in Calicut sell 2 bhk flats for between 40 and 60 lakhs, with an average cost per square foot of between Rs. 314 and Rs. 11,250.

Price Range

Investment Perspective 

The opening of IT and other commercial businesses, the construction of the Birla IT Park at Mavoor, a satellite suburb of Kinaloor, Malaysia, and the KINRERA Industrial Park would increase the number of IT workers and employees of other related services in the area, contributing to the growth of the region as a whole. The demand for dwellings in the area will consequently unavoidably increase. Significant growth is being seen in the area in both the commercial and social spheres. An asset that will increase in value over time is acquired by the buyer of a Calicut flat.

Investment Prespective

Demand for flats proximate to Cyber Parks

Due to the huge potential returns, apartments next to newly expanding IT parks are highly sought for. The city’s IT boom began in 2009 with the opening of Cyber Park. Today, the facility is home to close to 150 businesses that employ close to a lakh people who come from all across the country. Kozhikode Cyber Park and UL Cyber Park are both only 1.5 km distant from Confident Greenwich, which is located in Thondayad. This makes the property perfect for techies and others in related industries who want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, it guarantees year-round housing demand, which makes it the ideal location for individuals looking to rent out their apartments.

Community and Neighbourhoods

This move toward community living has led to an increase in the appeal of gated communities. The area where the house is located needs to be safe for its occupants as well as secure. A friendly and helpful neighbour can make life easier by removing a variety of inconveniences. By allowing the children to make friends there, such communities also guarantee that the children in the families have a happy childhood. Due to the influx of IT workers, the city has become a cultural melting pot, offering numerous opportunities for cross-cultural contact. Thondayad, Palazhi, Kottooli, Perumanna, etc. are a few of the popular areas in Calicut for relocating.

The Right Builder

The most dependable builders routinely meet or exceed their clients’ needs in a variety of areas, including customer service, the shopping experience, and surreal commitment. The largest builder in Calicut, Confident Group, has introduced a number of projects to meet the region’s expanding demand. Their three business divisions—Lifestyle Plus Homes, Confi Luxe Homes, and Smile Homes—reflect their desire to construct homes for a diverse group of clients from all spheres of society. Confident is the ideal builder to select if you’re seeking for Luxury Flats or Affordably priced Apartments in Calicut.

In conclusion a high-quality property in Calicut is worth a lifetime investment. When in search of Flats for sale in Calicut, it is critical to check that it is from a reputable builder. One of Kerala’s major construction companies, Confident Group has completed more than 16 top-notch projects. Five luxurious apartments in Calicut are offered by Confident Group, where residents may take advantage of both the city’s vibrant atmosphere and modern conveniences. Make an appointment to visit today and start the process of purchasing the home of your dreams in the land of spices.

Choosing Right Builder


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