Why is living in Trivandrum worthy?

22 FEB 2023

Trivandrum is a city unlike any other thanks to its rich royal history, enduring Colonial legacy, and delicious cuisine. A number of residential and public structures in the area were constructed by Mr. Larie Baker, who employed innovative, cost-effective methods that made use of native materials and customs. The royal dynasty is revered as an embodiment of Lord Anantha-Padmanabha, whose majestic temple stands at the city’s epicenter. Its landscape consists of peaceful beaches, shimmering lakes, and the towering Ghats. It accurately depicts the wide variety of cultures and customs that exist inside India.

It is now a major economic centre, home to more than 600 businesses and one of the world’s greatest concentrations of IT professionals. Demand for apartments in Trivandrum has been boosted by the influx of tech workers and employees of allied service sectors, and all of the major builders in the state have responded by constructing a wide range of projects in the city’s suburbs, where they hope to strike a happy medium between peace and convenience. Finding the right builder is essential when looking for an apartment. The best building firms are distinguished from their competitors by their commitment to quality, dedication to their customers, quality of service, and depth of experience. Some of the many positives of life in Trivandrum are listed here.

Friendly and Safe Community

Communities are growing in popularity in Kerala as individuals seek for closer proximity to friends and family who have similar interests. Gated communities provide children with a positive and fulfilling upbringing by encouraging them to socialise with other youngsters in the region. When neighbours are friendly and willing to pitch in, life is simplified. Its residents take great pride in their city’s heritage as the “country of Padmanabhan,” and the city itself. The hospitality of these folks is legendary, as is their politeness, prosperity, and general niceness. Trivandrum is the best area to live in since it has a wonderful community in terms of physical security, social opportunities, and psychological health.

Friendly and Safe Community

Tourist Attraction

Trivandrum’s people enjoy a healthy work-life balance thanks to the city’s convenient proximity to all major tourist attractions. Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary can be found in this city. Nayyar’s enormous crocodiles can be seen in person at Steve Irwin Crocodile Park, a local attraction. Agasthyamala Mountain, the state of Kerala’s second-highest peak, is also conveniently located for locals. Varkala is where locals can go to experience the wind and beauty of the Arabian Sea at the same time. The Shanmugham Beach, Akkulam Lake, Kallar, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, etc. are just a few of the many tourist hotspots in the area.

Tourist Attraction

Investment Perspective

Real Estate in Trivandrum, is a reasonably risk-averse kind of investment, delivering protection from inflation while affording the option for portfolio diversification to Non-residents. Investing in real estate also provides long-term viability along with financial appreciation, as the development in Kozhikode is expected to rise tremendously and hence the demand for homes. Rental/Lease income also assures earning consistency and liquidity. Further throughout COVID-19, Real estate has stood as a great investment alternative delivering optimum stability. The necessity of possessing tangible assets together with altering demographics make investing in real estate the ideal alternative.

Investment Perspective

IT Boom in Trivandrum

As the IT industry in the state has evolved, so has Trivandrum. The urban technology revolution can be traced back to the basis set by the development of Technopark. In the present day, it is home to over 600 firms, directly or indirectly employing close to 100,000 people. promising software developers and other associated professionals a bright future in their careers. The influx of tech workers and other well-off folks fueled the rising prices and increased demand for Trivandrum apartments. A better work-life balance and shorter commute times are two additional benefits of residing in close proximity to the IT Hub. Because of this, apartments in Kochi are in high demand all year long, and investing in them is a commercially and economically sound choice.

A home that is both affordable and equipped with all the necessities of modern living is perfect. The need for housing in Trivandrum is expected to increase as the city continues to grow. There are many factors to think about before committing to what might be a lifetime commitment in real estate. You should make sure the Flat for sale in Trivandrum is from a reliable developer. As one of Kerala’s major construction companies, Confident Group has completed over 16 high-quality buildings. Among the leading builders in the state, Confident Group is known for its high-end homes built using innovative methods and featuring premium features. Confident’s forthcoming city developments include the Horizon, Greenfield, Crown, and Aquila. You can start protecting your new property in the land of Architectural marvels and Historic Landmarks by scheduling a site inspection today.

IT Boom in Trivandrum

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