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1 DEC 2022

Kozhikode, vividly described in the writings of Ibn Battuta and De Gama as a thriving port city teeming with the wealth and riches of the Zamorin kingdom and the capital of art & culture in mediaeval Kerala, remains firmly rooted in its ancient roots with its verdant countryside, historic monuments, and scenery that ranges from deep seas to high mountains. The abundance of foreign merchants from all over the world contributed to the city’s global appeal. This also contributed to the city’s early commercial development. 

The city has developed into a thriving metropolis today, offering its citizens numerous employment opportunities across all the main economic sectors. Calicut today is a bustling metropolis where one can find a wide variety of employment, commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment, and leisure options. The establishment of Kinfra IT Park and the Cyber Park has helped the City become one of the IT hubs of the state, causing the influx of techies from all parts of the country. All these reasons have contributed to the rise in demand for Apartments in Calicut. The city is  an ideal place where you and your family can choose to live a life of luxury and comfort. Here, let us look at the top five residential areas in Calicut, the various features of which make it the preferred option of homebuyers in Kerala:



Nowadays, many prefer to live in the suburbs, where they can enjoy city conveniences while yet being close to nature. Kottooli is the perfect place for techies looking for the optimal work-life balance because it is located in the suburban area of Calicut. Within a 5-kilometer radius are the Calicut Medical College, Vellayil Railway Station, Civil Station, and Mofussil Bus Terminal. Residents of the high rise Confident Exotica in Kottooli can take advantage of the serene suburban living in Calicut without sacrificing luxury.


Perumanna and the surrounding surroundings are progressing toward fast development. It provides a peaceful, quiet, pollution-free atmosphere and is located 13 kilometres from Calicut city. The region has developed into a residential hub with top-notch transportation, healthcare, and lifestyle amenities. The well-known medical centres nearby are Family Medical Center, Malabar Hospital, and Starcare Hospital. White School and Global English School, for example, provide access to top-notch education. The projected Lulu mall and Sarovaram BioPark are two neighbouring attractions.


Thondayad Junction is a significant intersection in the city’s centre, providing access to all areas of Calicut. Thondayad is close to prestigious medical facilities as Baby Memorial Hospital, Aster MIMS, and Starcare Hospitals. Shopping centres like Address Mall and Focus Mall accommodate all of the residents’ shopping needs. It’s the perfect place for techies to live because the Cyber Park and UL Cyber Park are both within 5 miles of it. It has a connection to both the Calicut and Vellayil railway stations. The distance from the neighbourhood to the Calicut International Airport is only 27 kilometres. The proposed metro rail that would run from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda will improve connectivity as well. Confident Greenwich is a luxury high rise in Thondayad, which caters to all the needs of a luxury living.

City In Calicut


Palazhi has become more well-known among developers, investors, and homebuyers as a result of the growth of numerous shopping centres, supermarkets, and office buildings. Some of the significant townships in the region include Landmark World and HiLITE City. The closest hospitals are Cradle Hospital and Metro Cardiac Centre. Nearby supermarket stores Nesto Hypermarket and Hilite Mall can meet all of the neighbourhood residents’ needs. Within a 4 kilometre radius of this location are Thondayad Junction and Calicut Medical College. The development in the area has benefited by the opening of UL Cyberpark and Government Cyber Park.

A perfect neighbourhood is tucked away from the city’s hustle and bustle but still guarantees quick communication and access to the most modern comforts. A high-quality house is worth a lifetime investment, thus all factors must be properly taken into account before moving forward.When purchasing a Budget Apartment or a Luxury Flat in Calicut, it is critical to check that it is from a reputable builder. One of the biggest construction firms in the state, Confident Group, has more than 16 eminent structures in its portfolio. Calicut residents can choose from a number of apartment communities offered by Confident Group, including Oakwood, Greenwich, Exotica, and Phoenix. You may benefit from both the bustling ambiance of the city of Calicut and the modern conveniences at this location. Make an appointment to visit today and start the process of purchasing the home of your dreams in the land of spices.


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