Public Infrastructure Improvements That Will Increase the Value of Homes in Kochi

7 DEC 2022

A land invoking Portuguese reminiscence infused with the beauty of fishing villages and scenic backwaters, Kochi is known as the queen of Arabian sea. The city is a blend of Portuguese reminiscence, colonial-era buildings, ancient temples mixed with modern infrastructure and cosmopolitan culture.The city’s history can be traced back to the medieval Chera Dynasty, and it played a pivotal role in the spice trade in pre-independence India. 

Today Kochi is a vast metropolis with a growing IT culture and a diverse population. The establishment of Info Park and Smart-city was the genesis of the tech boom in the city. The tech boom in the state has helped create several jobs and transformed the economy of the state, leading to higher demand for apartments in Kochi. This has brought prominent builders from all parts of the country to the city. Public Infrastructure projects also help in improving the value of ready to occupy flats in Kochi. Health, Education and Transportation Infrastructure are major factors to improve the overall satisfaction of residents in the city and thereby the value of ready to occupy flats in Kochi is bound to rise. Here let us take a look at the major infrastructure developments upcoming in Kochi which will increase the value of homes in kochi:

Kochi Metro Phase 2

Metro rail projects have the ability to change the real estate scenario in a city. In cities like Delhi and Chennai, the proximity to the metro has become a prime selling point for most developers and realtors. Owning property adjacent to metro stations helps in the future appreciation process as people like the convenience of transportation. The Kochi metro which began in 2017, has received massive response from the residents of the city. Phase 2 of the project will be a 19.9 km stretch connecting Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to Info park therefore connecting the IT Hub of the city, “Kakkanad” to the city centre is going to be the biggest public infrastructure development that the city will see in the recent years. This will connect areas such as Cochin SEZ, Padamughal, Kakkaad etc. 

Water Metro Project

The project aims at developing 15 identified routes connecting 10 islands through a network spanning 78 km with a fleet of electric powered ferries. It aims at building a socially inclusive transport system that will help improve the livelihoods of people by raising the commercial property development and tourism based initiatives. It connects important locations in the city such as Vypeen, Mattamcherry, Nettoor Bolgatty among others to the mainland. It aims at holistic developments of these islands and will promote property development around the ferries. This makes complete use of the extensive water network that runs throughout the city ensuring connectivity to even remote islands helping the overall transport network in the city which will help in raising the property value in the area.

Outer Ring Road Project

The project was initially conceptualised in 2006 by the GCDA to resolve the traffic issues in the city.It is proposed to connect Chathiyath with Panangad helping in connecting the northern islands of the city such Vaduthala, Chittur, Varapuzha, Alangad, Nedumbassery airport, Puthencruz, Chottanikkara, Mulanthuruthi and Udayamperoor culminating its route in Kumbalam while connecting the Container Road, NH 66, 49 and 47 through approximately 100 km of rd-ways is another proposed public infrastructure project in Kochi which will help increase the value of homes in Kochi. It will help in providing seamless connectivity to intercity travellers who do not have to touch the main city helping in the streamlined flow of vehicles, including inter-state container lorries and multi axle buses that pass through the city every day. This will also help in controlling the pollution and will impose better traffic control in the city. 

NMT Corridor

The same is proposed from Aluva to Tripunithura ensuring a safe and comfortable walkway and cycling infrastructure for the residents. It will also aid in the easy access to the Metro stations and other destinations in the city. It will have a direct impact on the mobility, accessibility, physical health, air quality and also the environmental conditions and pollution levels in the city. Electric mobility and parking has also been planned along with it. A public bicycle sharing system is also on the way. Phase 1 of the project has already been executed garnering widespread response from the. This will surely help in increasing the value of property in Kochi

In conclusion, these projects are bound to help in the value appreciation of properties in Kochi. Some other projects include the proposed Ro-Ro vessels at Willingdon Island in Kochi, International Exhibition Centre in Kochi, the International Cruise terminal, etc. The right builder can create a home that is both luxurious and functional, making it a sound financial investment because it will increase in value regardless of inflation. Confident Group is one of the leading builders in Kochi. They were among the early adopters of the no common wall policy for apartments, which is now very prevalent. Some of the Confident Group’s projects, including Confident Whitehouse, Pinewood, Pinnacle, White Berry, and Oberon are ideal for working individuals looking for a peaceful and tranquil location to settle in. If you are looking for flats for sale in Kochi, Schedule your visit to the properties today and fulfill your dream of owning a luxurious home on the shores of glittering Arabia. 

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