Benefits of Buying a Flat near Infopark and Smartcity Kochi

26 JUL 2022

While Kerala with its diverse culture, sprawling greenery, and lip-smacking food, has developed itself as a tourist hotspot, it also receives footfall from various states of the country as well as foreign nations for its rapid development in the Information Technology and related services sector. The epicentre of IT in Kochi is located in the nearby areas of Kakkanad. The advent of Infopark in 2009 and Smart city in 2016 has added to this development. This has brought in millennials and Gen-Z to this part of town, making flats from reputed builders in Kochi such as Confident Group in high demand. This part of the town offers the ethnicity of God’s own country infused with the modern lifestyle. Here are the top benefits of buying a flat near Infopark and Smart city in Kakkanad Kochi:

 1. Flourishing IT and service sector 

Infopark and Smart city house big corporates and conglomerates that offer varied IT services across the globe. Together the campuses employ close to a lakh employees thereby ensuring high chances for employment, growth, and career development for techies and other employees of other allied services. This also contributes to high year-round demand for flats in Kakkanad making the purchase of flats viable both commercially as well as in terms of employability.

2. Reliable Transportation Facility

Transportation facilities

The areas surrounding Infopark and Smart City are well connected to all the major transportation facility via road, waterways as well as rail. The area is accessible via Palarivattom Bypass road, Seaport-Airport road, and Vennala. The nearest transportation hubs include the Edapally Railway Station, Vytilla Bus terminal, Cochin international airport, and the Cochin seaport. The upcoming Metro Phase II (Jawaharlal Stadium to Smart City 2) will ensure connectivity to all areas of the city.

3. Flood Protection

Nowadays, flood protection has been an important factor to consider when deciding to buy a flat in Kochi. Kakkanad being a high-lying area is not prone to floods in torrential raining conditions. As the area lies away from the Periyar River body and being connected with local water bodies ensures the free flow of water, avoiding any kind of water logging.

4. Close proximity to Amenities

Shopping Mall View

Amenities such as Schools, Colleges, Entertainment spots, and Religious Institutions are in close proximity to Kakkanad. Multiplexes and Shopping Malls are situated within a 5km radius. There are super-stores such as Reliance, Nilgiris, and More for all the grocery needs of the residents. The area also offers the best healthcare facilities with highly skilled doctors who have an excellent reputation. The area also offers a variety of eateries ranging from Modern cafes to Traditional restaurants. 

5. Best Resale Value

Resale Property value

Due to the influx of IT employees and the overall development of the area, the area will grow if not maintain its demand for housing in the future. From commercial to social aspects, the area has developed and will keep improving. The buyer of a flat in Kakkanad is benefitted from a lifetime asset that will fetch a much higher value in the future. 

6. Sense of Community and Cultural exchange

The city of Kochi is culturally rich with its Dutch and Portuguese history. Areas such as Fort Kochi and Mattanchery still hold a resemblance of foreign architecture and influence. Jewish establishments in these areas are tourist hotspots. Along with it, the city offers abundant opportunities to interact with traditional Kerala culture. Kakkanad being an IT hotspot has become a melting pot of different cultures, opening the opportunity to mingle with different cultures and fostering cultural exchange.

7. Clean and Green city

Clean and Green City

The Corporation of Kochi, along with several NGOs and private bodies are involved in making the surroundings of Kakkanad clean, green, and pollution-free. The area surrounding the IT parks is covered with abundant greenery acting as the lungs of the city. The government has also built parks in the area with trees and has employed sweepers and Garbage disposal workers for effective management of waste. There are public toilets and other facilities keeping a high standard of public sanitation. 

Flats near Infopark and SmartCity would be your best option if you were looking for a home in Kochi that provides the conveniences of contemporary infrastructure infused with nature. Buying a flat in Kakkanad will promise a safe haven for you and your family and will be a wise investment of your savings promising a healthy return. Explore the range of villas and apartments in Kochi offered by Confident Group, and find your dream home.

Author - Confident Group

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