Best 5 House Renovation Ideas in Kochi

2 JAN 2023

A cradle of Information Technology, Cosmopolitan Culture and Modern Living in Kerala, Kochi is a city which is modern from all aspects. The city’s prominence in India’s spice trade before independence dates back to the mediaeval Chera Dynasty. The state boasts one of the most successful economies in the United States as a direct result of the Gulf boom of the 1970s and 1980s. The city has an unique and multifaceted culture with its sandy beaches, colonial-era architecture, old temples, quaint markets, and its ever-growing art scene.

This has prompted an influx of job seekers from all parts of the world, leading to a spike in demand for flats at Kochi. Prominent builders have answered to the demand with luxury high rises and modern flats in Kochi and its suburban location attempting to achieve a balance between quiet and accessibility to all modern conveniences. While renting is still a viable choice in Kochi, few things can compare to the pride and satisfaction that comes with owning a home. One of the best parts of having your own place is that you can customise it to your specific tastes and needs by making renovations and alterations. Here are the top five renovation ideas in Kochi for homeowners:

1.Changing The Flooring

Flooring is an important part of the house and the first thing a person notice while stepping into a home. It sets the right tone for the interior and space ground up snd is a more permanent feature in a space. It is the most exposed part of the interiors and talks a lot about the decor theme. Replacing the flooring according to one’s personal needs and styles is possible and must be planned out carefully. There are a myriad of options from natural to synthetic and engineered. From Indian Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tiles to wood flooring and vinyl the options are endless. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the walls or the structural integrity of the property is not affected. It majorly depends on money you can spend and what kind of look you want for your home.


2.Creating More Storages And Useable Spaces

Indians by nature are maximist who like to collect and store items even if they have lost their utility. This leads to the condition that no amount of storage is ever enough. Adding extra storage spaces in the bedroom, kitchen or living through shelves, cabinets and modern showcases can be helpful for all your storage requirements. Customization can be done to optimize room designs to incorporate more usable space, like with furniture. Install pull-out cabinets instead of built-in cabinets in your kitchen; these will provide you with the storage space you need while also giving you more counter space to use. Floor to ceiling bookcases are examples of trendy storage renovation ideas that will be helpful in the long run.

Creating more storages and Useable Spaces

3.Bathroom Remodeling

The Bathroom and Shower is one of the most overlooked aspects of a house but, it is one of the vital parts of a residence considering the amount of time a person spends in there. Bathrooms can be remodelled to fit ones own aesthetic choices. But it is to be noted that as bathrooms have tiles, pipes and electric sockets it is a tricky space to remodel. In older homes, the pipes need to be replaced before they rust or burst. The faucets and commodes need to be fixed and replaced. The washroom should be functional before it can be pretty. Once these basics are taken care of you can change tiles, paint walls, change drapes and so on. Adding cozy carpets, laundry bags, scented candles and decor will add to the overall mood. 

Bathroom remodeling

4.Kitchen Remodeling

The way to win a persons heart is through the stomach. it is pivotal to keep the stomach happy. And in order to do that, we need a nice kitchen where we can whip up delicious meals to amaze and satisfy our stomachs. The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room in your home. It is the place that nourishes your body and prepares you for the ordeals of the day and hence it needs to be given maximum docs during the remodeling process. There is a myriad of creative options to choose from. This includes changing the cabinets. installing a chimney, changing the containers and adding some personalised lights. 

Bathroom remodeling

5.Eco Friendly Remodeling ideas

Remodeling should not just enhance the overall charm and aesthetic of the house but needs to be functional and useful. Eco friendly renovation ideas including adding of a solar powered system, using natural ventilation and lighting and installing a rainwater harvesting system will help reduce the overall living cost of a person and add to the efficiency and longevity of the property affecting the overall happiness of the property. 

In general, when people buy a house, they do so with the intention of expanding and improving it over time. This is done for two primary reasons: to make the home more hospitable and to raise its resale price. Renovations can be expensive and time-consuming, but the satisfaction of seeing the finished product is unparalleled. If you’re looking for a developer or renovator with experience remodeling homes or apartments to your specifications, Kochi is home to a lot of excellent options.

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