Few Things To Consider While Planning A Home In Kottayam

10 OCT 2022

Embanked within the pearl green stream of Meenachilar is the southwestern town of Kottayam, a town famous for its Syrian Christian Community who is believed to have visited Kerala in 53 CE. The region became known as the “Land of Lakes, Letters, and Latex” due to the abundance of rubber plantations, verdant backwaters, and the fact that it was the first completely literate district in the state. The city’s strategic location at the convergence of three national highways and a thriving port has helped it become the State’s second-largest revenue-earning corporation. The city has transformed rapidly over the past few years into a major manufacturing centre, with factories producing everything from metals and chemicals to rubber and automobiles to textiles.

An unprecedented influx of people from all over the country has flocked to the city as a result of the city’s rapid industrialization, driving up the demand for housing.Nowadays, Rather than living in single-family homes, many people in Kottayam prefer to live in high-rise or apartment complexes where they can interact with others from similar socioeconomic backgrounds. Purchasing a brand-new apartment is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.  For those who have rented their who lives, it will be a liberating experience adding stability, privacy and customizability to their living space From the location of the property to deciding the materials for interior design, it can become a long and tiresome process. It’s not uncommon for first-time homebuyers to encounter a number of difficulties throughout the process. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for ready to occupy flats in Kottayam :


The right neighbourhood is one that is calm and tranquil, with residents from the similar socio-economic backgrounds while ensuring safety and security of its residents.to A good neighbourhood is conveniently located shopping centers, hospitals, educational institutions, banks, and much more while being intertwined with serene greenery. Choosing a good area also involves thinking about your personal safety and security. The city’s low crime rate can be attributed to the prevalence of surveillance cameras, the professionalism of the police force, and the accessibility of the emergency medical services (EMS). Suburban parts of Kottayam are ideal for housing, due to being relatively calm and away from the frenxy of the city while conveniently located to all amenities. Puthenangady, Kalathipady,  Ettumanoor, Kanjikuzhi are some of the fast growing suburbs in the area.



The project’s stability and lifespan can be significantly impacted by the surrounding environment. The construction work must conform to the existing shape of the land. A prime requirement is Urban/Built-up Land that can support a deep and wide foundation. Constructions should not be built in wetland areas or on farmland. The neighbourhood should have plenty of trees, clean water, and a safe and pleasent atmosphere. Furthermore, the building’s design must be appropriate for the local climate. Besides extremely hot summers and high humidity, the tropical climate of Kerela also brings persistent rains for nearly six months of the year. Only by physically checking the locations can all of this be guaranteed. Pictures and videos can only provide a glimpse of what the property has to offer, so it’s best to experience it for yourself by scheduling a visit.



The term “affordability” refers to a person’s ability to pay for his purchase.  The ideal house is one that fits one’s budget while providing all the amenities and features one could want. Affordability must take into account recurring costs like apartment maintenance, parking fees, resident association dues, and club memberships. The majority of today’s homebuyers finance their purchases with loans. This dampens the financial burden by distributing it into short installments over a long period But it should be noted that the purchaser must satisfy the bank’s credit requirements as well as other requirements like the applicant’s age, the applicant’s total debt, and the applicant’s income. Considerable out-of-pocket expenditures may result from your decision to use a real estate broker, a lawyer, or a notary public. Stamp duty rates in Kerala are higher than the rates in most others.


The most reliable construction companies are those that consistently satisfy their customers by exceeding their expectations in  areas including customer service, buying experience and surreal commitment. Since they care about the client’s budget, they’ll be receptive to the client’s input and willing to make adjustments. While there are several builders in Kottayam, it is important to hire a reputable firm.  Confident Group is one of the biggest Builders in with projects spanning across Kerala, Karnataka, and Dubai. Over the past 16 years, they have worked on and delivered more than 160 projects around the world, many of which have received a perfect score of 7 from CRISIL and other awards. Their goal is to become the most reputable construction company in the area, and their name has come to be associated with trustworthiness and credibility. The construction of both luxury and more affordable two- and three-bedroom homes places an emphasis on speedy handing over and efficient use of space.

In sum, the ideal place to live is one that offers a peaceful and convenient setting in addition to high-quality construction, reliable upkeep, and friendly service. In recent decades, Kottayam has undergone significant commercialization and IT development, elevating it to the status of a tier-2 city in Kerala. Purchasing a home built by the right builder is a smart financial move because it provides both modern convenience and long-term value by appreciating at a rate independent of inflation.Cygnus and Blueberry, two new apartments in Kottayam from developer Confident Group, bring together city comforts and suburban peace and quiet. Get started on securing your ideal home in Kerala’s “Akshara Nagari” bon the banks of the gliterring stream of vembanad by scheduling a viewing of the property right away.


Author - Confident Group

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