Important Things To Ask A Real Estate Builder Before Buying A Flat In Trivandrum

30 DEC 2022

Trivandrum is an important cultural and intellectual hub that is also known for having a diverse and international population. The Arabian Sea is to its west, and the state of Tamil Nadu is to its east; it is the most populous city in the state of Kerala, which is located in southern India. Because it served as the state capital both before and after independence, the city has received more than its fair share of investment in terms of the development of its infrastructure. Due to its potential to develop into a thriving economic, cultural, and intellectual centre, the country’s southernmost metropolis, which served as a bustling port and traded in spices, sandalwood, and ivory, attracted settlers from all over the world. The city is located in the country’s southernmost region.

It is now a major financial centre, home to one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) centres and technological parks, which together provide jobs for more than 600 firms and about a lakh people. The demand for apartments in Trivandrum has been fueled by the migration of techies and workers of allied service sectors, and all major builders in the state have responded by creating a wide range of projects in the city’s outskirts. Choosing the correct developer is a crucial step in the apartment buying process. Quality, dedication, service, and experience are what set apart the greatest construction companies from the others. For a hassle-free  purchase, the buyer must, of course, know what they’re doing and ask questions about every facet of the property and the acquisition. Here are some important things to ask a real estate builder before buying a flat in Trivandrum

Regarding Title And Legal Sanctions

Verifying that the seller owns the full property free of liens (such as mortgages) and sales requires looking into the title deed. Building the apartment complex in a commercial zone is also recommended. In addition to the typical construction clearances (for starting and finishing the project, as well as for the environment), the building should also have municipal clearance. Avoid buying a house built on agricultural property without a document from the government stating that the land has been converted to non-agricultural use.

Legal Sanctions

Regarding Track Record Of The Builder

The most dependable construction firms routinely meet or exceed their clients’ needs in a variety of areas, including customer service, the shopping experience, and surreal commitment. The best builders brand’s mission is to be the most reliable builder in the region. Their past record shows a series of high-end and more reasonably priced 2 and 3 BHK homes constructed with a priority on rapid development and effective space management. Confident Group, Asset Homes, Skyline Builders, Kalyan Developers, and others are some of the prominent builders in Trivandrum. Questions regarding past projects is a move in the right direction.

Track Record of the Builder

Regarding Hidden Charges & Expense

Outlay expenditures like monthly parking fees, annual resident association dues, and annual club subscriptions must be taken into consideration when analysing the cost factor because they all contribute to the overall cost incurred by the buyer and are often not disclosed explicitly. In addition, during the preliminary stages of the buying process, neither advertisements nor brokers will reveal the total cost of purchasing an apartment. Make sure that there are no surprises waiting for you in the later parts of the purchase. Hence it is important for the buyer to enquire into all the expenses associated with the purchases to avoid any kind of hidden charges. 

Hidden Charges and Fees

Whether The Construction Is In Consonance To Geographical Factors

It is essential for the long-term viability of the project to investigate the possibility that the construction is being carried out in a manner that is compatible with the topography of Kerala. The ideal location for an apartment complex is one that offers sufficient support for a foundation that is both broad and deep. Construction should not take place in regions that are used for agriculture or that contain wetlands. The neighbourhood in which a housing development is situated can have a sizeable influence on the housing project’s longevity and degree of stability. The surrounding area ought to include a plethora of trees, crystal clear water, and a welcoming atmosphere. In addition to having very hot summers and high levels of humidity, the tropical climate of Kerala is characterised by nearly nonstop rainfall for approximately half of the year. The architecture of the structure has to be suitable for the humid environment of the location. So questions regarding the architecture and structural integrity according to geographical factors are vital.

In conclusion, an ideal place to live is one that provides a peaceful and convenient setting in addition to high-quality construction, reliable upkeep, and friendly assistance from the staff. Apartments in Trivandrum will be in high demand because the city is rapidly expanding. Horizon, Greenfield, Crown, and Aquilla are just some of the upcoming projects from Confident in Trivandrum. Confident Group, one of Trivandrum’s largest construction firms, has completed building projects in Dubai, Dubai, and Kerala. having spent 16 years working on over 160 projects and completing them all around the world, many of which were rated a perfect 7 by CRISIL. Schedule a site visit immediately to get started on purchasing a home in Lord Anantha’s city.

Geographical Factors Affecting the Construction

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