Buy an Apartment in Calicut to Live a Peaceful Life

14 FEB 2023

In 1498, Vasco da Gama’s ship, the “Sao Gabriel,” arrived in Kappad, and since then, Calicut has been one of the Malabar region’s most important ports for the trading of spices, silk, and other items between Europe and India. Since the 13th century, Kozhikode has been known as a “Indian Emporium” of international trade thanks to its prominence in the pepper and spice trade. Ibn Battuta and Vasco da Gama painted a vivid picture of Cochin as a thriving port city brimming with the wealth and riches of the Zamorin kingdom and the capital of art and culture in mediaeval Kerala; the city has remained true to this historical foundation. The early commercial development and the city’s global appeal may be attributed in large part to the influx of numerous international businesspeople from all over the world.

Today the city has grown into a lively and bustling city combining employability and growth in all major sectors with a serene environment and pleasant climate. This city garnered the love of techies and employees of allied service sectors, who call the city their home. This leads to a rise in demand for housing and flats in Calicut, bringing prominent builders from all parts of the country. Here are the reasons why buying an apartment in calicut will help you to live a peaceful life in Calicut:

World Class Amenities

Amenities are there to facilitate and facilitate living. Address Mall and Focus Mall are two examples of shopping centres that can satisfy all of a community’s retail therapy demands. There are also many other types of restaurants to choose from, including both modern cafes and more traditional dining establishments. Also located here are prestigious institutions of higher learning and medical care, such the Calicut Medical College and the Indian Institute of Management Calicut (IIMK) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT) and the Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), respectively. Institutions like Baby Memorial, Aster MIMS, etc.

Resale & Returns

The opening of IT and other commercial companies, the upcoming Birla IT Park at Mavoor, Kinaloor, Malaysian satellite suburb, and KINRERA Industrial Park would increase the influx of IT employees and workers of other related services in the area, aiding in the overall growth of the area. As a result, there will inevitably be a rise in demand for housing in the area. The region is experiencing significant development in both the commercial and social spheres. The buyer of a Calicut flat gains a lifetime asset that will be worth considerably more in the future. This leads to financially stability ensuring peace and tranquility.



Millennials especially favour secure societies filled with their own kind. A neighbour who is friendly and willing to lend a hand can make a big difference in the quality of one’s life. A helpful neighbor always makes your life more peaceful. Kids in these kinds of neighbourhoods get to make friends easily, which is a huge factor in making sure their parents can relax and enjoy their time together. The inflow of IT workers has transformed the city into a veritable crossroads for people of all backgrounds to meet and mingle.

Reliable Realtors

A home needs to perpetuate convenience and reliability from all aspects. Starting from the building materials and standards of construction to maintenance, upkeep and renovation, this is what helps in leading a peaceful and trouble-free life. This requires a reliable realtor with extensive experience of catering to demands of homebuyers. The most reliable construction companies are those that consistently satisfy their customers by exceeding their expectations in areas including customer service, buying experience, and surreal commitment. There is a plethora of quality builders in the City, some of them being Skyline, Asset Homes, Galaxy Builders, Hilite Builders, etc.

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Reliable Connectivity

Good roadways and easy connectivity to all parts of the city devoid of major traffic blocks is a requisite for leading a peaceful life anywhere. Calicut International Airport is Just 10km away from the city center making International travel easy for non-residents There is also a strong system of Public transportation. Calicut is a major railway station with all trains heading north & south stopping there. The proposed metro rail extending from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda will enhance connectivity to all parts of the city.

In conclusion, apartment renting is a viable option for anyone considering making the Malabar coast of Calicut their permanent home. Investing in a high-quality house is a wise decision that will benefit you and your family for many years to come. Look for apartments in Calicut that were built by a reputable developer. A leading construction firm in Kerala, Confident Group has completed over 16 high-quality projects. Confident Group now has five opulent new apartments in the heart of Calicut, where they can take advantage of all the city has to offer while still enjoying the comforts of modern life. Schedule a trip to the land of spices today, and you’ll be one step closer to owning the house of your dreams in this area of the world.


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