Thinking of Buying A New Apartment In Thrissur? Follow These 5 Tips For Your Dream Home!

4 OCT 2022

Thrissur, known as “The Cultural Capital of Kerala,” is renowned for its spectacular celebrations, tranquil setting, and rich archaeological heritage. It attracts people from all walks of life because of its reputation as a center of enthusiasm, revelry, and festivities. It is one of the most important economic centers in the state, thanks to its many textile, timber, and coir factories as well as its thriving banking and retail sectors. The city has become a thriving commercial hub thanks to the recent tech boom in the state and the expansion of the service sector.

Owning a home is a significant milestone in a person’s life. The ideal home is one that successfully unites the coziness of a family home with the practicality and luxury of present-day residences. In the end, it is there that one finds solace from the stresses of daily life. A home is an investment that can be used to secure one’s financial future while also providing safety and security for one’s loved ones. The vast majority of homebuyers previously resided in rented accommodations. A person’s privacy and sense of stability are both enhanced by owning an independent apartment. A new home represents a fresh start, but it also comes with a new set of responsibilities. In case you’re looking for apartments for sale in Thrissur, here are five tips to consider: 

1. The right neighborhood and location 

The right locale for a residence is a combination of tranquillity and convenience. Thrissur’s suburbs are located appropriately far from the hustle and bustle of the city center. It’s the ideal place to live because of how peacefully ensconced it is in vegetation. The city’s surrounding suburbs are populated by polite, wealthy locals with a natural flair for business. Safety and Security are other important aspects when deciding on the right neighborhood. Surveillance cameras, police officers, and emergency medical services (EMS) that are available 24/7 all contribute to the city’s low crime rate. To prevent any kind of chaos on the roads, drivers are also subject to strict regulations. Community-based housing, such as apartments and villas, is seeing high demand. To ensure the safety of its inhabitants, the city has equipped most of its buildings with cutting-edge security systems. Neighborhoods such as Poonkunnam, Ayyanthole, Ramavarmapuram, Aranattukara West Fort, and Christopher Nagar are some of the fast-growing suburbs in Thrissur

2. Site Visits

Site Visits

Visiting the property in person is the only way to truly appreciate all it has to offer, as pictures and videos can only give you a taste of what it’s like. Site visits are the only way to ensure that the soil and topography are suitable for the type of foundation and structural supportability you require, as well as to ensure that you have access to clean and optimal drinking water, vegetation, and a generally pleasant neighborhood. This is useful for identifying any potentially disruptive establishments in the area, such as foundries that release toxic smoke, noisy equipment, waste treatment facilities, and so on which may not have been disclosed by the builder. It can also be used to see if the builder is employing high-quality materials and building techniques.

3. Financial Affordability and outlay

Financial Affordability

Affordability is the financial capacity of an individual to purchase a property Before making a purchase, make sure the home is within your price range and will meet your needs right now. It is common practice to obtain a loan in times of financial need. The buyer needs a high Credit Score to qualify for bank loans. Other factors include the loan applicant’s age, the amount of debt they already have, and their income. It is important to factor in additional costs, such as those associated with hiring a lawyer or notary, using a real estate broker, etc. Stamp duty in Kerala is 8% of the sale price and registration fees are 2% of the sale price, for a total of 10% of the sale price. These fees are relatively high when compared to those in other states. Monthly apartment maintenance, monthly parking fees, annual resident association dues, and annual club memberships are all examples of outlay charges which has to be considered when looking at the affordability aspect

4. Legal Diligence

Legal Diligence

Hiring a lawyer to conduct a thorough due diligence investigation into the property and the land it is being built is highly recommended. Checking the title deed is necessary to make sure the seller has a clear title to the entire property and that it has not been mortgaged or sold. It’s also preferable to construct the apartment complex on land designated as a business district. The construction should have also received approval from relevant civic authorities in addition to approvals such as commencement clearance, completion clearance, environment clearance, etc. It is not recommended to purchase a home that was constructed on agricultural land without a certificate notifying the government of the land’s conversion to non-agricultural use.

5. Buy from trusted Builders

The most trusted builders are those who consistently deliver high-quality results for their clients through a combination of dedication, service, and experience. They’ll be sensitive to the client’s financial constraints and open to their suggestions. Confident Group is one of the biggest Builders in Thrissur with projects spanning across Kerala, Karnataka, and Dubai. Having worked on over 160 projects for 16 years, many of which received a perfect score of 7 from CRISIL, and having successfully delivered those projects all over the world. The brand’s mission is to be the most reliable builder in the region. Both high-end and more reasonably priced 2 and 3 bhk homes are constructed with a priority on rapid development and effective space management. 

In conclusion, Thrissur has a perfect balance of bustling urban centers with ample job opportunities in fields like information technology and commercial retail and banking, and quiet residential areas tucked away in the lush greenery of the surrounding countryside. The perfect climate and constant celebrations make it an ideal place to call home. The most trusted name in Kerala construction, the Confident Group, brings you the Maple, Ebony, and Lotus apartment communities in Thrissur. Schedule your visit to the property today and take the first step in buying your dream abode in the Cultural Capital of Kerala.

Author - Confident Group

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