Pros of NRI Investment in Real Estate in Kozhikode

9 SEP 2022

Portuguese explorer Vasco De Gama landed in Kappad in the year 1498, which led to the establishment of the Portuguese Empire which dominated trade and administration in the state for up to 150 years. While this is a widely known fact, the ancient history of Kozhikode dates much back to the Kingdom of Zamorins, known for its abundant wealth and bustling port administration. Due to the same, the city saw commercial developments from a very early time. The influx of foreign traders and migration of people from other parts of the nation gave the city a cosmopolitan nature. 

Today, the city has developed into a thriving metropolis that combines growth and employment opportunities in all key industries with a tranquil setting. It offers its residents fulfilling job opportunities, business, quality education, excellent health care, entertainment, and recreation. The establishment of Kinfra IT Park and the Cyber Park has helped the City become one of the IT hubs of the state, causing the influx of techies from all parts of the country to the City. Due to the increase in demand for homes and apartments in Calicut, renowned builders from across the nation have come to the city. Here are some of the reasons why Real Estate of Kozhikode, is one of the best places to invest in for NRI:

Investment Perspective

Real Estate in Kozhikode, is a relatively risk-averse form of investment, offering protection from inflation while offering the opportunity for portfolio diversification to Non-residents. Investing in real estate also ensures long-term viability along with capital appreciation, as the development in Kozhikode is bound to grow exponentially and thereby the demand for housing. Rental/Lease income also ensures earning consistency and liquidity. Further during COVID-19, Real estate has stood as a strong investment option offering maximum stability. The necessity of owning tangible assets along with shifting demographics makes investing in real estate the right option.

Safe and Calm Surroundings


Safety and Security are the prime concerns when investing in real estate. A perfect living condition is one, which is safely secured and situated in a respectable neighborhood. Kozhikode is situated geographically in the center of the state, it has a strong Police Surveillance force, Traffic Control, and Law and Order situation. The people of the area are known for being polite, well-off, and pleasant, as well as for their warm hospitality. Also, the concept of Gated communities is gaining popularity as people have started to prefer living with individuals of the same social strata. The city is wrapped in lush greenery ensuring a calm and serene surrounding. Also, the properties of all major builders in Calicut ensure state-of-the-art Security facilities to ensure the safety of the surroundings. 

Excellent Connectivity

Buses In Kerala

Situated geographically to the center of the State, ensures excellent connectivity to its all parts as well as to neighboring states. The city is connected through a well-maintained network of roads, railways as well as airways. Since there are no significant choke points or traffic jams, road traffic is generally under control. Kozhikode International Airport is Just 10km away from the city center making International travel easy for non-residents There is also a strong system of Public transportation. Kozhikode is a major railway station with all trains heading north & south stopping here. The proposed metro rail extending from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda will enhance connectivity to all parts of the city.

Resale & Returns

Kozhikode has undergone significant growth over the last five years, and it will undoubtedly continue to do so. Both socially and commercially, the city has been rebuilt. The opening of IT and other commercial businesses, the construction of the Birla IT Park in Mavoor, Kinaloor, Malaysia’s satellite suburb, and the KINRERA Industrial Park would boost the number of IT workers and employees of other associated services in the area, promoting the area’s overall growth. The demand for housing in the area will consequently inevitably increase. The buyer of a Calicut flat gains a lifetime asset that will be worth considerably more in the future.

 World-Class Amenities

Mall In Kerala

NRI’s who have lived abroad for an extended period of time would favor cities where they can access amenities similar to those in foreign countries. Kozhikode will ensure that all those needs are fulfilled. Shopping malls like Address Mall and Focus Mall accommodate all the shopping needs of residents A variety of restaurants, from Modern cafes to Traditional restaurants, are also available in the region. The City is also home to premier educational institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), and the Kozhikode Medical College. Baby Memorial Hospital, Aster MIMS, and Starcare Hospitals. 

NRI is the backbone of Kerala’s economy and their remittances have contributed to boosting the infrastructural development in the state. Most of them have already bought or dream of buying their dream abode in Kerala. A quality property is worth a lifelong investment, and all considerations must be carefully considered before proceeding. When purchasing a Flat in Calicut, it is critical to check that it is from a reputable builder. Confident Group is one of Kerala’s largest builders, having a track record of more than 16 world-class projects. Confident Group brings to its people five luxury flats in Calicut, where one can enjoy the comforts of modern life along with the liveliness of Calicut city. Schedule a visit today and take the first step in buying your dream abode in the land of spices.

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