Find Your Apartment In Second-Largest Metropolitan City In Kerala – Calicut

5 JAN 2023

A coastal city blessed with pleasant weather and tranquil cityscapes and countryside, Calicut, it is the second largest city in Kerala. Located in what was once the capital of the mediaeval Indian Kingdom of the Zamorins, the city is a striking reminder of the opulence and power of the empire that the Portuguese brought to the state. In Calicut, which is well known for having served as the cradle of the Portuguese Empire, which dominated trade and governance in the state for up to 150 years, the Portuguese Voyager Da-Gama set foot close to the city’s coastal town of “Kappad.”

It’s a great place to live since it has everything its residents might want: good jobs, stores, schools, hospitals, shows, and parks. Kinfra IT Park and Cyber Park, two examples of the city’s flourishing information technology sector, have contributed to this migration. Housing and property prices have skyrocketed as a result of the city’s population boom. Famous builders from all around the country have flocked here to meet the demand. Many professionals in the information technology sector and related service industries have moved to the city as a result of the recent tech boom in the state. The neighbourhood is highly sought after due to its desirable combination of thriving economy and peaceful atmosphere

While looking for apartments in Calicut, it is important to choose from renowned builders. Confident Group, the most trusted builders of the State has its projects spanning various parts of the state The brand has been around for over 16 years and has completed and delivered over 160 projects all over the world, some of which have received a CRISIL rating of 7 stars. The company operates under the guiding principle of being the most trusted builder in the state. Here are the best flats in Calicut from Confident group

Confident Greenwich

Confident Greenwich, situated in Thondayad is just 1.5 km away from the Kozhikode Cyber Park and UL Cyber Park. The area of Thondayad is well connected to all parts of the city and major transportation facilities. It is just 800 m away from the Bypass to National Highway 66. The Vellayil Railway Station and the Calicut Railway Station are within a 5km radius. The Calicut International Airport is only 20 km away from the area. Additionally, the proposed metro rail extending from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda will enhance the connectivity.

Confident Oakwood

Confident Oakwood is the newest addition to the Budget housing options under the Smile Home Category. Oakwood is ready for the future of luxurious living with its extensive amenities. The beautifully landscaped common areas, approach roads, gardens, car wash area, visitors lobby, fitness center, swimming pool, children’s play area, multipurpose hall, and party area usher in a new era of extravagant luxury.

It has a professional maintenance and waste management system and is fitted out with high-quality fixtures and materials. Confident Oakwood is a gated community with a focus on its residents’ safety and privacy in addition to its opulent features. Security guards are on duty 24/7, there is an intercom system in place for use in the building’s public spaces, there is a fire alarm and an earthquake alarm installed, and there are fire extinguishers and a generator should the power go out. Calicut’s Cyber Park, Bypass Road, Railway Station, and Beach are all within a short distance from the property, and Kovoor MLA Road is one of the city’s most convenient locations.

Confident Exotica

Confident Exotice is a highrise in Kottooli. Calicut Beach, Sarovaram Bio park and Baby Memorial Hospital. There is a fully equipped party room with air conditioning for a wide range of events and gatherings, a fully equipped multipurpose gym with a rooftop swimming pool so that residents can stay in shape without leaving their homes, a play area for children to promote healthy mental, physical, and social growth, and a games room where neighbours can get to know each other over a friendly game of table tennis.

Confident Phoenix

Situated in the heart of Calicut’s Methottuthazham neighbourhood, A variety of restaurants, from Modern cafes to Traditional restaurants, are also available in the region. Some of the best hospitals and universities in India, including Calicut Medical College and the Indian Institute of Management Calicut (IIMK), as well as the Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), are located in this city. Institutions like Baby Memorial, Aster MIMS, etc. This makes the home an excellent option for professionals in the technology sector and allied fields who value work-life balance. And because of the consistent need for living quarters throughout the year, it’s an excellent spot for apartment landlords.

In conclusion, purchasing a high-quality piece of real estate in Calicut is a decision that will last a lifetime. Checking the builder’s reputation is essential when looking for Flats for sale in Calicut. Confident Group, one of Kerala’s largest construction firms, has finished more than 16 high-quality projects. Confident Group offers five high-end apartments in Calicut, from which tenants can enjoy the city’s exciting culture and cutting-edge amenities. Schedule a visit soon so you can get started on buying your new home in the land of spices.

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