Reason For The Rise in Demand For Flats Near Edachira Kochi

1 AUG 2022

With the boom of Information Technology, Tourism, and International trade in the city, Kochi is growing rapidly both socially and commercially. It has consistently topped the list of best Tier-II real estate destinations in India. The epicenter of development in Kochi is the Suburban Business District of Edachira and the areas surrounding Kakkanad. The area offers a blend of all advanced amenities while preserving the tranquillity that tropical greenery has to offer. The property market in Edachira and Kakkanad has witnessed a whopping growth of 75% in the last 8 years. Some of the reasons for this rise in demand for flats near Edachira from renowned builders in Kochi are as follows:

Proximity to Info Park and Smart City

Infopark Gate

Edachira is closely situated to the Info-park and Smart City in Kakkanad. These projects have brought in massive job opportunities in the field of IT and allied services. Conglomerates such as Cognizant, Microsoft, Google, and Baker-Hughes among others are housed within the establishment employing close to a lakh people. With it came a cosmopolitan crowd of techies and other high-net-worth individuals, driving the growth and demand for flats in Edachira and nearby areas. This would make commuting to the office easy, striking the right balance between work and life.

Establishment of high-grade educational and medical facilities 

Edachira and its nearby areas are home to some of the finest Educational and Medical facilities in the state, making it an ideal spot for residents. Rajagiri School, Jain University, and Kochi Business School are some closely situated varsities. Sunrise Hospitals. B&B Hospital and Amrita Ayurveda Kendra are among the finest hospitals in proximity to Edachira. The area has been a haven for buyers by ensuring that they have access to good quality healthcare and education. 

Excellent Transportation Facility

Edachira is accessible through road, rail, and waterways. It is connected to the main city of Kochi and nearby areas through NH 66 via Civil Lane Road and Ernakulam – Thekkady Road. The nearest railway station is 11km away while the Cochin International Airport is 27km away. Palarivattom (9km away) is the nearest metro station and the upcoming Metro Phase 2 project will improve the connectivity of the area to the main city of Kochi. In addition, water metro and ferry services are also in place for enhanced connectivity.

Proximity to Amenities

Within a 5-kilometer radius of Edachira, there are several entertainment venues, religious institutions, banks, shopping avenues, and multiplex cinema theatres. There are shops like Nilgiris, Reliance Fresh, and More to suit all of the residents’ grocery needs. The region also has a diverse selection of eateries ranging from traditional restaurants to modern cafés, making the area an urban oasis. 

Ideal Expat-Local Ratio

Kerala is known for its NRI demography, with remittances crossing 1 trillion in 2019. A large portion of them have purchased their retirement abodes in the state, and account for 60% of the clientele in the housing market. The foreign remittances and spending has helped drive infrastructural development in the area, and maintain the financial health of the state. The ex-pat population and retirement community prefer Edachira for its serene environment infused with modern amenities. This ensures a credible resident population ensuring a safe and secure neighborhood, increasing the demand for flats in Edachira.

Post-COVID growth 

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to opt for an upgraded lifestyle and think about long-term settlement plans and non-volatile residential options. This is due to the severe wealth erosion that society witnessed during the pandemic wherein real estate withstood as a resilient form of investment. There is a growing realization of the need to own hard assets, and this combined with changing demographics and instability of rental properties has fuelled the rise in demand for flats in Kochi. Edachira being a prime location in Kochi has felt the effects of this rise in demand.

Clean and green city

Apartments In Kerala

Edachira and its nearby areas have a tropical lush green cover ensuring good air quality. The Corporation of Kochi has employed sweepers and Garbage disposal workers for effective management of waste. There are toilets and other facilities in all public areas keeping a high standard of sanitation cover. The government has also built parks with trees and plants, making the are clean, green, and pollution-free. This has rose the demand for flats in Kakkanad.

Flats in Edachira are in great demand since they are one of the finest options for those searching for Flats in Kochi that offer the advantages of modern infrastructure combined with nature. Confident Pinewood in Edachira will provide you with all the advantages of urban life. Purchasing this flat will provide a secure haven for you and your family, as well as a prudent investment of your resources, with long-term rental income. With lifestyle amenities such as Party Hall, Multipurpose Gym, Kids Play Area, Swimming Pool, Games Room, etc it fulfills your desires of a luxurious residence.

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